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  1. It looks amazing. It was well worth the long wait to see some footage in action. I miss Mel too, but Hardy is a great choice to pick up the reins. I wrote a little about the trailer here: http://www.krank.ie/?p=50474&preview=true
  2. I wrote about the trailer for Grizzly this week. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. I still prefer Red Machine as a title though: http://www.krank.ie/category/ent/trailer-roundup-fifty-shades-grey-november-man/
  3. Padre

    I JUST...

    Just did an interview with Outlaw Vern, the internet critic, about his latest book Niketown: http://www.krank.ie/category/cul/interview-outlaw-vern/
  4. Just started a regular column where I round up all the big trailers of the week and add witty* commentary about them. This week it's Expendables 3, 22 Jump St, Interstellar and more: http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/trailer-roundup-22-jump-st-interstellar-expendables-3/ *not a promise
  5. Here are some new stills from the film. Beware of clicking on it though, as it spoils one major death. It certainly doesn't seem to be skimping on the gore: http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/a-bear-is-on-the-attack-and-billy-bob-is-bloody-in-first-endangered-stills
  6. The Mist made my Top 10 list for Halloween: http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/padres-top-10-halloween-flicks/
  7. Fun retrospective review of the film at Shock Till You Drop: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/176913-kings-of-horror-episode-26-dreamcatcher
  8. Padre

    I JUST...

    Got to interview John Carpenter recently. That was cool http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/john-carpenter-interview/
  9. Nice audio interview with Tom about the film: http://ec.libsyn.com/p/0/e/0/0e02f497b54c908f/ThomasJaneBoogieNightsQandA.mp3?d13a76d516d9dec20c3d276ce028ed5089ab1ce3dae902ea1d01cf8f33d9c054eaf5&c_id=6100512
  10. It wasn't great, but there was something nice and old fashioned about it. You'd expect something a bit more interesting from Walter Hill though. I did a review of it when it came out: http://www.krank.ie/category/entertainment/review-bullet-to-the-head-2013/
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