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  1. Hi Tim Diggin the podcasts, it's good to hear you guys talk about film score. You should check out David Shires' The Taking Of Pelham 123 score. It's fantastic (that's what I think at least). How's about a bit of talk about film posters in a future podcast? I like the old painted stuff that you just don't get anymore
  2. Anyone seen The Taking Of Pelham 123 ? Crackin' heist flick from the 70s. It's great. It's got Walter Mathau as the hero subway cop and (the Genius) Robert Shaw doin' the evil genius thang par excellence. A gang hold New York City to ransom by taking control of a subway car and then it's a race against time as the city tries to get the money together before the gang start shooting the passengers. I've made a lot of people watch this over the years and every single one has loved it. It also has a brilliant score...and a great final scene.
  3. That's a very cool cover and like Recoil I'd like a big one of those on my wall.
  4. I loved the book. Great art and the story's a blast. Bring on some more please!
  5. Name: Gav Downie Where you from: Scotland Occupation: Call centre monkey/DJ How did you find this forum: The RAW site What are you reading: The Werewolf Of Paris by Guy Endore and Fall Of Hyperion by Dan Simmons and Bad Planet and a buncha other comics too What are you watching: The Killing by Stanley Kubrick and Frisky Dingo...and baby rabbits a'play in the garden since the (frankly useless) cat met cat Doom. What do you have to say for yourself: I'll be impressed with myself if I can make this work. Aww man this is takin' me ages to figure out how to MAKE WORK. Brain no workee good like, now spent 20+ minutes lookin' for some kinda MAKE WORK button. Post a pic...if you dare!: me in the bath. posing.
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