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  1. thanks to you all for your help. my schedule is crazy so i haven't had much time to post but thanks to all for the input. i hope to have some stuff ready soon to try some of your ideas.
  2. hey bruce, thanks a lot. sounds good. definitely will look into that!!
  3. oh yeah, totally agree with you. all of tim's work is just great. wish i could draw half as well. and steve niles is the best horror writer out there. such an inventive mind. as a writer myself, really someone to look up to.
  4. MCD would definitely be the choice for Barracuda. love the character. can't wait until Garth brings us the final showdown between him and Frank. it's gonna be brutal!
  5. you're right, of course. hey tim, RSD is really going to be awesome. great concept and you can tell a lot of thought went into it. can't wait, man.
  6. hey, thanks for the reply, xNLx, i appreciate it. i would like anyone's input, not just tim's. i write mostly thriller/horror stuff with heavy emphasis on action. thanks for the help!
  7. hey tim, quick question. i love art and you are one of my faves. ( shameless buttkissing ) however, i am not blessed with artistic ability. i can write and would love to know if you can recommend a place where there's someone i can run some ideas/writing by. appreciate it.
  8. i understand, tim. but, a guy can dream, can't he? how about a punisher/cal mcdonald crossover? or cal mcdonald/anita blake crossover? yes, i am a dreamer, and sometimes dreams come true. right?
  9. tim, have you ever thought about a punisher/gallows crossover where Gallows would be introduced? that would rock. or, how about a punisher/cal mcdonald crossover? THAT would be sooo cool!!!!
  10. HI THERE!! just joined up, glad to be here! tim, i just want to say that i have always been a huge punisher fan. i won't say at what point, but for a while i wasn't happy with what and where marvel was taking the character so i stopped reading punisher. sincerely, you and garth ennis SOOO brought back what the punisher is supposed to be about. i love both you guys, not to mention what tom jane has done for the character, too!!! thanks to all you guys for bringing back the best character out there!!! also, i know tom is off the punisher movie now, but what about an animated tim bradstreet punisher movie, written by garth and starring tom? would that kick @$$ or what?!
  11. hello everyone out there! i just joined, and i have to say i'm sooo glad i did! tim, i love your stuff. I am a huge fan of punisher, tom jane, steve niles, this is just...excuse me. ok, i'm back, i got emotional. now to my remarks. TIm, this is my dream since seeing that awesome black and white cal cover. I dream of a world where there is a true to form cal movie, staring tom jane, all animated with your work, and with cal acquiring that awesome schofield and putting boot to monster butt!!! can that happen?! PLEASE!!!
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