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  1. Lovely song! Thanks for sharing it! Happy World Art Day! I make & share art all of the time. Since April is National Poetry Month, I've been writing a poem every single day.
  2. Hello, Enaira!! Welcome to RAW! Hope you like it here!
  3. Sorry, I should've been more specific. I was referring to fake Twitter accounts. I can only think of one fake TJ who has ever followed me on IG in all my years of being on there; he was promoting THE PREDATOR at the time, so I let him be. I imagine more will continue to pop up once TJ's official presence is known more widely on it. Go figure.
  4. You're welcome, Gail!! That's good. HaHa! I never thought otherwise, but that's still good to know. I make street art.......OK.....not really. But I do aspire to being a writer/filmmaker. I have been fortunate enough to have had some of my writing published in books & my work featured on TV all thanks to an online production company called hitRECord (co-founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But I'd really love to self-publish my own novel one day. I just need to sit down & write it first. & hopefully, enough people will want to read it when I'm done.
  5. That's AMAZING!!! Definitely gotta get me one of those!
  6. My pleasure, Davvi!!! & thank you for following me back!! Likewise. The nerve of some people! I haven't been messaged by any fake TJ's, but I have been followed by several. I just report 'em, too.
  7. You're welcome, Gail! That actually sounds fascina -- .......Just kidding! I do that sometimes. But seriously, getting to work alongside nice folks is a sweet deal. So you should count your blessings......unless you're tired of counting things. Great choice! & yes, you could always change it whenever you feel like it.
  8. CONGRATS!!! If one of those posters was to "accidentally" find its way to my mailbox, I wouldn't complain.
  9. Hey now...don't go putting yourself down like that. We all have our boring days. So...what is that you do? Loyalty -- always a fine quality to have. Congrats on the upgrade! Spiders freak my freak, so I'm with you there. I say that's your call. Don't worry. We embrace weirdos around here.
  10. My pleasure! That's good that you're enjoying yourself already. As Geoff & you discussed earlier, things can get pretty quiet around here. & there will be times where you may think you're talking to yourself. I know I have thought that before. But don't let the 'silence' ever stop you from commenting on posts. We have many lurkers onboard; they just don't always engage in chats. Only the coolest! TJ is as down-to-earth as anyone gets, & he has expressed his appreciation for this forum's members many times.
  11. Will do! Hopefully he'll get verified soon.
  12. The functionality of it is very inviting now. Looks like I can do more mobile than I could on the previous version. & I love that orange.
  13. Well, well, well...the man does play things close to the chest, doesn't he? Definitely gonna hit his follow button. Thanks for letting us know!
  14. WOW!!! WOWZA!! WOW!!! THAT'S SUPER AWESOME, GEOFF!! I'm so happy you got to meet our TJ! It doesn't get cooler than that! Like what?? Details! Details!
  15. Hello, Gail! Always delighted to meet another TJ fan. I'm happy to see you've been active on here already. & hope to read more from you on these boards.
  16. So....I see this place has been redecorated. Looks nice!
  17. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, TJ !!! I made this gift for Tom & sent it to him (hope he sees it). Until then, anyone still hanging round these parts can enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0nhUQQX7hs -- Rosella @-}-->---
  18. Thank you for passing along a note to TJ on our behalf!
  19. That is great news! Hope it attracts plenty of attention.
  20. Hope it gets made & that TJ will play a big part in it.
  21. I would LOVE to see that poster on my wall.
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