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  1. I really loved the film The Mist. I actually saw the movie first and then had to go back and read the book. Actually, the book came free with the DVD, so I just sort of read it to see how Stephen King intended it to be. In my opinion, the movie is definitely better than the book. No offense to Stephen King. He truly knows how to write, but I gotta admit that I didn't like the ending in the book. It was okay; however, the movie's ending was perfect. I'm a person who likes unpredictable endings, and the one in The Mist movie is one of my favorites.


    Some stories need to have a happy ending, but I didn't feel that that kind would justify The Mist. The movie's ending had a lesson in a way. One should not be aloud to choose another person's fate. I really like that about the movie's ending. It was ironic, and who doesn't love a little irony?

  2. I really liked Knowing. It was one of those movies I went to see and had no clue what it was really going to be about. It's not my favorite Nicolas Cage movie. My favorite is Face/Off. However, Knowing did have some really cool scenes and an interesting plot. Knowing reminded me of Dark City, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

  3. Stander is such a great film. It is my ultimate favorite Thomas Jane movie. I always love when actors wear disguises in movies, so having Tom Jane take on a role where he did was a dream come true. I just wish this movie got more credit than it did. I can just watch this movie over and over again. The acting is brilliant, and the music provides an amazing soundtrack. When I first saw the teaser trailer, I was hooked immediately. Just talking about it now makes me want to see it right now.

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