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  1. 6 minutes ago, Thomas Jane said:

    this also answers the question about Raw titles: right now there's only one more book coming, yes, The Lycan. We lost our artist, which as you prob know was a big deal because we take our artists very seriously here at Raw. good news: we just (finally) found a new one, after an exhaustive search. More to come on Lycan, but I just last night had dinner with Joe Pruett from AfterShock Comics. Joe has agreed to come onboard and help me publish all six issues of the new Lycan. That's right! Lycan is hitting production as soon as next month. I've talked to our new artist and he is ready to go as soon as he finishes his current book, which should be in the next couple weeks. 

    I've been so busy with film projects I haven't had time to take on a new book; Joe and AfterShock are going to take the reins with publishing, leaving me to do the creative work with our artist. As soon as we sign him up we will make an announcement here at RawStudios. Bravo, AfterShock!

    Very EXCITING news!! :D Yay, AfterShock! 

  2. QUESTION FROM RAW MEMBER & our good friend SUNSHINE (who couldn't join us on here today, unfortunately, but wanted me to ask on her behalf)

    "When will your film A MAGNIFICENT DEATH FROM A SHATTERED HAND be produced?" 

  3. 1 minute ago, Thomas Jane said:

    i'm sitting here with coffee and a cigar in sunny LA. got some raisenettes from a movie i went to (can't remember the film) and life is good

    How do you take your coffee? 

  4. 1 minute ago, Geoff said:

    If everyone can kindly make thier way to the Thomas Jane Forum the Live Q & A event will begin asap. Thanking you, no glass please, plastic cups only. 


  5. 1 minute ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Wow - I stepped out of the room for a few minutes and it all kicked off!  That's a lot of new information to process at once!  Welcome to one and all new to the boards, and hi to Geoff, Rosella and Ariane - 20 minutes to go and I'm giddy as anything🤪🤪🤪

    Hey, Gail! *waves* It's great to see this place fill up already. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Al. said:

    Thanks Rosella for your warm welcome 😊 It is, yes! I don't really have a favorite Holmes, I think that every interpration is interesting in its own way. But Cumberbatch is definetly great, indeed! And maybe, who knows 😀

    My pleasure! 😀 I'm glad to know you enjoy your work. Yeah, all Holmes have been great in their own right. Hope so!

    Have fun at the chat! 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Enaira said:

    Everyone, old guard and new: I feel so happy to stand with you here in the crowd and wait a few more minutes (long minutes) for our rockstar to appear on stage! I'm ready to cheer and the adrenalin level raises. What about some music to easy the wait?

    Likewise! Great song selection, too! 

  8. 1 minute ago, Anna Clara said:

    Nice to meet you Rosella and thank you for the recommendations. I love comic books too, do you know if it’s possible to download samples of the RAW ones? X

    You're very welcome!! 

    Not sure about where samples can be downloaded, but you can purchase RAW digital comics here: RAW Studios comiXology

  9. 9 minutes ago, Al. said:

    Following my friend Chris, it's time to properly introduce myself too.

    I'm Al, and currently working as a librarian in Montreux, Switzerland -famously known for its Jazz Festival and for the Deep Purple song Smoke on the water, if that rings a bell. I'm also working as a guide in a Sherlock Holmes Museum nearby, calling myself a true Holmesian since... the moment I was able to read, I guess. And reading is definetly one of my greatest passions, besides writing and music. That's how I discoverd The Expanse books, before watching the TV show. And so... here I am!

    I'm looking forward to discover more of RAW here and to get to know you all better 😊

    Welcome to RAW, Al!!! Wow! Your job sounds really cool. Love Holmes! Not sure who your favorite is, but Benedict Cumberbatch is mine. Great passions! Maybe you'll share some of your work with us. No pressure, of course. 😁

    Hope you enjoy this place! Certainly glad you discovered it! 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Anna Clara said:

    Hi Everyone, I thought I’d introduce myself before we all start shooting questions at TJ!

    I also checked him out after watching The Expanse and was shocked to learned he is the dude from Deep Blue Sea! I remember that movie so well, such a crowd pleaser.

    So what’s going to happen later, do we just post the questions under the new thread?

    Hugs to All



    Welcome to RAW, Anna!! I'm glad you found this site. DEEP BLUE SEA -- Love it! TJ has other great movies worth checking out, as well. I recommend watching him in STANDER & 61*. Plus, THE PUNISHER would be another one worth watching. 

    Geoff knows more how things will go, but I'm guessing members will post their questions, one question per post, in the special designated Q&A thread. 

    Have fun!! 


  11. 1 minute ago, Chris Sue said:


    Nice to meet you too Rosella ! Looking forward to get to know all of you and if you like cats, that's already a good common ground :) 

    :) I love cats! & Yes, it is.   

  12. 1 hour ago, Chris Sue said:

    Maybe it's time I introduce myself...

    Hi everyone !
    My name's Chris, I'm a photographer in a small studio in Lausanne (currently working as a janitor as well to make both ends meet but hey, as long as I make a living from my passion, I'm ok !). I'm also passionate about music, do a little bit of songwriting and singing for my main audience a.k.a. my cat. But don't ask her how she feels about it, she's so judgmental ! And I have to say that Rusty Blades' songs are truly inspiring.

    What brought me here is The Expanse but I'm really looking forward to discover RAW's work !

    Welcome, Chris!! Very nice to meet you. & the fact you have a passion for making art & have a cat makes you my kind of people already. 😁 

    Hope you have lots of fun hanging out with us on here. 

  13. On 5/16/2019 at 2:05 AM, Geoff said:

    A RAW app oh dear lord. I dont sleep as it is lol. 

    HaHa!! 😄 Don't worry. I wasn't expecting you to build it. That would be adding too much more to your already full plate. 

  14. 26 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Thanks Rosella, sweet of you 😊 I'm only following Thomas at the moment till I find my feet but you never know, I might get round to putting some snaps up there sometime - two holidays booked this year so there may well be no limit to the amount of people I can bore with holiday photos now!!  And, yes, I think it would be pretty tricky to find somebody else with your name, you truly are unique! 😁

    You're welcome!! & thanks for the followback! I look forward to seeing your pics whenever you post 'em. IG is all about vacation pics. & food. & animals. 


    Awww....thank you!! 😍 My mom & I have the exact same name. So...that makes two of us. 😄

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