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  1. Very EXCITING news!! Yay, AfterShock!
  2. Who are some of your favorite singers/bands of all-time?
  3. Thanks for A-ing my coffee Q!
  4. QUESTION FROM RAW MEMBER & our good friend SUNSHINE (who couldn't join us on here today, unfortunately, but wanted me to ask on her behalf) "When will your film A MAGNIFICENT DEATH FROM A SHATTERED HAND be produced?"
  5. How do you take your coffee?
  6. Welcome back, Tom!
  7. Alright, everyone....Last call...for a bathroom break.
  8. That's OK. I have my wallet ready to stretch as far as it needs to.
  9. Hey, Gail! *waves* It's great to see this place fill up already.
  10. Because it's your Bday, I'll pick up the tab.
  11. My pleasure! I'm glad to know you enjoy your work. Yeah, all Holmes have been great in their own right. Hope so! Have fun at the chat!
  12. Likewise! Great song selection, too!
  13. You're very welcome!! Not sure about where samples can be downloaded, but you can purchase RAW digital comics here: RAW Studios comiXology
  14. Welcome to RAW, Al!!! Wow! Your job sounds really cool. Love Holmes! Not sure who your favorite is, but Benedict Cumberbatch is mine. Great passions! Maybe you'll share some of your work with us. No pressure, of course. Hope you enjoy this place! Certainly glad you discovered it!
  15. Welcome to RAW, Anna!! I'm glad you found this site. DEEP BLUE SEA -- Love it! TJ has other great movies worth checking out, as well. I recommend watching him in STANDER & 61*. Plus, THE PUNISHER would be another one worth watching. Geoff knows more how things will go, but I'm guessing members will post their questions, one question per post, in the special designated Q&A thread. Have fun!! *HUGS*
  16. I love cats! & Yes, it is.
  17. Welcome, Chris!! Very nice to meet you. & the fact you have a passion for making art & have a cat makes you my kind of people already. Hope you have lots of fun hanging out with us on here.
  18. HAPPIEST 44th BIRTHDAY, GEOFF!!!! Wishing you a wonderful celebration surrounded by everyone who makes you happy!!!! *Bday Hugs*
  19. HaHa!! Don't worry. I wasn't expecting you to build it. That would be adding too much more to your already full plate.
  20. You're welcome!! & thanks for the followback! I look forward to seeing your pics whenever you post 'em. IG is all about vacation pics. & food. & animals. Awww....thank you!! My mom & I have the exact same name. So...that makes two of us.
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