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  1. Just now, Enaira said:

    Am already following thanks to you 🙂

    I received this notice about what you liked today and my eyes went 00 "what's THAT NOW?"

    So I clicked and was under his charm...

    Yaaaaayyy!!! 🙌 I know, right? He just joined in time for SDCC. Hope he sticks around & posts lots more. His work will amaze you every single time. I'm just in awe of what Tim does. 😍

  2. Just now, Geoff said:

    Yeah I saw that too. Working on it. 

    Great to read! 👍 

    TJ not being verified must really slow down the process. The other day, I had to report a fake acct. of a verified actor, & IG took that sucker down within the hour. 

  3. On 7/13/2019 at 2:15 PM, Geoff said:

    The main concern was ThomasJaneoffcial which had 1500 followers, the smaller one are on my radar too though mwhahaha. 

    I saw that acct is still up. It's set to private, but it hasn't been removed completely. 😕

  4. 23 hours ago, Geoff said:


    I know, right!? It took them long enough. 😄

    23 hours ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Oh my God!  They’re brilliant!!! 😂

    They make me smile, that's for sure. 😃 I love that they come as a pair. I just wish that they weren't an SDCC Exclusive. 

    22 hours ago, Enaira said:

    Hey Rosella, you're at SDCC?

    Geoff, any chance TJ attends now that he has "free time" written on his schedule? Or maybe he'll work on Lycan during the coming days? 

    I wish!! That's the mother of all cons. 😁

  5. 23 hours ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Hey Rosella!! 👋👋 How ya been?  Working hard I assume? Yeah, I get the same feeling sadly ☹️

    Doing well, thank you! Yeah, trying to balance various creative projects & real life is tricky. But I missed my RAW family; I know I need to spend more time on here. 😊

    As much as I'd love to see this film see the light of day, I hope it only happens with TJ behind it. I'd hate to see someone else snatch it up & takeover, y'know? I don't understand why Hollywood doesn't seem interested enough in making a lot of Westerns. Actor Vincent D'Onofrio recently directed a Western called THE KID. It had a budget around $8 million, some stars in the cast, & received a limited theatrical release. I don't get why AMDFASH couldn't get the same treatment just as easily. I would've thought Nick Nolte's early involvement would've sparked some interest.   

  6. 2 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    So reading between the lines of past conversations (and Q&A), am I right in thinking that AMDFASH will likely never see the light of day, or am I wide of the mark there?  T’would be a crying shame as it seemed to have all the elements in place to be a classic - nobody does good westerns any more but this could have been great........am I just being impatient again?

    Hey, Gail! *waves* Great question! I've been anticipating this one for YEARS, & it just didn't come together. I wouldn't say 'never,' but if I were you, I wouldn't hold your breath, either. 

    I take it that this film is on the far back back burners. 🙁

  7. 26 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Gotta go with Rosella here - Heath Ledger all the way, played it with the right amount of crazy without ever seeming to go too far.  I'm afraid I have to take issue with the claim of The Dark Knight being your fave movie OF ALL TIME?????  Surely that's tantamount to sacrilege in these parts?  TJ would have been a great Two-Face though 👍

    Thanks, Gail!! 😁 

    I can't lie & say it isn't. But I think it's safe to claim it, because even TJ has agreed that his PUNISHER would've been grittier, which Castle fans would've wanted, had it been released post-TDK. 

    The score used in DIRTY LAUNDRY came from TDK, too. 😎

    2 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Yay to Sean Connery, he was the perfect mix of suave sophistication with menacing undercurrents, Daniel Craig's version was always a bit too PC for my tastes.

    Absolutely yes to Andrew Scott - played Moriarty to perfection!

    I think I'm going with Johnny Depp for Willy Wonka, had my reservations before I saw the film but really liked his portrayal.

    Mad Max - have to give that one to Tom Hardy, basically 'cos I thought he was fantastic in the series 'Taboo' (not sure if you've seen this?) so he can pretty much do no wrong now, bit like TJ but not as handsome 😉

    And from the Star Trek stable, Shatner for Kirk (despite the shameless overacting!), Nimoy for Spock although Zachary Quinto does a good job in the films, and Karl Urban for Bones McCoy

    Over to you, girls! 

    I knew Daniel Craig wouldn't be everyone's fave. His QUANTUM OF SOLACE was.....well, it was a film, but it was *yawwwwn*.....It wasn't anything special. 

    I have a crush on Scott because of it. & it was a bonus to see him in SPECTRE

    I loved Depp, too. But sticking with Wilder, since I identify him with Wonka more. Depp has a whole slew of weird characters to know him as. 

    I'll go with Shatner as Kirk & Nimoy as Spock, too. But yes, Quinto did very well with his portrayal. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Enaira said:

    I go for Jack Nicholson here! 

    Nicholson was my pick before I saw Ledger. Ledger just made that character his & set the bar so high. THE DARK KNIGHT is my top favorite movie of all time! To think, TJ was sooo close to playing Two-Face. But Aaron Eckhart earned the part, & I loved him in it, too. 😀

  9. 21 hours ago, Gail Bentley said:

    James Bond - was, is and always will be Sean Connery (until such time as TJ has a crack at it!)

    Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch (with Jeremy Brett a close second)

    Dr Who - Chris Eccleston (for being a mardy-arsed Northener!) 

    James Bond -- Yeah, it's hard to argue Sean Connery as being the best or not. He is. & when you think Bond, he's the first name I always think of. But I also enjoyed Daniel Craig. It didn't matter that he had blonde hair. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. 

    Sherlock - Mentioned it before, but I'll post it again -- Benedict Cumberbatch for the win! Also really like Jonny Lee Miller. Even if his voice is practically a whisper. 

    Moriarty - If there's anyone who stole the series from Cumberbatch, it would be Andrew Scott. He made that character memorable & played him like a Mad Hatter. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. & I loved when he'd yell. 

    Doctor Who - David Tenant! His energy is electric! & he made the role so loveable. 

    16 hours ago, Geoff said:

    There are many but I'll chuck in an obvious one.

    ...... Francis "Frank" Castiglione


    I've only seen one on-screen (though I did hear Norman Reedus' voice), but I don't need anyone else but TJane!! 💀

    15 hours ago, Geoff said:

    ok here we go off the top of my head....

    Vito, Corleone, Batman, Superman, Wonder woman......(Lets just go with most DC), James T Kirk, Spook (Ok lets also go with most of Star Trek Cannon, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Chewbacca (less in Star Wars Canon) Mad Max, Carrie, Robin Hood, Whats her name from the "Girl in the" films, Hannibal Lector, Wil Graham, Rooster Cogburn, Bilbo Baggins, Jack Ryan, Willy Wonka, Sarah Conner.......and believe it or not Indiana Jones. 

    Ok thats all I can do without coffee. 


    1 hour ago, Enaira said:

    Yep! So many good memories...

    Yes I practically grew up with Jeremy Brett and his violin, he was great. Cumberbatch is perfect as the modern version with a similar spirit. I also watched some of the "Elementary" episodes with Jonny Lee Miller. It takes some time to get used to. His personification is so extreme - it makes it interesting to look at but difficult to identify with the character.


    Hmmm ... for me it is Christian Bale but mainly due to the face lift Christopher Nolan gave to the movies. Christian profited from that in this case. But he's really good so ok.


    Batman - Christian Bale gets my vote 100%! He had the right look & mannerisms as Bruce Wayne, & I loved his deep Batman voice (even if others don't). I just think it made sense for him to disguise his normal speaking voice.

    Joker - Heath Ledger all the way! Not only did he give the best Joker performance, he also delivered the best performance of any actor PERIOD. May he forever rest in peace. 😰

    Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder! His Wonka is eccentric & just so hilarious & wonderful. If I was going to acquire a chocolate factory, I'd want him as my mentor. 🍫

  10. 22 hours ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Well I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, took me a long time to find the RAW family and I plan on sticking around - I have a feeling the same goes for Ariane too!

    That's good to know. 😁 I'm still glad you both found this place when you did. 

    15 hours ago, Geoff said:

    Im trying to find out how many copies there are, then we can decide how best to deal with what we have. 

    As long as a member is active it doesn't matter if they are old or new, it just matters that they are here and engaging on the site.

    Will update once I've finalized everything with Tom. 

    Come on. Seniority's gotta have its perks. 😎😋

    Make sure liarartist is guaranteed their copy, since TJ offered one during his chat. 

  11. 6 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    You're welcome Rosella - we've pledged our allegiance to all things RAW and you Old Guard members have our respect! 👍

    Awwww.....that's so very generous & thoughtful of you! 😊 Thank you kindly!! ❤️👍

    Current active, engaging members, such as yourself, are important around these here parts, as well. Keep up the devotion, my RAW sister! :D 

  12. 11 hours ago, Geoff said:

    Ok folks. There ARE copies of Dark Country as edited by Thomas. The Directors Cut version has limited copies but Tom is happy to get what he can out to us. 

    Gimme a few days and I'll have together everything us RAWarriors need to get our paws on em.

    Might be something else very special that comes with it.......

    Watch this space.

    Sweetness!!! Oh, I want one so badly!!! 

    1 hour ago, Enaira said:

    I played rugby as a second line in my younger years, does that help?

    That being said, of course it would be amazing to get a copy, but in case old guards are served first, I would totally understand. No stress from my side.

    That being also said, I will prepare the SASE in a record time in order to have all the chances on my side 😉

    Schizophrenic message here... split brain... 


    49 minutes ago, Gail Bentley said:

    Okay Ariane, you win!  Although I've never actually has a fight per se, I do think I'd fight like a girl, ie, fight dirty with bitchslaps and scratching and stiletto heels as weapons.  Having said that, I would totally put the theory to the test for anything to do with TJ!!

    And I completely agree with you, the old guard should definitely get first refusal but I'm on standby for anything that doesn't get snapped up!

    Love that you gals are looking out for us Old Guards. ;) 

    Speaking as an Old Guard, I do think it'd be fairest to post the offer to us members first if we want one (I DO! I REALLY REALLY DO!). Then draw names for the other remaining copies. That's just how I'd do it.    

  13. On 5/18/2019 at 3:54 PM, Geoff said:

    I finished it recently and hadn't actually heard of it till Tom told me about it back in March. It's a very good book and I hope a screenplay doesn't differ too much once it's completed. 

    I haven't read it, yet. But I'll try to see if I can find it the next time I visit a book store. If not, I'll order it online, but I definitely wanna read it SOON. I have a friend who loves Stephen King's books, but he's never mentioned this particular one to me, so I hadn't heard of it until TJ brought it up. 

  14. Until we get more updates on the film adaptation (don't wanna rush it), let’s discuss this novel by Stephen King in the meantime.

    Who’s read it? Show of hands! 

    (& if you’ve read it & want to discuss your favorite parts in the book, you can…..just give others a SPOILERS warning first) 

  15. Yes, I realize that when Geoff said this film adaptation would get its own thread, he meant later….But that was hours ago! So later is NOW! ;) & I waited a whole night to post it, but I am just TOO EXCITED about this latest venture!! But I promise I'll only talk about it on here until it's officially announced.    

    Thomas Jane & Stephen King -- Love those names together! B)  

    Through Googling, I found that Renegade wasn’t the first company interested in adapting this King novel.


    But I’m so glad that TJ & CJPenn got their hands on it now. 

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