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  1. Will Rusty Blades be one of the designs??
  2. I can already see this film garnering attention for its subject matter. Too soon to tell if it will be good or bad.
  3. Thank you so much, Ariane, Gail, & Geoff!! I really appreciate all of the kind Bday wishes. You folks are just the sweetest!!
  4. Rosella

    I JUST...

    Thank you so much, Ariane! I'm so happy to read that. Thank you, Geoff!!!!!!! I know, right!?! It does, indeed. Awwww....that's so sweet of you to say.......Thank you, Gail!! & considering that you're already a DeathSpider Pupa....you're well passed the 'newbie' stage. Thanks, again! Thank you, Nico!!! It did make me smile, yes.
  5. Rosella

    I JUST...

    ...turned 10 in RAW YEARS today!!! I can't believe I found this place a whole decade ago....Wow. The years fly by, then slow down, speed up, & slow back down, again. It's been great seeing new & familiar faces over the years. I love that this RAW forum still exists. & I love that Tim & Tom gave us a place to express ourselves about the things we love/like/dislike/whatever. Thank you, fellas!! & THANK YOU to all of my other RAW brothers & sisters for accepting/reading/messaging me for however long you have known me....WE ARE ONE BIG GLOBAL FAMILY, & I
  6. sunshine & Davvi -- Hope both of you ladies had wonderful birthdays!! Cheers!
  7. Hey, Ariane! Apologies for my delay in responding. Yes, this entire thread is a keeper. Yeah, it's always fun when there's a collective "What just happened?" after a movie. Great take! Does time travel ever make sense?
  8. Well, if YouTube stars & IG influencers can get verified, surely TJ can, too.
  9. I imagine so. Thankfully, there aren't a ton of fraud TJ accts. Yet.
  10. Yaaaaayyy!!! I know, right? He just joined in time for SDCC. Hope he sticks around & posts lots more. His work will amaze you every single time. I'm just in awe of what Tim does.
  11. Great to read! TJ not being verified must really slow down the process. The other day, I had to report a fake acct. of a verified actor, & IG took that sucker down within the hour.
  12. Hey, RAWarriors!! It seems Timmy B has joined the IG scene! For a showcase of stunning masterpieces sure to make your jaws drop & mouths water.....GO FOLLOW @tim.bradstreet RIGHT AWAY!!! TIM BRADSTREET INSTAGRAM
  13. I saw that acct is still up. It's set to private, but it hasn't been removed completely.
  14. You're welcome!! As long as you enjoyed it, that's what matters.
  15. You're very welcome!! Sorry about the delay. I'll do better next year.
  16. Which one? Because the thomasjane53 account is still up. Not currently active but still.
  17. HAPPY SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY, ARIANE!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your special day. & HAPPY REALLY BELATED BIRTHDAY, GAIL (same month is close enough, right? )!!! Hope you were able to celebrate it!!
  18. I know, right!? It took them long enough. They make me smile, that's for sure. I love that they come as a pair. I just wish that they weren't an SDCC Exclusive. I wish!! That's the mother of all cons.
  19. Doing well, thank you! Yeah, trying to balance various creative projects & real life is tricky. But I missed my RAW family; I know I need to spend more time on here. As much as I'd love to see this film see the light of day, I hope it only happens with TJ behind it. I'd hate to see someone else snatch it up & takeover, y'know? I don't understand why Hollywood doesn't seem interested enough in making a lot of Westerns. Actor Vincent D'Onofrio recently directed a Western called THE KID. It had a budget around $8 million, some stars in the cast, & received a limited theatrical r
  20. Behold...2019 SDCC EXCLUSIVE POP! VINYLS: THE VEGAN POLICE!!!!!!! https://www.funko.com/blog/article/2019-sdcc-exclusive-reveals-scott-pilgrim Now, the chance of getting one of these is gonna be limited. But it's still SO EXCITING to see TJ become a POP! Vinyl figurel!! & I hope he'll get one!
  21. This doc sounds so fascinating. I'm glad that TJ got to be a part of it. SDCC seems like an interesting choice of a venue for the premiere.
  22. Hey, Gail! *waves* Great question! I've been anticipating this one for YEARS, & it just didn't come together. I wouldn't say 'never,' but if I were you, I wouldn't hold your breath, either. I take it that this film is on the far back back burners.
  23. Thanks, Gail!! I can't lie & say it isn't. But I think it's safe to claim it, because even TJ has agreed that his PUNISHER would've been grittier, which Castle fans would've wanted, had it been released post-TDK. The score used in DIRTY LAUNDRY came from TDK, too. I knew Daniel Craig wouldn't be everyone's fave. His QUANTUM OF SOLACE was.....well, it was a film, but it was *yawwwwn*.....It wasn't anything special. I have a crush on Scott because of it. & it was a bonus to see him in SPECTRE. I loved Depp, too. But sticking with Wilder, since I identi
  24. Nicholson was my pick before I saw Ledger. Ledger just made that character his & set the bar so high. THE DARK KNIGHT is my top favorite movie of all time! To think, TJ was sooo close to playing Two-Face. But Aaron Eckhart earned the part, & I loved him in it, too.
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