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  1. On 8/5/2020 at 2:22 PM, Geoff said:

    Yeah I'm finding that too. Even if they let the fake ones stay everyone will know which is the real one now. 

    Keep reporting though. 

    I've managed to get 3 fake TJ's removed so far. 😀  IG kept one up for some reason. They're all so creepy, when they send those DM requests about appreciating my support & being a fan of them for years. I know they're fooling some people, which is sad.  

  2. On 8/4/2020 at 10:02 AM, Enaira said:

    TJ's account is now verified, meaning that people can storm in and enjoy without fearing that he's a fraud.

    Yaaaaayyyyy!!! About time!! I don't get what took IG so long to verify him. But he managed to gain thousands of followers before they did.  

    On 8/4/2020 at 12:22 PM, Geoff said:

    It's been a pain in the arse to sort but it means I can now remove and stop all the fake accounts.

    I'll gladly report all the fake ones I come across. But sometimes, IG still lets those fake ones slide by. Just reported another star's fake acct. the other day. IG responded & didn't seem to think it went against their guidelines. Whatever. 

  3. Just saw this announcement on TJ's VERIFIED IG. 😉 Such exciting news! Love that TJ's starring in it, as well! I was worried he'd stay BTS with Renegade projects, which I'm sure will happen for some. But a new series starring Tom -- Woohoo!!     

  4. Hey, RAWarriors!! Just wanted to let all of you know about this super cool charity that Gerry Conway, the co-creator of "The Punisher," is running: 


    "For too long, symbols associated with a character I co-created have been co-opted by forces of oppression and to intimidate black Americans. This character and symbol was never intended as a symbol of oppression. This is a symbol of a systematic failure of equal justice. It’s time to claim this symbol for the cause of equal justice and Black Lives Matter."
    --Gerry Conway 


    It's a great way to support this worthy cause. So far, they've raised over $23,000 for BLM, & they're still collecting donations. 

    The designs are incredible! ❤️💀  Go check 'em out & donate if you can! 

  5. 2 hours ago, CJ Mitchell said:

    My son's had the call to go back in on Monday too, not sure for how many hours a day though as they have to have less staff on site than normal. Looking forward to getting him out the house so I can do some work myself. Been hard concentrating on anything when he's coming in every 20 mins or so to ask/say something, worse than the younger one who at least just stays playing on the PS4 most the time or watching something. 

    Good to hear things are going well with you all too. ❤️

    That's great news! I'm sure he wants to go back, too. 😀 Hope things aren't too stressful at work for him, as they're still maintaining social distancing & other health protocols. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Enaira said:

     So true! Love it when you're passing by.

    Why thank you, Ariane! I appreciate that. 😊 Don't worry. I'll definitely spend more time on here, checking in as often as I can. Love this place & all of you who keep it so lively! 💖💖

  7. 4 hours ago, Enaira said:

    Enjoy it @Rosella! You'll be on the front line to watch this movie. Soon !

    Thanks! I'll actually wait for the DVD release. Not really into buying digital downloads or streaming movies, so you might even see it before I do. 😄

  8. 8 hours ago, Gail said:

    Funny you should ask - I’ve been rattling round the house for the last ten weeks, only going out for food shopping, but had the call today to go back to work on Monday 😁😁😁 As much as I’ve loved spending time with Beloved, I think it’s probably good that we get a bit of space now!  Things are starting to open up over here, but nowhere near being even close to back to normal yet - no restaurants or bars or hairdressers etc, and I am desperate for a haircut!!!!  Ah well, I suppose in the grand scheme of things that’s not too bad though 🤷‍♀️
    Stay safe Rosella, and don’t leave it so long next time!! 😉

    Wow! That was good timing. 😄 Then enjoy your first real weekend in awhile. Hope getting back into the swing of things goes smoothly. 

    I also hope you'll be able to get a haircut soon. ✂️ At least the RAW Bar is always open. 😉 

    Thank you so much!! 😊❤️ & don't worry. I'll definitely be spending more time on here, checking in as often as I can. 

    Stay safe! 

  9. 8 minutes ago, Gail said:

    Hey Rosella! 👋👋 How ya doin’?

    Missed you round here, hope you and yours are all doing okay 🤞

    Hey, Gail!! 👋 We're all doing well, thank you for asking. Just been staying busy with hitRECord projects/duties. But I've missed you & the rest of my RAW family so much (even though I've been able to keep up with some of you lovely folks on IG, which has been nice). 😊

    How are things in your world? Are you still under any strict lockdown or quarantine? Non-essential businesses & restaurants are slowly opening around me, but they still encourage mask-wearing & social-distancing when people gather in groups. 

  10. On 6/2/2020 at 2:07 AM, Geoff said:

    As is often the case quiet front end means busy back end. So we are very busy behind the scenes.

    We are doing a PR soon for our new project and are working on another two besides Buick development.

    Website drafts have been completed and we will tease a few more bits before the PR (just waiting on date)

    However with everything going on in the US I'd rather everyone just hunkered down and stayed out of harm's way (both Thomas and Courtney are fine) and let the pandemic and riots simmer down if the delays some bits further then so be it.

    Lots of fun stuff coming I promise. 

    Stay safe. 

    Glad to know the wheels remain in motion for Renegade. 😎 No clue what that fox clue meant, but it's great that other projects are in development, along with FAB8

    Hope you & yours are still doing well, Geoff. Keep staying safe! ❤️


  11. 9 hours ago, Geoff said:

    We think its gonna be the first scripted Instagram series. Tom and Anne have written 22 1 minute episodes and they are planning on finishing filming this week. 

    Its hysterical and they cant wait to show everyone, but obviously now isnt the right time to do so.

    Will update more once filming is finished and we are ready to go

    HaHa!! This series is gonna be outrageous! 🤣  There haven't been a lot of reasons to laugh on social media lately, so it's nice that they're having fun together. Not sure when there will be a right time to release it. Guess they'll just have to put it out there when it's ready & hope for the best.  

    It actually won't be the first scripted IG series. Surprisingly, there have been others. This will be the first one I'll watch, though. HaHa! Glad they're putting it on IG & not Quibi.  

  12. ...wanted to see how everyone's doing now, considering everything that's happening in this world, which has gotten scarier & more divided.

    Hope all of you are doing well & staying safe. 🤗 💕



  13. On 2/18/2020 at 1:33 AM, Geoff said:

    Was a lovely tweet too. 

    Why thank you, sir! 😊

    On 2/18/2020 at 2:48 PM, Chris Sue said:

    Thank you so much Enaira, Gail & Rosella for your birthday wishes! I had a great day with my loved ones and that was just what I needed 😊 It's been a while, but changes in my life are taking all my time, hope to be back here soon...

    Hope everyone is doing fine and a belated happy birthday to @Tim Bradstreet

    You're very welcome! Happy to read you enjoyed your celebration! 😃


    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, @Al.!!! Hope you had a wonderful time! 🎂

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