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  1. It’s taken me some time to sit down & write this, but I wanted to share with all of you another adventure at HHW (Sept. 12th). This would be my 13th convention, and it was a really fun one. I won’t lie. I had some doubts at first. After Robert Rusler, David Arquette, & Stephen McHattie cancelled, I felt a little lost. Would we still have a great time as always? Would we make any fond memories ? Luckily (thankfully), we did. JAMES HONG - He is quite a presence. I’m still starstruck over meeting him. He was in such good spirits, too. He kept getting the all of us in the crowd to scream. He’s so polite. He even did his “Seinfeld four” & “Cartwright!” lines for us, which as mega Seinfeld fans made it a real special treat for us. My mom got his autograph, and then we each pitched in to buy a picture with him, which I don’t think was intended to happen, because he was still wearing his Lo Pan makeup/costume from Big Trouble in Little China, which was originally meant for Photo-op only. So that did make it confusing for James; his handlers were wanting him to do something I don’t think he wanted, but he was a great sport about the whole thing. He made the experience enjoyable. KIM MYERS - Another Seinfeld guest-star character. She’s really sweet. My brother bought her autograph & got to take a pic with her. We talked with her about various roles & such. For some reason, she didn’t have too many people visit her table. If you see her at a con, go over & say, “Hi.” She’s a very nice & pleasant person. RICKY DEAN LOGAN - Another Seinfeld guest-star character. Meeting Ricky was definitely one of our top favorite moments. He is a cool & sweet & hilarious guy. We had a great conversation with him about his short films, and my brother & I got to talk to him about our projects. He gave us some very encouraging words. My mom & I got signed pics & took pics with him. But one of the greatest moments was when I brought up how much I love & remember his “freak” from Seinfeld. He did the character for us! I can’t believe it! He knew every line & nailed the voice! It was exactly what I wanted to happen, but, oh my, when it did, I just had the biggest grin on my face. I made sure to tell him that in that scene with Kramer, he was the scene-stealer; he loved this compliment. It’s true, too. Whenever I think of odd, stand-out characters, his hippie freak comes to mind. He gave me a hug before we left. We kept going by his table throughout the con, and every time, he would greet us & make sure we were still having fun. Very nice man. IRA HEIDEN - He’s just so cute. I’m obsessed with hearing his voice. & if you’ve ever heard him speak (which you probably have…he’s a voice over artist after all) then you know what I mean. It was a real pleasure talking to him. He’s funny & so sweet. I brought up his voice work, and he mentioned this site that he’s on. Then, he played me his demo reel on his phone. He told us to listen for him on Code Black, which was good to know. It’s hard to track guest stars as it is, let a lone a voice. =) I got his autograph & took pics with him. Very nice guy. Later on in the day, my brother waved at him, and he waved back so excitedly. He just cracks me up. DANIEL ROEBUCK - We are his family. Not really, but that’s how he introduced us to the new gorgeous lady in his life. He even greeted us as he was taking pics with other fans. We got many updates on his personal life. I won’t share those details here (sorry), but it’s just great to see Daniel happy & full of energy, again. We took a really nice group photo with him. We ended up talking to Daniel twice that day. We chatted, left, & returned later in the day to pick up our free autographs (he’s still one of a handful of people who sign for free), and we got to have another personal conversation with him & his lady. He really does talk to us like he knows us (& this being our 4th time meeting him, he kinda does). MARSHALL BELL - I think we found our new family member. Can we keep Marshall? He’s so AWESOME!!! We were parked outside the restrooms, planning our next move, when Marshall came over & greeted my mom. Right then, we knew -- Marshall is a sweetheart. My mom really wanted to go talk to him more, & boy, are we glad we did! One thing that was cool -- he remembered us from before & was hoping we’d stop by. We complimented his work (he’s done so much) & my mom got an autograph/pic with him. Then, after they took the pic together, he kissed the top of her head. Awwwwwwwww…. I really hope he gets added, again. MARK PATTON - Mark is a wonderful guy & true gentleman. He’s actually the first person we saw that day. We all got autographs & pics with him. My mom made him a gift & bought him a James Dean t-shirt from our hometown (Mark’s a mega James Dean fan), so he just gave her a free autograph. He even wanted to have a pic of them taken together on his phone. https://instagram.com/p/7l8o68OjwP/?taken-by=markpattonnoes2 My brother bought his book, & we talked about his upcoming documentary Scream, Queen! They’re finishing up the last details of it & have a Kickstarter campaign going on for it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1832830591/scream-queen-my-nightmare-on-elm-street (9 DAYS LEFT!) He even brought a little crew with him to film some horror fans for promo stuff. He likes to pose with his glove from NOES2, but he puts it on & takes it off so often that at one point, he misplaced it. No worries. I found it for him. So that was pretty cool to give “Jesse” his glove back. ANDRAS JONES - Andras ended up being the last person we met for the day. He’s quite a fascinating man, & we enjoyed an enlightening conversation with him. We mostly talked about his Radio 8 Ball show & synchronicity (“meaningful coincidences”). He was very interested in hearing what I had to say. He asked me who I thought should appear on his show, and loved when I said Mark Patton. So, that would be cool if he gets him as a guest. I bought his book & got his autograph. Then, he took pics with me & my brother. He’s a one of a kind, that one. If you’ve made it this far in reading about my con experiences, thank you!! Hope you enjoyed 'em. Sorry it took me a month to report. Looks like it's been fairly quiet around here on RAW. Hope the noise picks back up soon.
  2. Look at what our Timmy made: http://www.danielabraham.com/2015/10/09/tim-bradstreet-is-a-god/ AMAZING!!! They unveiled these babies at NYCC. My goodness, they are spectacular!!
  3. "You aren't living, until you are living." -- Well said. & proven. It's nice to have the balance of calm & excitement in life. & yes, you're life definitely has that movie adventure written all over it.
  4. Sounds interesting. Hope TJ can fit it into his already busy schedule.
  5. OMGoodness!! I can't stop thinking about this movie! Now, that's what I call PULSATING!!!
  6. Broken Horses is out on Blu-ray/DVD now. Has anyone seen it? One of my friends watched it & said that TJ has a very brief role in it, which is a bit of a letdown.
  7. Rosella

    I JUST...

    ...turned 6 years old today (in RAW years, of course)!!! Again, thank you for the friendships & conversations. I love all of you wonderful guys & gals. So......What's everyone been up to lately? (based on this thread & not counting this post, none of us have 'just done' anything since October of last year.....Yikes)
  8. I love TJ & TB's great sense of humor. & yes, Tom should TOTALLY be the next Indiana Jones!! Let's start a petition for it, folks!
  9. We'd sure love Tim back on the boards. Someone captured Tom's Q&A panel at Boston Comic Con:
  10. Awesome! And they appear to be filming now in Atlanta. Perhaps Tom could go & play a zombie when he's done shooting his scenes for this film.
  11. I was worried about that script leak, too. They never solved that mystery. Quentin knows the people it wasn't & the people it could've been. But, thankfully, that little error on someone's part didn't ruin the whole thing for everyone else. Tarantino is a brilliant filmmaker. I just love his love for movies. That's okay, Geoff. Maybe the fact that you're not impressed now will only help you become blown away by once you see it. Genius! Tarantino should produce Shattered Hand. If the movie Gods will only answer that call. & if not, then Tom needs to be in a Tarantino film pronto.
  12. I see that & think, "That is one cool dude." Why are these people still making such a big deal over Tom not wearing shoes? I'm more curious on why he's in New York, not what he's wearing/not wearing.
  13. This is my ultimate must-see movie of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnRbXn4-Yis I just LOVE seeing Tim Roth & Michael Madsen together again in a Tarantino film. But we all know who would make this western even more perfect, don't we?
  14. Awesome!! That's my Bday! That would make a great belated gift for myself from myself.
  15. I haven't checked the Blu-ray, yet (couldn't find it), but no features on the DVD. It is a bit disappointing. They couldn't give us one behind-the-scenes look? Not even one!?
  16. Thanks for watching, everyone!! HITRECORD on TV SEASON ONE is NOW AVAILABLE on NETFLIX (US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, & Ireland): https://www.netflix.com/title/80061229 If you already subscribe, you can now watch all 8 episodes of the 1st season without paying any extra $$$.
  17. Into the Grizzly Maze is NOW AVAILABLE on Blu-ray & DVD. Buy it wherever they sell movies.
  18. I don't get why so many people dislike True Detective Season 2. I haven't seen it, so I can't share my own personal views, but a lot of people seem to hate it but still feel compelled to watch. I guess it's like my relationship with The Blacklist. Nothing ever improved on that show, and yet I found myself watching it just to see James Spader. & now I'm watching The Extant, which is a really weird show, all because it has David Morrissey. It's hard to get into, especially considering I missed Season 1. Again, the writing is fairly bad, but there I am, watching it just to see an actor I like. Plus, it's the summer. Not a whole lot of excitement going on.
  19. That's SO COOL, Esco!! I'm glad you got a chance to meet them & attend the panel. Sounds like a very wonderful day for you.
  20. HITRECORD ON TV SEASON 2 FINALE -- I can't predict that any of my work will appear in it but tonight's episode is RE: THE FUTURE. Watch it @ 10pm E/P if you have Pivot or patiently await its arrival on iTunes.
  21. Huh....Learn something new every day. Yay! That's exciting news!! & just like that, the balloon feels deflated. Just kidding, Mike. I do that, too. I'll read something & think that it's new updated info only to find out that it's not. No worries. A false alarm that will most likely be true sooner or later. If anyone is going to Boston Comic Con, be sure to stop by & say, "Hi, sir...I love you," to our co-captain Tom. He's there for the weekend. http://bostoncomiccon.com/guests.html
  22. So apparently, Joe thinks my mom is hot. If you haven't seen the episode RE: YOUR MOM, get it off iTunes & you'll know what I mean. https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/hitrecord-on-tv-season-2/id990091772 Tonight's episode is RE: SECRETS. I don't know how much of my work appears in it, but I do know you can see my stick figure drawings in this sketch: Watch & see how many times you can spot my doggy drawing. Full episode airs TONIGHT at 10pm E/P on Pivot. Hope you enjoy it!
  23. Great picture!! Must print & frame that baby. Thanks for posting it, John!! & thanks for taking care of that spam problem earlier. You're on it.
  24. it's good to know TJ's doing well. Maybe he'll bulk up as the show goes on. How would you have ask that other than, "Wow, Tom. You look great. Have you lost weight?" And I just don't see that as a man-to-man talk at a comic convention (or any place).
  25. Thanks, Mike!! Tonight’s episode is RE: YOUR MOM. & MY MOM is in it!! Woohoo!! Tune in to Pivot at 10 E/P or download it via iTunes (upon availability) & you’ll see my mama.
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