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  1. Never mind. That didn't work. I thought that maybe if I tried downloading it in Internet Explorer, it'd work. But still no go. Q for TJ or Noeland -- How did you upload the image on here? Which icon from above did you choose? My Media??
  2. I still can't see it. But I imagine if it looks anything like what we've seen of The Lycan thus far, it's definitely an eye-pleaser. Of the times that I've posted pics on here, I've found that photobucket works fairly well. If you don't have an account (or forgot your password like I did) you can login via Twitter or Facebook. Then from there, you just upload your pics to photobucket & copy the link to post it on here using that IMAGE icon thingy you see above. I can see how it's a lot of work to just post one pic, though. There must be a better way out there that's more convenient for people to use. Anyways, you can always go that route until you find something better. Hope that helps. Now let me try something...
  3. THOMAS, My admiration for you reaches the stars and the moon above, expanding the galaxy and beyond… You are & will always be one of a kind, very rare breed. And today we shall celebrate YOU! HAPPY 47TH, BIRTHDAY, TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have... THE MOST WONDERFULLY, FANTASTICALLY SUPER AWESOME, OUT-0F-THIS-WORLD BDAY !!! HUGS with HEART -- Rosella Intercepting Special Transmission… *static* This satellite photo was taken earlier this morning, at 12:01am exactly. No one knows of their origin, but these extraterrestrials landed on Earth with a message for The Chosen One aka TJ. They believe this man to be the leader of mankind, a great & powerful individual who possesses special, unique, and weirdcool qualities. It is believed that these creatures from a galaxy far far away have spent years, decades even (spanning 4 decades & 7 years to be exact) studying this spectacular specimen of the human race in hopes of finding out how a man can be so talented and work so hard every day of his life. Their findings: incalculable and so far from over. But one thing is for certain……they come bringing gifts beyond the wildest of dreams & an offering of peace…..... & cake. It is in everyone’s best interest to remain calm & party on responsibly. Or else... ...Transmission Over
  4. Porkpie hat, really? I had no idea. Looks like I’ve got some homework to do. Do you happen to know if any fans were upset over changing Det. Miller’s hat? Fans of books can be very particular about little details like that. Keen observations, Mike. I agree. I think Tom’s Miller has so many layers to him, & Tom is revealing each one to us at just the right moments. I'm so glad this character is on TV, so he can be explored more thoroughly. But, boy, The Expanse would be spectacular on the big screen.
  5. What a coincidence! HitRECord, that other site I devote my life to, recently upgraded to V.6, so 2016 must be the year of renovation. Or maybe Tom’s right about that whole ‘something brewing in the winds’ thing that’s going on. New site looks great. Nice work, Andi & Johnny!! Lovin’ the orange colors & seeing all of the pretty pictures (although, personally, I could do without the nudie ones…but maybe that’s just me). As for that Dark Country poster --- Whoa! That would’ve made a nifty cover to download, I think. Strangely enough, adding that ‘The’ on it just makes entering the nightmare seem even….darker. Tom, I love your introductory letter under NEWS. You have a wicked sense of humor, my friend. If this whole acting/directing thing doesn‘t work out for ya, you can always look into going on the road with your comedy. & don’t worry about not being a technology expert. While everyone else’s brains will be fried after gluing their eyes to a screen all day long, you’ll still have yours well in tact, & you’ll be more knowledgeable for it. Oh, & you’ll also be able to carry interesting conversations on with real people in person. Isn’t that great? Facekook -- You should be glad to know that I still haven’t let that beast get me. I’ve seen what it does to people, & it ain’t pretty. Mind if I borrow that name for it? I “LIKE” it. ----------- Now, with this newer site up & running, which is sure to attract more traffic, since it was tweeted & REtweeted about……Will there be a new online RAW store in our midst anytime soon? Just curious.
  6. Well, I'm happy to hear that, Geoff. Favorite character(s)? Favorite moment(s)? (if any of your info contains spoilers, be sure to warn the rest in case they haven't seen it, yet)
  7. The role feels like it was written for TJ. It suits him perfectly, fedora & all. Yes, full episodes can be seen on their site (though, I think there's a time limit. Not sure. I just watch as soon as they're up just to be safe). Thanks, again for informing me about that. I had initially thought those could only be watched if a person supplies a cable provider login, but I guess SYFY is more lenient than HBO. It's great, isn't it? It's the kind of show we've been waiting for TJ to be apart of. I'm glad he's enjoying the role, too. SEASON ONE DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE -- Early April http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Expanse-Season-1/21906
  8. Awesome, Geoff! Your review makes me want to see it even more (& I've already been dying to see it).
  9. The link didn't work for me. So if others are having trouble viewing, perhaps this one will work?: http://moviepilot.com/posts/3731804 SUPER creepy! & it looks to have a straight to DVD release of February 2nd for US.
  10. STANDOFF looks to be getting a US theatrical limited release on February 26th. http://variety.com/2015/film/news/stand-off-release-date-thomas-jane-1201664667/ So if it comes to a theater near you, I suggest you see it & brag to your friends about it.
  11. I've been keeping up with The Expanse. It's one thrill after another! & IT'S BEEN RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON!!!! http://deadline.com/2015/12/the-expanse-renewed-season-2-syfy-1201674459/ 13 episodes have been ordered & scheduled to air in early 2017. Quite a ways off but definitely something to look forward to seeing. So CONGRATS to our captain TJ for his show's success & beyond!!!
  12. Saw it. LOVE it! Upset it didn't earn more Oscar love. Obviously, the Academy has something against Tarantino opening up & speaking his mind. Tim Roth & Michael Madsen are the movie for me, but boy did that Walton Goggins steal some scenes! They were my favorite characters, obviously. I was literally on the edge of my seat, nearly holding my breath, for some of those intense moments. I didn't predict the twists or figure out who was really who until they were revealed as such. Since Roth's role is so major in it, I'm ranking this film as my #2 favorite Tarantino film of all-time (following Reservoir Dogs, of course). Anyone else see it? Was anyone lucky enough to attend the roadshow version? What did you guys/gals think of it?
  13. Rosella


    Welcome back, Joyce!! Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you're feeling much better now. 2016 has been pretty good so far. Thanks for asking.
  15. Well, I hope they get that second season. I didn't realize the first one cost so much. Full episodes are up on Syfy? That's cool! Then, I will get to watch this show sooner after all.
  16. If you're still wondering what to get me for the holidays, this set would make the PERFECT belated Christmas present: http://necaonline.com/54130/products/toys/plush-and-dolls/the-hateful-eight-8-clothed-action-figure-assortment/ Or you can just get me one figure....Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth)....I'm not greedy.
  17. Awesome!! & now we can all sleep much better.
  18. Wow! That's impressive. No, it's probably best that you don't cut it. Unless maybe the show gets picked up for a 3rd season (it already has that second one doesn't it?). Then we'll just revisit the haircut idea. Anyways... How's the show going thus far? Getting better & better? Post your reviews or any comments on any of the characters in this thread.
  19. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!! THOMAS JANE IS RETURNING TO TV!!! WOOHOO!!! That's right, folks. The long wait is over (actually it was over awhile back thanks to the early release of Ep. 1) but now it's happening for real. THE EXPANSE PREMIERES TONIGHT @ 10/9c, BOYS & GIRLS!! Do you have your books read? (me neither) Great! Then we're all ready for liftoff! I was pleasantly surprised when they released the first ep. early for us. It was like an early early Christmas present. I really like the show. I think it works well & could become a great series if viewers just give it a chance & watch it. (according to his Twitter THE Buzz Aldrin will be tuning in....how cool is that?) Obviously, Tom is the show for me. His Detective Miller is like a cross between Malone & Mitch Hunter (from Mutant Chronicles). Only his hair is way crazier. Crazy-cool. Weird-cool, even. But enough about Tom's hair! Actually no....one more time... Ah....yes....Ladies, you know you love it. Men, you know you want that look. (I TRIPLE DOG DARE* you guys to request it when you get your next haircut). Anyways. As long as they just give Tom a lot of screen time, I'll be a happy space traveler. Those who tune into this show weekly (I won't be able to....no Syfy for me).....feel free to use this thread to discuss character & plot development/storylines further. I only ask that when you post, though, that you warn us before sharing spoilers. Other than that, share whatever you want about The Expanse. This is your safe place to do it without being judged. *Triple Dog Dares are usually meant to be taken seriously....I won't, however, hold anyone to actually go through with it. I don't want nor need any wives or girlfriends to be mad at me. It should also be said that I'm 100% certain that only TJ himself could ever pull off such a look. Just sayin'.
  20. I found a US release date: April 8th, 2016. And since the child actor in the film, Jacob Tremblay, has garnered Oscar buzz for his role in Room, this movie could very well see the light of day in a theater.
  21. Well, it looks like Tom is indeed a part of this film:
  22. Thanks for keeping us posted, Geoff!! TJ seems to be doing so much lately that it's become hard to keep up. That's a good thing, though.
  23. Wow. That's awesome, Mike! I respect the secrecy. It's cool that we all do different things but share a lot of the same interests (movies & all things TJ mostly but those count).
  24. Rosella


  25. Really? No TJ? Now I have no problem when movies only list one actor on the front, but this movie is called Standoff, so there should be two.
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