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  1. Yeah, it's cool that they wanted to stay as true to the book series as possible. Usually the ethnicity of a character changes when they adapt from page to screen so it's refreshing when that doesn't happen & more groups of people get to be represented onscreen.
  2. NEW TRAILER FOR SEASON 2: https://youtu.be/doFcTbDJJOg
  3. Thanks for the confirmation, Mike! Sounds like a great role for TJ!!
  4. Looks like TJ has been cast in the upcoming Netflix feature-film adaptation of Stephen King's novella 1922: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/11/02/stephen-king-1922-movie-thomas-jane-molly-parker Perfect timing finding out about this. I just re-watched The Mist on Halloween.
  5. So many low budget horror movies go to theaters, so I was surprised that this one didn't. I even thought having an Oscar-nominated actor would help it. But I suppose Relativity Media's bankruptcy issues were to blame for the delay & lack of wide release. At least you got to see it.
  6. The link didn't work for me. But I found the video here: https://scandinaviantraveler.com/en/play/travelers-think-big-big-bike-ride (hope that works for others). You're right, Geoff. It's a great video. TJ sure is popping up in so many different places lately. Good for him, better for us!
  7. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, RAWARRIORS!!! ? Here's the FINAL EP! HALLOWEEN SERIAL BITS EPISODE FOUR Some questions get answered....Others, not so much.
  8. HALLOWEEN SERIAL BITS EPISODE THREE This episode continues the adventures of an unhappy scarecrow, a patient with a secret, and Lydia finding something odd in her mailbox.
  9. HALLOWEEN SERIAL BITS EPISODE TWO #2 features talking scarecrows, a mysterious girl named Lydia, and something more to come. Enjoy!! ( & eat some candy while you're watching) ???
  10. Rosella


    I can't seem to download the file, but man, that sounds AWESOME! That show just has everyone, doesn't it? Chris Browning showed up on 2 episodes of it, too. It's like that upcoming Twin Peaks revival. Everyone who's anyone is on it.
  11. It's that time of year again... For any spirits still haunting the RAW halls....feast your eyes on this!!... HALLOWEEN SERIAL BITS EPISODE ONE NOTE: This is, in fact, a sequel-like continuation of our HALLOWEEN SERIAL BOX short film. I suggest you watch that first if you haven't already (or just re-watch it again to refresh your memories... http://rawstudios.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2280 )
  12. Well, all of September came & went, & I never saw any trailer for or promotion of Before I Wake anywhere. Looks like there's a BLU-RAY/DVD (US) release for December. Y'know.....just in time for after Halloween. I'm a little bummed because, again, this was one I was hoping to see on the big screen. But as long as it gets released ANY WAY is all that matters at this point.
  13. Well, I spent another day at a HorrorHound. My wallet isn’t too happy with me, but the rest of me is quite content. I had anticipated seeing Barry Bostwick again, but he had to cancel due to work. Surprisingly, he was one of only 2 cancellations (that’s a horror con record). There were unexpected moments throughout the day (including an unfortunate early departure as a result of heartbreaking circumstances), but we’ll get into all of it as we go. Sooooooo…..let’s dive on in……. (Please turn off or silence your cell phones) (c'mon.......I'm only kidding). Honestly, I don’t know how to rank favorites. All people are highlights for us. PAM GRIER - Yes, indeedy…..THE Ms. Jackie Brown! & what a delight she is! She’s just so kind-spirited & warm & fun. My brother asked her questions about making the film with Tarantino, which she is super proud of having been a major part of. My brother got her autograph & a picture with her all for $30. She talked to all of us about where we’re from. Just a really polite woman. & gorgeous, too. To be in her presence, one is just blown away by her beauty. She’s stunning! ALEX VINCENT - This would be my 3rd time meeting him. He was actually the first person we saw as we went into the hotel. He just happened to be walking by. But I actually didn’t go over to him til the end. Just wanted to catch up with what he’s been doing. I was hoping he’d have another poetry book for sale, but he’s still working on that. I talked to him about his movie House Guest & his company A/V Productions. Then, I got a picture with him for $10. He hasn’t changed a bit. Still a modest, humble guy. No, I didn't make him anything (I know.....I know.....I should've). But he still has the necklaces I made for him last time. WILLIAM RAGSDALE - Finally! I finally got to meet him! I‘ve been waiting for years now. & he is one charming fellow. He was impressed by how much I know about his work. He even thinks I know more about it than he does. We discussed a lot of his guest-starring roles (including BrainDead), but one part I had to bring up was the one that began my Ragsdale crush -- Grosse Pointe. It was a short-lived series on The WB. Anyway, it was my intro of his work. It was the show that made me want to see all his other shows. It was like I was taking him on a trip down memory lane. My mom & I both got autographs & pictures with him ($30). I wrapped my arms around him & hugged him so tight for the pictures. I think he was surprised I did that but he just went with it & wrapped his arms around me and hugged me back. Why? Because he’s super nice. I mean SUPER nice. He’s exactly how I imagined. Down-to-earth & cute as can be. Sorry….where was I? Oh yes! ANDREW DIVOFF - LOST ACTOR ALERT! Whoa! Meeting him was a big deal & remarkable experience. He’s just so sweet & generous. Plus……his prices are reasonable. A lot of the prices were scary, but Andrew’s prices are the best. $20 for a signed 8x10 OR $10 for your own item signed. Not too many people still do that deal. So my brother got his Wishmaster set signed & a pic with him all for $10! What! For realsies. We probably talked to him for a good ten minutes the first time around. I complimented his Djinn ring. He made it himself! He makes rings! He took a bronze version out of its wrapper & let me hold it. It’s a masterpiece! Then he just kept talking to us about it. And telling us why he got into making them. I won’t go into too many details but basically Todd McFarlane is a jerk. So don’t bother asking Andrew to sign one of the Wishmaster action figures. He won’t do it. He’ll take the figure & offer 4 autographed pics in return. & I completely understand his reasoning. He has 100s of ’em now in his collection. Good for him, I say! But keep in mind, he was telling all of us this & still letting me hold the ring. He trusted me with it, which made me feel really good. Because anyone else would’ve eye-balled me, making sure I didn’t just run off with it. I wouldn’t, but I like knowing that Andrew knew I wouldn’t. After we finished our conversation, he invited us to come back & see him later. So we did. This time around, my mom bought a signed 8x10 & took a picture with him. And then we talked to him for maybe another 10 minutes. We were there for awhile. We talked about James Dean & September 11th & what he had for lunch (we had seen him go to the hotel’s restaurant) & all sorts of things. He was so personal with us. My dad thinks he’s the greatest. He kept telling him how he looks younger in person, which Andrew appreciated very much. I brought up that I thought he was great on The Blacklist, & he told us how much he enjoyed being on that show. Then I asked if I could get a picture with him & he kindly obliged. He’s a true gentleman. If he gets added near you, stop by & say “Hi” & ask him anything! He's great about answering all of your questions. JAMIE KENNEDY - Yes, this is my 2nd time meeting him & just as fun & memorable as the 1st. I tested him. I asked him if he remembered meeting me, & he thought we all looked familiar. I said that we met him in that very spot 3 years ago. Suddenly, it hits him. He remembered! He remembered that I made him a gift! So I asked him what did I make? It took a few moments…..but he kept getting it. He knew it was green……..An X! A green X! BINGO! Ha! I can’t believe he remembered, because he meets a lot of fans, & even if they don’t all give him gifts, 3 years is a long time to remember something. Sure, I’ll never forget it, but it’s nice knowing he hasn’t yet either. He told me it’s hanging up on his wall & promised a pic. So we’ll see if I can get him to post it or not. He doesn’t always run his own Twitter, so it might be hard to get through when he’s on. I’ll try, though, cause I really wanna see that pic. I discussed Heartbeat with him. And then my mom told him about her heart problems, because we found out that Jamie had heart trouble as a kid & had to have a pacemaker put in. So he wanted to know what medicine my mom takes. It was nice getting to have this private conversation with him. This time I had him sign my 2nd Season of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment ($40 plus free pic). Then, he wanted to take a picture with all of us. He called my dad Pops. Ha! He just shows us all so much love. Even his handler liked us. He thought we were a nice family. Then, later in the day, when we were in line for Pam Grier whose table was right next to Jamie’s, he saw us & said, “My family” directed to us & “That’s my family” to the people next in his line. He’s too adorable. The whole time we were waiting on Pam, he kept looking at me & making funny expressions. And smiling. I melt every time Jamie smiles at me. I can’t help it. I just do. Before we left, I gave him a hug goodbye & thanked him for coming. Then, he hugged me again & faked cried. It was great. Really really great. XANDER BERKELEY - 24 ACTOR ALERT! OH BOY! We interacted with Xander not once, not twice, not thrice, but 4 TIMES!! Okay, so the first time we saw him, it was when we were sitting out in the lobby area. They have a small little area with couches and chairs. We were waiting for the convention to start. It was still Early Entry time (which seems like a waste because most of the stars you wanna meet aren’t at their tables that early). So we were just sitting there. We got to see a lot of stars walk by, but when Xander passed us, he looked and smiled at us & waved. Right then, I knew he was going to be a nice man. Actually, I could tell he’d be fun just by the way he tweets. He’s very active on Twitter. He replies to & likes & RT’s his fans. My brother even got him to wish me a “Happy Birthday” on there. We tweeted we’d be seeing him at HHW, and he said he was looking forward to meeting us. Which I just took to be something nice to say, never knowing how that would play out or if he’d even remember us in person. When we went over to see him, I anticipated a long line. There wasn’t. Maybe there were 3 people ahead of us? I saw his sign advertising his price for an autograph. My jaw dropped. He was only charging $30 (including a free selfie). What! Sure, I get he was mainly there to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Candyman, but he joined TWD. That’s not a price you see for those actors, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, all actors at this particular con had raised their prices ($5 - $20 more) but Xander was only going to cost $30 for an signature/pic??? YEAH, BABY!! So we go over to him. My mom gives him a gift (a monogrammed hat). He’s a hat guy, so it was perfect. He LOVED it! He put it on & wore it in her pictures. I told him who we were from Twitter. And his face just lit up. He looked as excited to meet us as we were to meet him. He recognized my mom’s smiling face from the lobby. We talked about a lot of his work. Mainly 24 & The Booth at the End. He kissed me & mom on our cheeks. And he was joking with us & having a great time. It felt like we were all old friends just catching up. He even sent his handler away to got get him some water, so we got to have some alone time with the guy. We all got pictures & signed pics, of course. He’s amazing! And he loves to talk, which is great. He has a story for every comment you make or question you ask. Then, later we went back over to see him. He didn’t have anyone at his table, so why not? I just wanted to tell him that I loved him in Shanghai Noon, since I forgot to mention it before. I expected a simple, “Thank you,” but he went into more stories on making it, including a Jackie Chan impression. He remembers so much about his work. It was great. He’s so lively & fun. Towards the end of the day, we were back at the lounging area in the lobby, and he walked by us again. This time he stopped to ask us how we were. I tell ya. Old friends. TED RAIMI - I’m not sure if I can recount these events without drooling all over myself. Ted is just so…..cute…..& sexy……& a bit naughty, too. I won’t tell you everything he did, because it’s not really appropriate. Well, I brought him a gift & a Halloween card (a ghost sitting at a bar…“Where‘s the boos?”) . He was really surprised I brought him anything. He loved the card. But when he went to read what I wrote inside it, as soon as he said, “Dear Ted…” I knew he was going to make it all up. And he did. To an extreme! He's HILARIOUS!! I can’t even repeat what he said. I’m sorry. Those words just aren’t in my vocabulary, but the expletives were a’flyin,’ let me tell ya. So yeah, we got to have Raimi uncut/uncensored. As for the gift, I put it in a wine bottle gift bag, so he already said that he liked the shape of it. No, I didn’t bring him wine. I brought him 2 bottles of Faygo RedPop. He was stunned! He said, “It’s better than booze!,” which coming from him is quite a compliment. He’s a bit of a drinker, which I’m sure you’ve picked up on already. He was amazed that it was cold, too. Then, he had to take a picture of it & wanted me in the picture. So that was cool to pose for Ted. We talked to him about Man with the Screaming Brain & his web series Deathly Spirits (a show about scary stories & cocktails). At the end of every episode, Ted delivers a line that cracks me up every time, so I asked if he’d do his final line for me. And he did it just like he does on the show. “It. Is. Later. Than. You…Think! (sinister laughter)" OMGoodness! My brother got a picture with him for $20, but I bought the autograph/photo combo for $60 (not a typo). His pictures are fancy. They’re not just regular photographs. They’re thick boards. Very nice. And the message he wrote on it? Yup. He wrote the line. The funny thing is, I wanted him to write the line, but I didn’t want to ask after I already had him say the line. That’s too much directing. But he thought to do it himself, which I thought was really cool. We posed for our pictures. He wanted to hold the Faygo in our shots. He’s hilarious! He’s making a different expression in all the pics we took. He’s such a character, that one. We saw him later. He hadn’t drank either bottle, yet. He said he’s saving them for after work. I asked him about Morbid Minutes & Ash Vs. Evil Dead. He wouldn’t go into details. He said that we have to watch the show to find out if he’ll be playing multiple characters or not. I think he will be, though. I hope so, anyways. https://www.facebook.com/TedRaimi/photos/a.1575249442790919.1073741828.1573190372996826/1678151779167351/?type=3&theater It’s just nice to know that I made such an impression on Ted. DAVID ARQUETTE - David was the first guest we met that day. We chose right to meet him first, because he had to cut his day short and leave early on Saturday due to a family emergency. Which as many of you know by now, David’s brother/sister Alexis passed away early Sunday morning. Very heartbreaking. When we met him, I don’t believe he had gotten the news, yet. Because at that point, they didn’t make any announcements. But he never showed that anything was wrong. He held his head up high and powered through with a smile on his face. He was so polite with everyone. My mom & I brought him birthday gifts (his bday was on 9/8...we saw him 9/10). My mom gave him a pair of clown bells (he loves clowns) from her own collection. He even loved the clown bag she put them in. Then, when he signed her photo, he thanked her for the clowns and drew a clown face. He even switched to a red marker to bring out the features of the clown. And went back to making the eyes bigger. It was quite something to see him doodling and wanting to make it look just right. Now the gift I made for him is something that I put the most time/work into making out of all the gifts I’ve ever given anyone else. It was something that I wanted to make him the last time he got added but didn’t get a chance to starting because he ended up cancelling that appearance. But I found out what he likes to collect, & thought I’d have a go at making it. It took me about 3 weeks to get & put everything together. I made David a <<drum roll>> Mini Arquette Marionette!!! I’m really proud how it all turned out, too. And it actually moves! I loved seeing David laughing and playing with it. He even wanted to give me a hug for making it. He was just so happy. He wrote me a lovely "thank you" message on my picture. My mom & I each did the $60 combo (who told these stars this amount?), but he made it all worth it. We took pictures with him. My mom & Dad posed with him, then my brother & I did. Then, David said he wanted to take a picture with me and the puppet. He even put the little hand of the puppet on my shoulder. So standing there with him as he was doing that was just such a fun moment. Then, he had my brother take another pic of us together with his phone. He said he’d post it, but he hasn’t yet, & I don’t think he will. He’s got a lot more important stuff to worry about, which I completely understand. But I’ll never forget him playing with his marionette & putting the little hand on my shoulder & laughing as he did it. Very surreal moment. I did get to tell him that I love The Butler’s In Love & The Tripper (love for TJ - woot-woot). I think he was surprised that I knew about the short film. My mom brought up Never Been Kissed, which we’ve seen countless times (Tiki Post Rob!). David is just such a wonderful guy. It just brings tears to my eyes because we were able to bring him so much joy before one of the saddest days of his life. All the guests we saw were great. There were some questionable guests in the bunch but we didn't meet those people. & if you've made it this far in reading, thank you so much! As always, if you have con stories of your own, please don't hesitate to shame 'em with us on here. RIP Alexis Arquette His/Her spirit still sparkles.
  14. Our RAW brother Mark Hosack (Give 'Em Hell Malone) just released his latest thriller The Good Spy Dies Twice (on paperback, hardback, kindle book) on Sept. 13th. BUY IT & READ IT NOW!!!!!!! https://www.amazon.com/Good-Spy-Dies-Twice-Bullseye/dp/0997850515/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 It's a fantastic, highly-addictive page-turning thrill ride you won't wanna miss!!!
  15. Hey, Adam! Thanks for stopping by, again! I'm still on here.
  16. YES! I was hoping someone would post this video. I LOVE it! I can't stop watching it. I could watch an entire movie about Coleman F. Sweeney. & the fact that Will Arnett narrates it is just the icing on the cake.
  17. It's good to know that TJ's got something lined up (rather it's this or something else entirely).
  18. YAY!!!!!! PICTURES!!!!!!!! THANKS A MILLION for posting these, Mike!! Love seeing all of you having such a great time! A RAW booth would be a one-stop shop for all my needs. I'd go broke.
  19. Wow, Mike! It sure sounds like you had quite an AMAZING time. Thrilled for ya, buddy! That's cool you got to meet Norman, too. I saw a pic of him with TJ. I'm soooooooo jealous of Norman now. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful memories with us! They're always fun to read about.
  20. Well, it's a long ways off, but here's something to keep us entertained... SEASON 2 TRAILER!!
  21. I don't know too many details about this project. But apparently, our TJ is attached to co-star in it: https://worldfilmgeek.com/2016/06/13/jane-acevedo-join-the-incurables/ It'll be the directorial debut of screenwriter Jack Reher (Into the Grizzly Maze). Tom Sizemore produces & stars. Kirk Acevedo is also attached to this project. If anyone can find any more info about this film (especially TJ's involvement), please post it on here in this thread.
  22. & I fell off my chair. What a treat! Can't wait!
  23. Awesome!! Yes, indeed, our fine forum leader Weber had posted that amazing shot from last year for our viewing pleasure. I was kinda hoping the group shot would become an annual SDCC tradition. Plus, I thought it'd be too much to ask for various shots of everyone, so one group shot seemed the most simple & less time-consuming. But, by all means, please take as many photos as you want & share as many as you can with us.
  24. Obviously, this movie didn't come out May 30th. They pushed back the release date. NEW US RELEASE DATE: NOVEMBER 11th, 2016 -- Veterans Day! I participated in an AMA on Reddit with one of the film's stars -- Currie Graham -- yesterday. He wasn't sure when the movie is coming out, but he hopes it will come out with a wide release on this day. We can only dream.
  25. Thanks for the info, Mike! That's awesome! Now you or anyone else doesn't have to capture every second of the CON in a picture, but can you please make sure someone snaps at least ONE GROUP PHOTO of all you guys together? Pretty please with sugar & a cherry on top?
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