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  1. Last month, I attended another HorrorHound Weekend. I know. It's taken me awhile to sit down & write about it, but...here it goes. COREY FELDMAN - The only person we had to wait in line for was Corey (over an hour). He's....interesting. He's a nice guy; very polite & appreciative. But he kind of lives in his own world. He's trying to maintain a certain persona -- him & his angels. I just feel like his handler (who is Captain A-hole btw) protects him too much. He'd be so much better off if he ran things himself. Or had more control. It's a little sad really. My mom bought an autographed CD & a selfie with him (waaaaaaaay overpriced), considering Corey was wearing a hood & sunglasses. That's right. It's like even at a meet & greet convention, he doesn't want to be recognized. ? Go figure. But we did get to briefly discuss his music with him & my mom gave him gifts (an angel ornament & a James Dean T-shirt). He really liked his gifts & said, "Thank you." ☺ Different, strange experience. But we knew in advance to expect weirdness. JAMISON NEWLANDER - aka...my favorite Frog bro. from THE LOST BOYS. He's so nice & humble. I got to discuss his short films that he's written & directed & starred in with him. He was really impressed that I've seen those. ? I took a pic with him for $10. It was such a pleasure to meet him. PAUL DAVIS - Very charming man. British, too! I could listen to him talk all day every day. (might have a bit of a crush on him...shhh...?). But I was just really impressed with him. He's the author of "Lost in the Shadows" which is a really amazing book about THE LOST BOYS. He was supposed to have brought copies to sign, but the first prints sold out & the 2nd prints hadn't shipped in time. Oh well. Hoping he'll get added again so I can buy that book from him. He did have a copy of it at his table & he let me look at it cover to cover. ☺ He's also an actor; he appeared in a DR. WHO episode, which my brother loves so much. We all got autographs & pics with him. His price? $5!! That's it! What a bargain! ? Totally worth your time to chat with him. If you ever see this handsome fellow at a con, make sure you say "Hello." ? TIM CAPPELLO - Such a friendly guy! Very appreciative & generous. He sings the song "I Still Believe" in THE LOST BOYS. Fans of the film might know him has the saxophone player. He even had his saxophone with him! ? My mom was impressed by him, so she took pics with Tim who was wearing his outfit from the movie. It's nice when performers embrace the fandom that surrounds them. & Tim was definitely happy to meet all of his fans. ? G TOM MAC - Brilliant, talented, & super kind man! ? Fans of THE LOST BOYS would know his song "Cry Little Sister," which is one of my favorite movie theme songs. He's done music for other movies (The Lonely Guy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Chasing Amy), but you can tell he's passionate about these vampires most of all. It was so great to talk to him about his LOST BOYS MUSICAL, which he's been working on for years. He's really proud of it. He even showed us pics of the cast on his phone. We talked about the movie & creative process behind developing his music, as well. He's just so fascinating. I bought a signed CD from him & got a picture with him (all for $30). Then, out of the kindness of his heart & because of my shared passion for his project, he gave me a bonus signed picture. My mom took a pic with him, too. Again, that selfie just cost $10. We visited him later in the day, because my brother wanted to go back and get a pic with him. GTM wanted to take a group shot with all of us on his phone, because he loves to have pics of him with his fans, so he can piece together collages. ? So cool! NESTOR CARBONELL - The sweetest gentlemen! ??? As a devoted fan of LOST & mega fan of THE DARK KNIGHT (it's my top favorite movie of all-time afterall), meeting Nestor was a BIG deal for us. He's actually the main reason why we attended this con. We thought he'd be so popular, we'd barely have time to talk to him, but for some reason, he didn't have a line. So as soon as we got to the room & found his table, we just walked over & waited behind one pair of people. That's it! I was hoping for a line, so I could breathe & gather my thoughts. But nope. I was nervous about meeting him. He's Richard! He's the Mayor of Gotham City! Ahhhh....But, thankfully, Nestor is super kind. My mom gave him a James Dean shirt, too. He was so touched to receive a gift. We had such a great conversation with him about is past work & upcoming projects, including a movie he's set to direct. He told us that he was getting ready to direct an episode of THE GOOD DOCTOR, which stars his BATES MOTEL co-star & real life friend Freddie Highmore, so that was cool to learn. He really pays attention to you when you're talking to him. Such a great listener! & very humble, too. We all got autographs & pics with him. He had a $60 combo deal, which is the most I've ever spent on one person, but Nestor is worth it. Trust me. ? Well, thank you so much for reading about our experiences. As always, if you ever attend a con & want to talk about it, please feel free to share your memories here. For those interested in seeing any of my pics, please visit my Instagram page: (I no longer have a way to post pics on here since Photobucket stopped allowing 3rd party sharing on its basic accounts) Also, if you have an IG acct., please follow me on there, & I will follow all of you wonderful RAWarriors back.
  2. Awesome photos! TJ looks & sounds great in this role. Very exciting to see TJ in another role in which he can deliver an outstanding performance. Hope I can watch it! I love the heart-pounding 1922 trailer!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3E_fT0aTsjI
  3. Back on August 18th, my family & I had the pleasure of enjoying Kiefer Sutherland & his band in concert, again. It was a FREE show, & we got to experience all of the magic from the front row!! ? It was BEYOND AMAZING! Even better than before. Plus, Kiefer performed some new songs from an album he's currently working on. We even got to watch his soundcheck. ? We bought more KSB goodies (hoodie, handkerchief, shot glass, hat, t-shirt). It was my first time going to my state fair, & it was also extra special for Kiefer & co. because it was their first state fair concert. How cool! It was such a memorable day. ??? https://www.indystar.com/picture-gallery/entertainment/2017/08/19/kiefer-sutherland-at-2017-indiana-state-fair/104747570/ See if ya can spot us in these pics! ?
  4. SEASON 2 is now available on Blu-ray/DVD (US)!! So now you can own & relive every moment of this phenomenal series again & again. It's a must-have addition to your TJ collection.
  5. So many fond memories!! Raffi -- Hope you have fun at Motor City Comic Con!! Can't wait to see your pics!
  6. Here ya go, Raffi (& anyone else with eyeballs)!
  7. Shame to hear TJ's role isn't that big. But I still want to see it. Not sure if it's already been released in the US, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  8. From what I gather, the delay is just a strategic marketing move to make the film a summer blockbuster, which I think it should be released as such, anyways.
  9. We had a blast at Indiana Comic Con!! I was pretty impressed with how things were handled (except for the media guest area). Otherwise, everything else seemed to run smoothly. I think going on a Sunday & a holiday (it was Easter Sunday after all) helped keep the crowd feel less overcrowded. There were plenty of attendees but also lots of space and breathing room. There was so much to see! Too much, actually! Ha! I wish I had gotten to visit more of the vendors, but there just wasn't enough time to do everything. We did spend awhile shopping at the DOCTOR WHO booth. My brother is a huge fan, & he was able to make some cool purchases there. We really want to visit their actual store (it's in Indiana, too). So that's going on the bucket list for sure. The only media guest we met was Sean Maguire. We didn't have to wait too long to see him; we just had to wait for him to return from his panel. I'll admit; I was a little in awe of seeing him up close in person. I've been following his career since OFF CENTRE (a short-lived series on the WB). Plus, he's English & just so handsome & charming. I bought his autograph for $40. I wanted to get a pic with him, but he wasn't doing "selfies." I thought it never hurts to ask, so I asked him if he would please take a pic with me? I even offered to pay extra. But he told me he'd get in trouble if he did, yet if we did it in quickly, we could. So I got to take the pic with him. Then I wished him a "Happy Early Birthday" (his Bday was going to be 2 days later) , & he thanked me then hugged me. I was pretty happy with the time I got with him. I even got to bring up the time he X'd Jamie Kennedy. When we first arrived, our main focus was to line up for THE PUNISHER panel with Tim & Gerry Conway. This being a comic con & all, I seriously thought there would be a long line for their Q&A. I guess I don't understand fandoms. At 10:30am (panel was scheduled for 11:20am), we were the line! No volunteer or anyone was watching the door. People could just come & go as they please. So after the panel before theirs ended, we just walked in & took our seats (front row, baby!). For the first 10 min, I was worried we'd be the only ones attending the panel. Thankfully, someone who isn't related to us showed up. He asked which panel we we're waiting on......PUNISHER........Good......because there wasn't a sign. What!? We saw the sign. We even took pics of the sign (soon to be evidence). Then the moderator showed up, & he also wanted to make sure he was in the right room. Yup. RM 143. He also said that there wasn't a sign up. Apparently, someone stole it! Someone just took Sunday's schedule & left Friday/Saturday's. But we had pics & showed the moderator; he thought it was the strangest thing. I started getting nervous......Maybe the panel was canceled? But more people started showing up. Then Gerry arrived. He's so laid-back & cool. He even saw me taking pics of him & looked up to pose for one. & when Tim perfectly showed up right on time, the real fun began. It was a great panel. Both Tim & Gerry got to talk about how they got started in comics. The moderator had done his research, so he sounded prepared. Gerry kept directing many of his answers at me & my brother, so I made sure to pay extra attention to him when he was talking. Otherwise, I would've just stared up at Tim. I did snap some photos during the panel, but I didn't want to take too many so I could actually live in the moment of watching these two PUNISHER legends engage with us & each other. I tried my best to not totally geek out, but c'mon.....it was awesome! Eventually, the moderator took questions from fans. Initially, I hadn't planned on asking any questions (all my questions for Tim were mainly RAW-related). But I thought I should stand up & ask something. I had 2 Q's for Gerry, which cracked Tim up. I wanted to ask Tim something, too, but the panel had already gone over. It ended up lasting an hour, which I really appreciated. Despite having a small audience, they still gave us a wonderful Q&A session. Having the smaller crowd worked in our favor; it made it feel more intimate. I just wish someone had recorded it, so I could've posted it for all of your viewing pleasure. After the panel, I went up to Tim and asked him if he knew who I was......Of course. Thank goodness! Well, it has been almost 7 years since I last spoke to him in person, so I didn't just want to assume that he should recognize me. But it's nice to be remembered. We ended up walking with Tim to his table just like we did the last time. It was very reminiscent. Like déjà vu. Then we hung out with Tim at his table for about an hour & a half. Just talking & catching up. I was able to give Tim his gift (that PUNISHER skull I stitched for his Bday now with a long letter of praise painted on the back). Tim read it & gave me a hug. I got to ask about all of those RAW projects on the horizon. Most, as you can guess, have basically been put on an indefinite pause (Tim & Tom are just soooooooo busy). But you'll be happy to know that things are progressing with THE LYCAN & BAD PLANET. Actually, there is some very exciting news RE: BAD PLANET, but I'll let our RAW captains make the announcement (not sure how widely known that info is). We talked a lot about Tom (TJ, if your ears were burning on Easter, now you know why ) & so many other things -- movies, hobbies, & more. Every now & then, a fan or two would come up & get autographs or proofs or originals from Tim. And Tim would kindly engage with everyone, & still keep us involved in his conversations. This one guy had a stack of comics for him to sign, which made me feel less guilty for bringing my own stack of comics for him to sign. Tim has the best stories & memories. That's just a fact. I did buy some artist proofs (one day, I'd love to be able to afford a Bradstreet original) & Tim kindly gave me a sweet RAW deal on those! He signed & personalized each one for me, too. They are gorgeous! My mom was wearing a Marvel comics T-shirt packed full of so many characters from the Marvel universe. But it didn't have THE PUNISHER on it, so she asked Tim if he'd draw a skull for her on the back of her shirt, & of course, he kindly obliged. He even signed & personalized that, too! It looks so awesome!! That made my mom's day for sure. We took pics with Tim. That was too fun! Tim makes everything regular way more fun! He even took a pic of me & my family. Which seemed only fair....We took lots of pics with & of Tim that day. I added 'em all up; we took over 100 pics! I just happened to glance over & notice that Gerry was packing his stuff up; he was getting ready to leave. So I had to quickly go over to see catch him before he left for good. I wanted to buy a comic from him, but he had already put those away. So I just had him sign a PUNISHER Anniversary magazine (Tim signed that, too). & I got to tell him that LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT is my favorite procedural show (he was a writer on some episodes). He said that was fun to do. I even got him to take a picture with me. I wish I had gotten a chance to pick his brain longer; I didn't realize he was going to leave at 2. Gerry left his luggage for a bit then came back. I asked him if I could get a picture with him & Tim. Thankfully, he took the time to do it. Yay! It's quite a little keepsake. Eventually, we left Tim so he could go take his break. This was when we went over to see Sean Maguire. Afterwards, we went & too our own little snack break. But then, it was back to Tim's table for another hour of discussions. My brother bought a print from him, & we got to take a family photo with Tim. We said our goodbyes & left Tim's area with a half hour of the con left to go. So we revisited the DOCTOR WHO booth for more shopping & browsed a few other vendors. We just had such a great time. Tim, thank you for another incredible day! & thank you RAWarriors for reading about my experience! STAY TUNED FOR PICS!!
  10. PRISON BREAK is back & feels just as exciting as always! & it sure feels nice seeing T-bag, again. Although, I'm not sure how a guy like that got released from prison. ? But hey, even though the show loves faking deaths, it still provides many edge-of-your seat thrills. ?
  11. Awesome! Nice to see this movie coming together.
  12. Yup. That's one way of putting it. Wish I could post more here, but I'll wait until everyone gets a fair chance to watch this season for themselves. But it should be noted that THE EXPANSE got renewed for a 3rd season. ☺
  13. HAPPY 48TH BIRTHDAY, THOMAS JANE!!! I love you with my heart, mind, & soul!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ1IVcLD4Mo/?taken-by=rosellaweigand -- Rosella @}->-->---
  14. Sooooooooo......today is our RAW captain TJ's Bday.....& even though he hasn't been on RAW lately (he's a busy busy man), I still think he's worth celebrating on his day of birth, as well as, any other time of year. So if you have anything special you wish to post today on his birthday, please go right ahead & POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE! Or maybe you want to draw or paint or sculpt or sketch him something later this year (or whenever you get a chance), POST A PHOTO RIGHT HERE, TOO! & yes, writing is accepted, as well. So if you want to write a quick message or shower him with compliments or write him a poem, then please (oh please) POST IT RIGHT HERE! We have many artists among us....Show us your Thomas Jane-related art! And who knows?......Maybe one day, Tom will actually see it. (& wouldn't that be cool to have him return to the boards & find a bunch of artwork made by all of us that was inspired by him & his work?) So let's show some love for TJ! He deserves every bit.
  15. It does feel like TJ is becoming more a part of the central storylines this season, which is so cool. Plus, he himself seems to be more engaged with the show. He's still live-tweeting episodes.
  16. TIM BRADSTREET has been added as a guest @ INDIANA COMIC CON!!!!!! :D (April 14-16th, 2017) http://indianacomiccon.com
  17. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, TIM !!! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful celebration!!! ?
  18. USS INDIANAPOLIS is out on DVD (in the US)! Buy your copy wherever movies are still sold!
  19. Very powerful film, Brian! Thanks for posting it on here!
  20. Yup. THE EXPANSE IS BACK!!! Our TJ even Livetweeted the event (how adorable)!
  21. I haven't seen it out yet for the US or even come across a new set release date for it.
  22. Very exciting news!! Thanks for confirming for us!
  23. Rosella

    I JUST...

    ...wanted to wish everyone on here (lurking about somewhere) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!! Hope to hear from all of you next year!!
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