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  1. Awesome pics!! ? TJ's lookin' GREAT!! Not sure how long this will be up, but here's the full episode of Conan featuring the cast/director of THE PREDATOR: http://teamcoco.com/node/104163 Enjoy!!
  2. Rosella


    I saw the trailer of this movie as a preview before ANT-MAN AND THE WASP last week!! Even seeing those brief moments of TJ on the big screen made me smile. & yes, I was definitely the most excited person watching this trailer in the whole theater. To be fair, they probably shouldn't have screened the trailer of BUMBLEBEE back-to-back with it, but oh well.
  3. You're welcome! Happy to read that! Awesome characters! I especially love the looks of The Trickster & The Albino. Please keep us posted on your relaunch.
  4. Wow! To go from Baldwin to Jane is quite a difference. I wonder why Baldwin decided to not play the role.
  5. Thank you for taking the time, Geoff!!! Hopefully, I'll have more stories to share with you next month, because KIEFER SUTHERLAND IS ATTENDING HORRORHOUND WEEKEND INDY (Aug. 25/26th)!!! ...But I'm trying to remain calm & cool about it.
  6. Rosella


    "isn't old enough to be retro" Good one! Some stuff might go over her head, but it's still a fun watch.
  7. Rosella


    Ha! That's terrific. I was about her age when I first saw THE PUNISHER in theaters, but DEEP BLUE SEA is much more teen-friendly, I'd say. Kudos to her for recognizing him! SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD would be another one she could see. As you know, it's just a cameo, but it's one of his best cameos.
  8. You should be able to view it online, at least.
  9. It should be a memorable experience for the fans attending. I wouldn't mind going to the BREAKING BAD reunion, as well.
  10. Ha! Not sure how they get permission to do that, but it happens. Sometimes, the end results look like mock-ups.
  11. Hey, Geoff & Mike (& any lurkers)! ;-) On June 24th, my family & I went to our 2nd Days Of The Dead convention in Indy. It was AWESOME! Being a Sunday & all, the atmosphere was very laid back. We didn’t have to wait in any lines to meet the people we wanted. Actually, at one point, it felt like it was just us, the volunteers, & the celebrity guests in the room; as if we were at some VIP meet & greet. Do you like reading long stories? If yes, read on: TED RAIMI: If you didn’t already know by now, I love Ted Raimi! Too much? Maybe. But he’s an incredibly tal
  12. That's fantastic! Hope Conan asks TJ a couple of good questions.
  13. Wow! She looks amazing! Love the emotion in her eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! Hope you've been doing well.
  14. Bummer. Well, if you see TJ & TB, please tell them that we said, "Hi" & miss their RAW presence dearly. & give them both great, big hugs from both of us, too (or pats on the their backs if you're not much of a hugger). That's awesome that you'll get to help out at Carpenter's booth!! Have an epic blast, Mike!!
  15. Still gotta love every scene we can get. Oooooohhhh....That sounds like quite an experience. Very cool that you got to do that. Please share all you can when you can. & it's so nice to read from you, again. Hope all has been going well in your world!
  16. I like when movies film outside of LA. I also think it's great that David Krumholtz is a part of this cast. I've always liked him.
  17. Rosella


    I think you're right, though. & it will pay off even more if he gets other jobs because of it (just as long as they don't typecast him). Have your kids seen any of his movies?
  18. We can only hope that he's in more than two scenes, but it's pretty cool that they used his audio to narrate a portion of the trailer.
  19. https://cinando.com/en/Film/hour_of_lead_307978/Detail#informations It's in pre-production, so we won't know a lot. But it looks like Anne Heche is also set to star in it. I'm guessing that poster is just a quick mock-up. Not sure from where they 'borrowed' Fishburne's image, but TJ's looks like it came from THE MUTANT CHRONICLES.
  20. Thanks for the warning. Just saved myself some money.
  21. Another movie!? Whoa. He's keeping busy, isn't he? Nice to hear TJ's take on it. Thanks for that exclusive!
  22. AWESOME trailer! Great interview! TJ tells it like it is, & that's what I love about him.
  23. Rosella


    Awwwww......that looks like a fun movie to see. I doubt TJ will have a big part in it, but he doesn't do too many family movies, so it's just nice to see his name on the poster for one.
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