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  1. HAPPIEST 43rd BIRTHDAY, ARIANE!!! Wishing you a fabulous and delightfully amazing Bday!!
  2. HAPPIEST 46th BIRTHDAY, @Geoff !!! Wishing you a wonderfully special Bday celebration with your girls! ❤
  3. Even a light dusting for AMDFASH is good enough for me. (really hoping they'll keep that title)
  4. TJ briefly discussed AMDFASH in this Q&A I found yesterday: Spoiler Country HaHa! Exactly! It seems like he's always years ahead of everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if more westerns get released by other studios, as well.
  5. Thank you so much, Mark!! Niiicccee. Can't wait!
  6. This. Is. Happening!!!!!!!! Production is set to begin NEXT YEAR!! Very interested in learning who the new cast will be. (Renegade is really making all of our RAW dreams come true)
  7. Here's a great Q&A with TJ!! Spoiler Country He discusses comics, his favorite artists, DARK COUNTRY, THE LYCAN, and other upcoming Renegade Entertainment productions (including one I am next level excited about!!), etc. Enjoy!
  8. Rosella


    ❤ Delighted to read that! I heard that they had Harlow audition for the role & that TJ was blown away by her acting skills.
  9. Love that THE LYCAN is moving forward! When they say 6 issues...Will they be released separately or as a volume? Or both?
  10. Money. Always money. But the misspellings -- C'mon...they're not even trying with those.
  11. Rosella


    ** NEW EXCITING RENEGADE PROJECT ALERT ** Thomas Jane is teaming with his daughter Harlow Jane for the indie thriller DIG! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/thomas-jane-teams-with-daughter-harlow-for-thriller-dig-exclusive TJ is also gonna be an executive producer on DIG with Courtney Lauren Penn via Renegade Entertainment. Principal photography begins later this month in New Mexico. I'm really excited about this one!! Just the other day, I was wondering when they would star in a film together.
  12. Welcome back to the boards, Mark!! Thanks for checking in! So nice to read from you again on here! I have full confidence you're gonna deliver an outstanding Malone sequel for us fans. Hope you & yours are doing well! Please use this space as a Production Diary blog once things get up & running. & keep staying safe!! ❤
  13. So relieved TJ got his Instagram back. I keep getting more fake ones following me & DMing me. IG removed some but also lets others slide by, when they shouldn't.
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