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  1. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself, I actually posted elsewhere before I noticed this thread-my bad!I am a massive fan of TJ, I think he's a really engaging actor and doesn't hurt that he's ridiculously hot too. Name: Ethel Location: Boulder, CO Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): Horse back riding, writing, clothes (i'm a personal stylist), wine.. lots of wine, and I like doing a lot of traveling. When did you first become a fan of Tom's?: Punisher! When I saw that I thought "who is this gorgeous guy?" since then I've watched everything he's been in except mutant chronicles, I finally got around to seeing Tripper, it was on shotime the other night, didn't really like it as a whole but I thought his character was funny "hey! no having sex in the woods!" What are your favourite Tom-related films?: of course punisher! But I also really love stander, deep blue sea, and the velocity of gary. What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are your most anticipating?: To be honest I don't really have any interest in comics, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Dark Country, although I'm sad just read an interview saying how bad he felt that it will be going straight to DVD in oct In what film role do you like Tom best? I thought he was really amazing in Stander, it was one of the most fully fleshed out roles I've seen him in- and he looked really good. I have to include The Crow even though he was in it very briefly, he was hilarious with his wig falling off, I always tune in to that movie just for that scene How much have you seen of his Filmography: I've seen almost everything listed on imbd except for mutant-oh, and I lent my copy of Thursday to a friend of mine about 7mos ago and she couldn't stop saying how hot the sex/rape scene was and now claims it's "disappeared" so i'm probably going to have to track down another copy of it. biotch
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    hi, I'm a new, well, returning tj fan since spamelot on this site and thomasjane.org. Just wondering does anyone else feel like poor ray is in for a world of hurt with that jemma (insert swears) lady? ps why does tj only keep getting hotter with age and I don't?
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