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  1. "THE BOOK OF ELI" HITS BLU-RAY AND DVD JUNE 15 The Blu-ray will be a BD/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack. No MSRP yet. Special features include: * Maximum Movie Mode (yay!) (BD exclusive) * The Lost Tales (motion comics) * "Starting Over" featurette * Attitus Ross soundtrack featurette * Eli's Journey (I think this is probably the HBO First Look, not 100% sure) * Additional/Deleted Scenes
  2. Well said, TB. I'm actually quite pleased with how we did critically; I always kinda suspected that the film would polarize critics and it did indeed split them right down the middle but when the dust settled we had enough major critics (Ebert, Roeper, Rex Reed, NY Times, SF Chronicle, Hollywood Reporter, Time, Newsweek, NY Post, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and about 50 others) give us a thumbs-up that I can't complain. More importantly, audiences overwhelmingly responded to the movie - 80%+ positive by every metric we have, which is great, and I've received so many messages from people w
  3. Thought this was kinda interesting, some before and after VFX shots: original footage: http://hatchfx.com/matte-paintings.php?dir...C002_030518.jpg post-CGI: http://hatchfx.com/matte-paintings.php?dir...00001_00799.mov A whole bunch of other VFX shots here: http://hatchfx.com/matte-paintings.php?dir...i&year=2009
  4. That's pure Hughes. For an even more geeky reference, one of the rooftop snipers is actually holding Don Johnson's rifle from A Boy and His Dog.
  5. Couple of TV notes: Denzel Washington will be on The Jay Leno Show (NBC, 10pm) to talk about the movie, I imagine they will show a clip. Also, there is an "HBO First Look" (13-minute behind the scenes preview) tonight at 10:45pm. Full listings here: http://www.hbo.com/apps/schedule/Sch...OCUS_ID=716269
  6. Some nice advance word from Latino Review: http://www.latinoreview.com/news/10-reason...great-year-8889
  7. Three new TV spots: (my favorite)
  8. The official site has just been totally relaunched. Now opens with a new trailer (my favorite one so far) and features a bunch of new stuff including new images, downloadable wallpapers, concept art with storyboard-to-screen comparisons (check out that feature in "The Look of Eli", it's pretty cool how they've done it), synopsis, production notes, a post-apocalyptic survival guide (!) and other cool stuff. You can also listen to the main title theme from the movie in its entirety, just click on any of the items across the top menu bar. www.bookofelimovie.com Some of the new ima
  9. First two TV spots! New footage! Trailer voice guy!
  10. Interview with The Hughes Brothers from COMPLEX magazine, including a new photo: http://www.complex.com/blogs/2009/12/16/co...d-allen-hughes/
  11. My girlfriend has been teaching me about trending topics on Twitter so I can deploy its awesome 140-character power in service of shameless self-promotion. So if anyone is twittering about the movie, the official trending topic is #thebookofeli
  12. You're not wrong! I've heard other people say that too.
  13. Three new character posters just debuted online, you should be seeing these banners in theater lobbies and elsewhere soon. Also, Alex at firstshowing.net has posted the first hint of a review to appear online: http://www.firstshowing.net/2009/12/09/che...he-book-of-eli/
  14. For those interested in the soundtrack, it will be out on Jan 12 on Reprise Records. There will also be a special edition on iTunes including remixed tracks, and a double vinyl album too! Damn, I gotta buy a turntable!
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