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  1. i voted #1 and i range in the [34-40] bracket. it's just bubble gum eye candy, where we can have a chuckle at peeps getting massacred at the hands of the title character - which the writer and director used the simple formula and follwed the easy classic Punisher outline. imo, this has to be better than Tomas Jane's Punisher.
  2. thx for the reply TIm! and yes, I'm a fan of your Heresy work from the Maximum Black, both HC and SC I proudly own and treasure. ...and the mag Inquest helped a little too.
  3. oh plz plz plz let there be your Heresy work within this book.
  4. just viewed the new trailer, and i must say it looks pretty good.
  5. Ray Park is sooo underated. to this day iam shocked beyond shocked that they (movie producers etc.) didnt whore his ass post darth maul.
  6. i liked the first hulk movie. ang lee's direction was like whoa cool.
  7. Time and Tide by Hark Tsui. some very beautiful moments of gunplay within. IMO Tsui best work ever.
  8. years ago when Glenn Danzig was mentioned to play the role of Wolverine i was giddy. i still get that way to this day.
  9. stick a fork in him...he's done. he should just do small cameos like in donnie darko, where we can stomach him in small doses.
  10. HARD CORE LOGO - the greatest rock and roll movie ever...and it came from Canada!
  11. when i was a kid, my pops took me to see a steve mcqueen double bill (bullit / blob) @ a grindhouse theater. it was my first introduction to the man, and all these years i havent forgotten that particular day.
  12. Crispin Glover Justin Theroux Bela Lugosi Bruce Campbell The Reservoir Dogs: Harvey Keitel Tim Roth Michael Madsen Chris Penn Steve Buscemi Lawrence Tierney Quentin Tarantino
  13. FEAST this horror flick is my most recent release that has a strong cult following, yet failed the mainstream. fast paced blood and guts, with the horror humour for us the viewer, not it's hapless victims. what i admired the most was the non use of cgi. a classic throw-back to the 80's horror.
  14. Red Sky Diary echoes my noggin'
  15. the cover is off the heezy for reezy. its all about the black and white. reminds me when i fell in love with your art back in the WW days.
  16. for zombie love guns and a swift kick to the balls... everything from Brian Keene.
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