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  1. thx for the pic! its gold man! pure fucking gold!
  2. One of my top 5 favorite artists! seems to be a forgotten art, but much like you Tim, Mike does beautiful backgrounds, and the little details within the panels. You guys can capture endless awe moments per panel and cover.
  3. Im basicly the same way with anybody that resembles Jughead...
  4. Tim, if ever in the need of an authentic Canuck to pose, look no further... GRRR!
  5. as long as Ennis says so!
  6. fanboys of this upcomig Punisher flick are hyped, BUT are not saying its the second coming... IF, IF! this flick does come out to the theaters, and does well, where does that leave you Log? keep on fighting the good fight...
  7. Statham superhero yes, but as a lawyer?
  8. ...and a little dab here, and a little dab there.
  9. releasing a post Dark Knight flickage is a some-what marketing smartmanship... the peeps will be hungry for something ala comic concrete jungle thuggary... like it or no, thats what they'll get.
  10. I loves me a good ol' heated discussion, but hijacking threads and post-whoring hearsay and contradictions is lame. Back to topic... Microchip! BAM!
  11. im a mike baron, janson, romita jr., etc. fan of the Punisher. guess that makes me a bozo in your eyes, but it's just my fav PUn. and it seems its going to hit the screens that way. yay. (edit.)
  12. i will only have to assume that Ennis is the one behind the Punisher's total facelift in the 04 movie, hence i didnt like. WarZone has him back in NY and back to basics which i like (note i didnt say yay for spandex) btw i have nothing against anybody who dug the direction it was trying to go, im just babbling here trying to see your view...
  13. was th '04 Punisher loosly based on Ennis' run?
  14. guess you never read Batman Year one.
  15. you're comparing or wanting the Punisher to be a Dark Knight. you can thank Miller for getting the ball rolling. Ennis had his chance, and it seems he dropped the ball.
  16. what Miller did for Batman cannot be compared to Ennis' vision. further more peeps want to see the white gloved spandex wearing Pun? show me the quote...
  17. - im sure we will. - and we are left not disappointed.
  18. your want "realism"?? usually in a senario like the Punisher, we're talking about a low body count and a self inflicted gunshot to the head. that doesnt sell keychains. if the movie resembles the comicbook...have fun.
  19. i can go with the "dark" concept. but what the hell is realisim for a comicbook character?
  20. id accept Tiger Shark as the main baddy as oppose to a wrestler playing a...wrestler?? and a scientologist (which is the ultimate evil but in a bad way)
  21. oh BAM! but that cheese burg looks a hella better than John Travolta.
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