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  1. uh yeah, the nit picking here is to the point of ridiculousness.
  2. thx for all the links peeps! used to watch this series back in the ol' dial-up days, and it was worth every goddamned second/per hour wait!
  3. hated Norton simply because (back when...) the tele used to whore his performance with Rchard Gear...don't know the name of the flick and don't care... BUT when I saw Fight Club...whoa baby and yeah, I voted once. as for this film, yes, looking forward to it. too bad Carnahan not directing, but I dig this dude's body of work nontheless.
  4. COOL BEANS! I'm getting all euphoric here knowing the bits and pieces of this film will be dropped RIGHT HERE! that teaser is the shit! its now my wallpaper... BRAVADO GUYS!
  5. funny. precious X-Men #1 was filmed here (2-3 Vancouver), also Norton's Hulk - both "fake-ass NYC" that nobody seemed to mind. i could list a bunch of flicks that Toronto stands in for NY...some may surprise I really don't know why Toronto of all places (yes it's all about $$$), but I find it comical.
  6. thats fluoresant. and no, NYC is not flooded in neon...
  7. if this flick should squeeze the term "successful", really seriously where does that leave all those mad critics?
  8. so now Donnie is playing the bad-ass in a revival of a tweeny boy band? haha! something tells me he's making more bread than his combined acting career.
  9. I wish I could answer that, but I'm just a fella standing on the outside hoping for the best.
  10. MikeV my gut feeling is that the rubber head thingy will be fixed... if not, I'll be your gimp.
  11. from what i've seen, trailer and the movie posters + stills, don't know how you came to all selected above? script is fine, not like Im joefuckingOscarscriptwriter or anything... cast is hot director, Lexi, trumps heinsleighn when it comes to street cred...plus she's megahawt cartoony? not from what the posters scream. cater to young adults...I love the youth... bad special effects...well that should be judged on the final release, not from the shady looking comicon trailer violence is good.
  12. the next Punisher? me... or Tony Danza.
  13. _C_

    I JUST...

    ^ my kind of fella.
  14. John Wayne's The Cowboy's happen to see this movie on a fluke, and i was left breathless... simply put, boys face manhood by who better than John Wayne... movie also features (imo) one of the best villian ever to grace the screen played by Bruce Dern.
  15. _C_

    I JUST...

    googled Gatlinburg... purdy.
  16. Romero and Brian Keene have shared discussion tables in the past. I figured a relationship would have morphed for the two to make one bad-ass zombie spectacular... but no. a zombie road movie that NEEDS to be made!
  17. really enjoyed the film... and the little unexpected bits like Cillian Murphy and info behind Jokers Glasgow grin
  18. _C_

    I JUST...

    during the Kid's last season of filming, I spammed the CBC telling them my kid brother has cancer, and one of his last wishes was tickets to be apart of the live studio audience. I'm still on hold...
  19. _C_

    I JUST...

    just woke up a tad while ago, and I feel great! Lastnights fests- went to The Toronto Maple Leafs game...and they won. Good looking team we got this year. plotted out a new story, worked out some sketches that pleased me as oppose to ending up in the recycle box...high hopes here... possibly found a cure for the common household hangover without ending up with a slight case of death! woo-hoo!
  20. HARD CORE LOGO 4 guys - 5 nights - 3000 miles - 764 gallons of gas - 987 bottles of beer - 3457 cigarettes - 1 last shot. Canada's greatest film ever! This flick is the epitome of non-mainstream due to missing the festivals, shame. But I guarantee this film will have you laughing, pulse pounding, and the all mighty inevitable "whoa cool' ending.
  21. _C_

    I JUST...

    drank the shit out of drinking...
  22. and the world record for one using the word "cheese" in a single thread...
  23. argh! HappyBelatedWelcomeAboard2uTrudell! I pinch myself for my ever growing slackisum...
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