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  1. the one and only saving grace in the Maple Leafs stinking tonight, made me tune into COPS and saw the WARZONE trailer!...and ahhh, looks even awesome-r-er-er.
  2. looks great. can't wait. must go... and masturbate.
  3. yes, ive been saying this all along, how anyone judge the flick when all that was offered was a pile of dailies...i also said that post production would be visually better.
  4. the character design is badass, can't say the same for their Bill and Ted personality.
  5. thx for the heads up justaguy...you made my day... and yeah, the carrot was a bit too much for me...but just a bit!
  6. just the whole over the top action not to be taken serious, but just eye candy for us to sit back and enjoy the BOOM. im just going by the miniscule trailers out there, and they offer nothing but.
  7. you're not alone swebb51, im so looking forward to this flick. ... the chandelier scene reminds me of Boondock Saints. as a matter a fact, WARZONE reeks of BoondockSaints, and thats a good thing.
  8. keep up the good fight! and thx!
  9. Ray looks fine... a massive build and armor would not work. too bulky, limited movement etc. remember Schwarzenegger as mr. freeze?...crapolla!
  10. spam bots are not buddies...
  11. _C_


    thx for that clip...beautiful...i also dig how the smashing pumpkin tune goes with the flow of the scenes.
  12. _C_


    actually it wasn't a drive-by, dude walked up and blasted him sitting in his car. totally inexcusable, and pathetic.
  13. well that may be true (but i cant see any smalltime director passing on a big project like this...I just can't.), but im in her corner wisher her the best, and hoping this flick does well to further her career.
  14. too bad smart comedics' are fucking ugly.
  15. sounds cool. the plot reminds me of the twilight zone episode where the little kid wishes peeps to the corn field.
  16. yes, im guilty of loving the regurgitation progress...
  17. no matter how you dice it, in the thick of it all there will always be a politically incorrect use of a weapon and ones dexterity. John Woo has proved this time and again. to be so critical is daft. side note: Thomas Logan going to Warzone makes me smile. I also take it that this flick will have a theatrical release? w00t! ahh, also looking forward to the review...finally some substance!
  18. despite all the latter hubbub, thank LGF one must give props where props are due.
  19. _C_


    rappers and movies do not belong. period. it's very un-Tarantino.
  20. crap or no crap...considering this would be Ray Stevenson's big northamerican debut movie, lead role and all, you honestly cannot blame the man for taking the job.
  21. _C_

    I JUST...

    watched WISHMASTER... loved it to bits, even the end credits with Motorhead's "listen to your heart" blasting.
  22. Thomas Jane ruled this flick...it might of been a small part, but made me a fan. loved his character...swagger and spoken tone, all in all his on-screen presence. and that bad-ass handlebar moustache kicked ass.
  23. makes me wonder why Garth Ennis never stepped up (or was even suggested) to write the holiest of holy Punisher script. hmm, I guess having a big named high priced academy award actor (keanu) swayed his decision.
  24. best of luck to you Fred Doss on your future endeavours and such... as like you, I never came here with fists, but...ah fuck it. mob rules eh?! -c
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