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  1. Updated the face details on Trickster and Axeman's wife... hated the first pass... these are much closer to the intended characters.
  2. C'mon. Getting Clancey for voicework is easy! He already voices 50% of the world's animation. The other 50%: Phil Lamar. That being said. I approve of this. I love when CG animators realize the power of 3D is not to either simulate reality or duplicate cel-shading but rather to come up with something that actually exploits the advantages of sculpture. This is pure visual win.
  3. At the risk of upsetting the Nolanphiles... I only thought it was good. Well directed. Well acted (with the exception of 3rd Rock from the Sun kid). For the most part visually very impressive (there were some rather unconvincing composites in the Paris dream like the exploding cobble-stone for instance.) I just felt like it was trying way to hard to be a Philip K. Dick style story college students can argue long hours into the night over. *semi-spoiler follows.* I mean during the final shot of the spinning top I half imagined hearing Gaff saying "Too bad she won't live! But then again who does?"
  4. Last night I was given a blu-ray copy of Big Trouble in Little China by someone who knows me well enough to know that I think it's the single greatest work of cinema ever to have graced celluloid. Of course it doesn't take long to know me well enough to know I have this opinion. I pretty much open conversations with it. "Hi! I'm Heath. And I think Big Trouble in Little China is the single greatest work of cinema ever to have grace celluloid." Which is part and parcel to why I don't have many friends, but i digress. Jack asks Wang Chi to clue him into what the deal with LoPan is and Wang Chi offers a vague story about how LoPan was cursed with nods to ancient armies of the dead and monkey sacrifices. And I thought to myself how awesome would it be if someone convinced John Carpenter to do a prequel about the fall of LoPan. And for a minute I thought this was an awesome epic and huge idea. Then I realized that there's almost zero chance today's industry wouldn't turn it into a CG fest with a westerner shoe-horned into the story for white appeal. From cruising the forums here I'm pretty sure many of you have had similar voila-oh crap moments daydreaming about films that could be and I thought it might be fun to share them. So what awesome movie do you hope never gets made and why would it suck?
  5. I'm trying to guard my heart on this one. I want it to be more awesome than the last eggo waffle. But I'm scared sarge.
  6. Sorry I missed it Kiwi. Happy belated and all that.
  7. Like Metal? Like Tuvan throat singers? How about Tuvan Throat Metal woven throughout traditional western score? Have I got the soundtrack to you... I'm LOVING the motion picture score to "Mongol". Score by Thomas Kantellenan with assist by Mongolian folk metal group Altan Urag. It's nothing if not very unique. If you want to sample most of the tracks are up on youtube. Great movie too by the way.
  8. Nice! Love the illo and the trailer. But now I'm confused and having a "where did I see that before moment". The geisha eating dragons... did you get that published? Maybe in a tattoo mag or something? I've seen it and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember where.
  9. Ico and Shadow of the Collosus are two of the most pleasant gaming experiences I've ever had. They are in my humble opinion the most artistic (fuck you Ebert) games I've ever played. So news that Hollywood is going to turn Collosus into a film (written by the dude who brought us "The Legend of Chun Li" no less) has me a little concerned. Let's face it the pacing on this game isn't exactly the kind of thing that Hollywood favors. What say you: hopeful or awaiting inevitable suckage?
  10. I felt the whole thing was rather age inappropriate and perhaps age schizophrenic. The Andy sequences were by and large heavy in a way that seemed incongruous with the rest of the film. The a fore mentioned incinerator, monkey, big baby etc. I dunno. It seemed tedious and long and contrived to me. My least favorite Pixar film since Cars.
  11. Hahaha! Thanks for drawing my attention to that. Awesome!
  12. The Boss isn't in the "Pilot" issue of "The Five Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Dokgebi" but that doesn't diminish his role. Without him there'd be no Five Legendary Sisters. He's the mastermind behind the gang. I'm starting the concepts with him (despite his absence from the most immediate comic) because I don't understand him yet. It's not OK for him just to be a bad-guy for bad-guy's sake. I need him to be the Raz'Al'Gul kind of villain. The sort of guy who when he talks about his ideology you say "Hey this guy's got a point... no wait a minute. He's a DICK!". I find the best way to learn a character's motivation is to draw him/her until he/she finally decides to tell me who they are.
  13. Due to popular demand (OK two of you) I've decided to open this thread dedicated to my progress on "The Five Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Dokgebi". Before anyone asks a Dokgebi is a classical Korean monster akin to an ogre or troll. They typically are horned thugs armed with spiked clubs that horde treasure. In the context of the story it's just the name of a gang... it's not a monster story. The story centers around five women formerly members of "The Laughing Dokgebi". Each has come to an epiphany about the utter wrongness of their previous brigand lifestyle and now seek to do enough good deeds to redeem themselves of their pasts. This is made complicated by the fact that they are all still wanted fugitives but now have the added bonus of being hunted by their former gang as well. They operate from a world of shadows, appearing just long enough to save the day and then disappearing just as quickly as they arrived. They're a punked out cross between the A-Team and Charlie's Angels.
  14. Every good story needs a great villain... ...OK I really need to start that thread.
  15. How about some examples of interior art? I mean as stunning beautiful of a man as you are Doss... I kinda would like to know what I'm buying.
  16. I tried to take a second pass at the sisters. This time I used Korean celebs as photo-reference (well all except for the Axeman's wife... since it's damn near impossible to find fat Korean celebs). Fortunately I suck at portraits... so their real identities are kept secret while the end result is more realistic renders.
  17. I'm working on a pseudo-historical series in my spare time (which I don't really have much to spare incidently) called "The Legend of the Five Sisters of the Dokgebi". In the tradition of films like Tsukiyaki Western Django, Wild Wild West, Jona Hex etc. it's deliberately visually anachronistic but this time set in in Chosun era Korea. If there's enough interest I'll open up a separate thread here dedicated to sketches from the development of the series.
  18. This is only trumped in unnecessary-ness by the Robocop reboot.
  19. Wonder if the studio will allow Dredd to wear his helmet the whole time like Stalone allegedly wanted to.
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