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  1. Man it's nice to see a Bradstreet Punisher cover again. I'm not going to lie I was going through a bit of withdrawal there.
  2. i was so pumped to see this next friday, then i saw the release date list. gotta wait until the 23rd of january now.
  3. thats pretty badass i'm not gonna lie. i too have a bradstreet punisher tat on my leg as well. hopefully i can scrap some more cash together soon because i plan on getting almost a whole sleeve of max covers done up on my leg
  4. holy crap i just saw that some where else and though it was segal too. im really gonna miss tom in this one
  5. ^is that a regulation length mustache i laughed, i cried, i cringed. so glad i got this today
  6. also what about The Good, The Bad, And The Raw
  7. What about The RAWcast (with Tim and Tom of course)
  8. currently reading The Punisher Max/War Journal Playing Catch up with the Criminal Macabre stuff The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin
  9. KGX


    i got half way through this game and my memory card formatted. one of the saddest days of my life. i just havent had the urge to play most my games after that but i started this game again and remembered how much i enjoyed it
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