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  1. No problems with Sunshine at all. I dragged 6 guys from the radio station I work for to the press screening. What really pissed me off, was that the MORON crowd watchin it - ran out of the theatre when it ended. As if they'd been dying to leave. The guy that reviews films for the Miami New Times was sittin next to me and was one of the few people that wasn't desperate to get the fuck out. This thing was artistic and I love the idea of a sci-fi flick reminding me of The Fountain. I watched The Fountain the first day it was out (same day as Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny). I was there for the first show, and there were only 5 people in the whole stadium seating auditorium. People don't know dick about movies Street. The crowd for Sunshine was there cause the thing was free. I do think it was a mistake to advertise it with Murphy on the poster on his own. The movie is clearly led by Murphy and Chris Evans. The Torch's mug on the poster woulda done alot for the 5 minutes this thing played in theatres. I know Boyle and Murphy are basically this generation's John Ford and John Wayne, but this was not a time to leave out the other prominent and more well-known actor in the film from the advertising. No-one in the theatre even knew Chris was in it. Plus the chicks LOVE the guy. Same thing happened with TJ in Punisher. They had to have a poster with Vincent Vega to bring those unacquainted with TJ to the film. Sunshine will have to shine on dvd Street. -TL
  2. The glory of a REAL cop. And once again, the hell with Kurt Sutter. -TL
  3. Almost anything by Mickey Rourke is underrated. For instance, Angel Heart is probably the best devil-related film I've ever seen. And Get Carter may have been a crapola, but watching Mickey beat the shit outta Rocky is a guilty pleasure. To wrap things up with Mickey, Spun was a fuckin surprise attack! Most people in "big budget movieland" have never heard of it or of Jonas Akerlund. I've watched it so many times, the dvd oughtta get scratched already. -TL
  4. I'm up for almost anything on FX J. So I can concur with Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck. Surprised ya didn't mention The Shield. I told about 50 people back in '02 to watch the premiere. I had a feeling about Mike Chiklis. But I must say Kurt Sutter is on my shit list. He fucked up his armenian bad-assness by stickin his nose in the world of vigilantes. "Good cop and the bad cop left for the day. I'm a different kinda cop." -Vic Mackey It never gets old. -TL
  5. So a Jack Dietz movie before a Cal Macdonald movie? I'm think vice-versa. -TL
  6. I'm surprised any other TJ film came up before this one. This one goes pretty far back for him. I had fun watchin this movie. Keanu has got to be the film's unofficial antagonist, he's responsible for Neal's overall downfall. Then again, Neal just didn't know how to say no. A good poster for peer pressure ain't it? Gretchen Mol is cute as hell in this movie, I wouldn't mind doing a makeout scene with her. One day maybe, -TL Thomas Jane is Neal Cassady
  7. THURSDAY is a really good fuckin film. I saw it back in 2000 and it was the first time I stumbled across Jane in a movie. His performance here is probably the best next to The Punisher and Stander. This was 1998 and he owns this movie like if he'd been starring in films for years. THURSDAY is actually his 2nd lead role in a Hollywood picture. This is the only film I can think of that challenges Pulp Fiction. Aaron Eckhart is great in this, Mickey Rourke has a cool cameo and Paulina Porizkova is awesome. Skip Woods did a wonderful job here. -TL
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