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  1. I agree, the thought is terrifying. A PG-13 Punisher movie. Shit. The same goes for the idea of a Punisher movie without Thomas Jane. That thought is just pathetic. The problem is MARVEL won't follow up in the footsteps of 3 "R" rated Punisher movies that failed in many levels. At least to their eyes. Dolph's Punisher went straight to video. Jane's Punisher didn't make MARVEL numbers ($100+ Million). Lexi's Punisher is just ridiculous. MARVEL will go in the direction that MIGHT just work - the kid friendly direction. The Punisher: War Jou
  2. As promised, here are my thoughts on The Boxer (1997) Directed by Jim Sheridan Written by Terry George and Jim Sheridan Starring The Great Daniel Day Lewis Emily Watson Brian Cox Gerard McSorley and Ken Stott This is one of the few films I rented and ended up buying the day after. Its probably the best depiction of life in Northern Ireland and channels some of the best Irish dialects I've ever heard in a film. *At times I had to switch on the english subtitles just to understand what they were saying. The Boxer is the story of D
  3. When was Keanu EVER an "Academy Award" actor??? The guy hasn't even been Nominated. -TL
  4. Don't be sad. Frank had his shot, and it was a great one. -TL
  5. THANK YOU!!! I salute you Mike from Ohio. -TL
  6. I know Kevin Feige was considering Stevenson for Emil Blonsky in The Incredible Hulk... The point is if MARVEL gets a crack at Castle, they will REBOOT him to fit the PG-13 standard. That means new actor and new take on the character. Its also safe to say that MARVEL will get a recognized actor. -TL
  7. If MARVEL gets the rights back, Stevenson is history. They'll hire someone of THEIR liking and it will most probably be an Academy Award Nominee. Someone actually known. -TL
  8. So is this film canceled or what? If so, did MARVEL get back the rights from LGF? Somebody please give us an update. -TL
  9. Yeah Return of The Living Dead is gold to me. And I must say, Linnea is STILL a very attractive woman. -TL
  10. I don't think Noeland was trying to push your buttons Nomad. The truth is Warzone is regarded as a terrible movie in MANY places, not just here. This board doesn't cater to Warzone supporters OR haters. Its a line right in the middle. -TL
  11. They're not out of the ordinary. I judged the footage as a regular viewer, not as a gun aficionado. It was terrible. And alot of other people are agreeing with this that know nothing about RAW. RAW isn't the only place where Warzone is being regarded as crap -TL
  12. The poster is obviously evoking the Casablanca/African Queen feel. Its a film set during that period, about love and war and they're trying to amp up the nostalgia factor. It works for me, but I agree could have been better. -TL
  13. Ok... So how about you tell us whether or not you care about this change of actors? -TL
  14. Deserves got nothin to do with it. -TL
  15. I think Bale saw something in Connor that felt right, even to the point of breaking him out of his Batman shell. As far as I'm concerned, The Dark Knight is a film on its own, not really part of a franchise even though technically it is. It began with Heath and it ended with Heath's death. Bale seems to have a found a new beginning in the future -TL
  16. WHAT THE FUCK??? Dude, I am speechless. -TL
  17. I passed on the word to all my friends that loved IRON MAN and were looking forward to a sequel and here's the verdict: -16 said "This blows, and I am no longer looking forward to seeing Rhodes become War Machine." -7 said "I don't like this, but I still wanna see Rhodes become War Machine regardless of who's playing him." -2 said "I don't really care." So I think its a fair conclusion to say that people will still watch IRON MAN II despite Howard's departure. It is also evident that they will be less excited about the War Machine/Jim Rhodes character. *This is MA
  18. I don't blame Steve at all. I know he went into this with the best intentions. Lexi is obviously the one taking all the heat, so he can put this chapter behind him in 6 weeks. -TL
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