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  1. I think Jane's gotta ease up on the sci-fi films. He's too fuckin good to be surrounded by CGI and monsters. Harrison Ford did it at first, but not after people knew who Harrison Ford was. The best films Jane did were the films were he was as REAL as he could be. The Last Time I Commited Suicide. Thursday. Stander. The Punisher. That was REAL. Give us some more, T "Castle" Jane. -TL
  2. This movie looks FANTASTIC. I'm gonna go ahead and assume Ritchie was already contemplating the divorce with Madonna and this was his way of venting. I saw the Trailer yesterday with MAX PAYNE and man it was fuckin good!!! The movie wreaks of SNATCH antics, with characters both witty and dangerous. Butler's playing it comedic, Thandie Newton is pure black humor and Tom Wilkinson steals the show as a British crime kingpin. *The only thing I feel this film lacks is the very NECESSARY presence of Vinnie Jones. I'm diggin it, even though I feel Chris "Ludacris" Bridge
  3. I think the double Crowe is gonna step all over Ritchie and Downey's show. Its competition at its best. -TL
  4. This movie has the potential to land Russell his FOURTH Best Actor Academy Award Nomination and possibly SECOND Win. *I thought his second film with Ridley - A Good Year was excellent, but much too little to go anywhere. American Gangster was FANTASTIC, but all the praise went to Denzel Washington. Body of Lies on the other hand I'm hearing great things about, specifically about Russell - so it looks like this duo needs to stick to action and historical epics. Nottingham qualifies as both. The film is set to square off with Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes on NOVEMBER 6,
  5. You oughtta put ALL these bad boys on DVD. I'll buy it. -TL
  6. FEAR was fuckin great. Loved it. What was your prob with G.I. JOE? How come you didn't do it? -TL
  7. Dude, you should stop by the THURSDAY thread. I got a poll going there on the role people liked you the most as. Check it out Nitroman, -TL
  8. I'm hoping this movie can erase the pain of watching MAX PAYNE. -TL
  9. I couldn't agree with you more. Its refreshing to see someone else around here recognize Kevin's abilities as an actor. He truly stands out from the wrestling bunch. It would be a dream come true for me to see him play Thor, but much like Conan, there's talk about the character being very young. Kevin's 50, but he looks 40 and would make one HECK of an Ultimate Thor. I like to say that Branagh can be to Kevin what Milius was to Arnold. -TL
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it. That scene was something I never expected from an X-MEN film. Here's a pic of Kevin taken last week, personally I'm feeling him more as THOR than CONAN... -TL
  11. WHY am I the ONLY person here that remembers the scene at Jean Grey's house in X3??? I know ALOT of other people that shared the MASSIVE suspense that sequence shocked into me and its a feeling very few films have ever provided me with. Let me try to re-live it for a moment and do my best to describe it: Thursday May 25, 2006 - 8:30 PM... Jean Grey has just revealed her insanity to Wolverine and knocked him unconcious before fleeing the mansion. Xavier seems to know where she's headed and rounds up Storm and Logan to go after her. They arrive at the house which I
  12. Ok, so here's what I have to say about MAX PAYNE: It sucked. I am particularly aggravated with this film because the Trailers were VERY promising and I've made my admiration for Mark Wahlberg on this Board very clear. So let me tell you about the problems with this movie. First of all it has NOTHING to do with the game. Ok, maybe a few things - but barely anything at all. And as many of you already know, I ENCOURAGE change. This was simply aweful. Max's introduction is completely one dimensional, we truly have no reason to give a shit about him. In the g
  13. I don't blame him, but I don't commend him either. -TL
  14. See, what you're doing through that post is attacking me in a respectable way. I suggest you just say what's on your mind instead of beating around the bush. OR you could CONTRIBUTE to the argument at hand -TL
  15. Let me start off by saying the title for this thread is derogatory and baseless. Noeland, you have ZERO evidence that Brett Ratner is in any way going to compromise this project. I honestly find the entire concept of this thread very DISPLEASING and feel it shouldn't center around ONE person's opinion of the film's failure due to his personal problem with the director. There's alotta upcoming movies I am completely against, but you don't see me making threads about them with titles like "THIS IS GONNA BLOW ASS" or "THIS SUCKS COCK". I think Brett Ratner did a great job with
  16. Trudell, how is my statement built on a foundation of sand??? Are you saying being the lead of Boogie Nights was a bad way to start a career? Mark Wahlberg began with Boogie Nights at an age 10 years younger than Ray Stevenson. Stevenson is beginning with Warzone and he's in his mid 40s. What does that say? Mark went on to make GREAT films, and I seriously doubt that woulda been able to happen had he began with a crapper like Warzone. When an actor [like Mickey Rourke for instance] begins with great work, its easy to overlook bad work that came after. -TL
  17. "Mark Wahlberg didn't begin his career as a leading man with a garbage movie like Warzone." Thomas - Please forgive me, I was copying and pasting and quoting and fiddling trying to post my response and I accidentally posted my response over your post. I was distracted and forgot where I was. I did not mean to erase the things you said and the only line I could salvage was the one above. It was not intentional and a I feel horrible. If you want to repost your thoughts, send them to me in a PM and I'll re-edit to read as it was originally intended. So sorry! Trudell
  18. He just needs to find a vehicle that will erase Warzone from people's minds. Excellent films. I thought The Brave One was SUCH a great homage to Death Wish and Taxi Driver. Death Sentence was more original and I watched it twice. MAX PAYNE is looking fantastic. Dark and noirish. Mark is at his best and I don't expect any less from the guy on a project like this. Tomorrow will be fun. -TL
  19. Mark Wahlberg didn't begin his career as a leading man with a garbage movie like Warzone. That's what Stevenson is doing. *Haven't seen MAX PAYNE yet, will post a review tomorrow night in the thread. If you've done some good on-screen, Hollywood can forget some bad. Mickey Rourke is the best example of that. -TL
  20. You're just being argumentative now, in favor of being realistic. One doesn't get away from starring in a real crapper. Hollywood is not very forgiving. -TL
  21. I dissagree heavily. He went from ROME to Crapola. Not exactly a step up. -TL
  22. If any career gets destroyed, it'll be courtesy of Warzone. Ray Stevenson isn't exactly gonna move up in the world after this. And Lexi... No comment. -TL
  23. The masses don't need Jane to tell them Warzone is gonna blow. But it is nice to see he has common sense too The TRUE Punisher still has a say and that say is "No Comment" towards Lexi Alexander's directing abilities. To that I say ---> RIGHT ON. -TL
  24. Thomas Jane has THE BALLS to stand up for himself here and everywhere else. I commend the guy for that. Warzone represents everything Jane was trying to SAVE Castle from ---> Mindless generic crap. EVERYONE involved in the MAKING of Warzone is part of the problem. A problem that began with Lexi Alexander's COMPLETELY absurd method of approach to the Frank Castle character. -TL
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