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  1. I think its about time someone mocks the superhero genre without making another EPIC MOVIE or Disaster Movie. If this is anything like Pineapple Express, it oughtta be great. Rogen is fuckin comedic gold. -TL
  2. O'Donnell's best movie was The Chamber with Gene Hackman. Everything else he's done has been very generic. Mark just dropped the ball this year, he'll be back when Aronofsky gets to him. -TL
  3. Hard cash. HARD cash. *Here's looking forward to The Fighter and The Departed: Part II. -TL
  4. This thread needs a title change now that Darabont is history. *F. Gary Gray, who directed the EPICALLY terrible Be Cool and A Man Apart will be shooting this now. -TL
  5. Makes perfect sense. Tony is destined to become the director of SHIELD (CIVIL WAR), so Fury's gotta stick around. -TL
  6. / Elizabeth Banks is saying she's not game for another 5 minute role. "If it's that small, I probably won't do it." I agree with her, and honestly I find her to be 10 times more interesting than Gwen and MJ. Peter should break up with MJ and hook up with Gwen and Betty simultaneously. That would make for an interesting love triangle. I also think Elizabeth is a better actress than both Dunst and Howard. The first movie she impressed me with was SLITHER and she was fuckin hilarious in The 40 Year Old Virgin. I'm watching W. sometime this week and I can't wait to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno on Halloween, it looks genius. -TL
  7. Jane's buddy Skip Woods who directed him in THURSDAY, wrote the movie. I'd like to know why Jane passed on playing Duke. -TL
  8. I think Kristin was a great casting choice for Chun-Li. When you really give her a good look, she's ideal for the role. My concerns lie in who is selected to play Ryu and Ken in the second film. *I don't even wanna begin to think about who they'll cast as Guile in the third -TL
  9. The "7 months to go" signature is for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I added it to go with Liev's sinister grin. *You have a very good eye, noticing the Asian poster gave Kristin the wrong eye color. -TL
  10. Hey man, what happened with G.I. JOE? How come you passed on that? -TL
  11. We're only 4 months away now, and naturally things are getting exciting... Here are some reveals for characters we hadn't seen yet, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog Neal McDonough as M. Bison Chris Klein as Nash I like the idea that Bartkowiak is saving characters for the other films and not just dumping 20 people in a 2 hour movie. Finally, I leave you with this juicy piece of fan art that left me pumped for February... -TL
  12. Shit, you guys want poor Frank to direct EVERYTHING!!! He should direct Clash of The Titans, The Odyssey, The Wolfman... -TL
  13. I agree he needs to transform already, but he's not interesting enough to be the main villain. -TL
  14. The movie opens with him and the "clever girl" I think Spielberg was hinting he knew his obsession was going to be the death of him. -TL
  15. She's signed on already. All we need is a villain announcement. -TL
  16. I thought Peck was pretty cool in Jurassic Park. Quint meets The Crocodile Hunter. Spielberg gave him great dialogue. Hopefully he remained friends with Campbell all these years so he can get a part in this. -TL
  17. origin1950


    Right... I don't even see the point to this discussion. Bruce Willis began with Moonlighting. He was 30. He became a star with DIE HARD. He was 32. Thomas Jane began with The Last Time I Committed Suicide. He was 27. Now he's going into television after 12 years of leading roles. He's 40. I like the fact that's he's invading HBO, but I don't like the fact that HBO is still TV. I'll watch HUNG either way, -TL
  18. origin1950


    By "intro to acting", I was referring to being the center of attention in front of the camera. Moonlighting was his first lead in ANYTHING. -TL
  19. You got a good eye Irish. Jackman himself is calling this the Aussie Gone with The Wind. -TL
  20. origin1950


    Yeah, but Moonlighting was Willis' intro to acting, he was 30 at the time. This is the flipside of that coin with 40 year old Jane doing TV after 12 years of leading roles in cinema. -TL
  21. Terence Howard is speaking out on his exit from War Machine... Goodbye Rhodey "It was the surprise of a lifetime, there was no explanation. [The contract] just...up and vanished. I read something in the trades implicating that it was about money or something, but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren't worth the paper that they're printed on, sometimes. Promises aren't kept, and good faith negotiations aren't always held up." This whole thing annoys the fuck outta me. MARVEL got cheap and we have to suffer from it. -TL
  22. So yeah, Harrison Ford... ANYWAY, the guy won fame with STAR WARS in his late 30's, right? I think the sci-fi thing is cool, but not solid enough. But that's just me. -TL
  23. Here's The Powerbomber on Tuesday night... The man is truly barbaric. -TL
  24. I've been following this film since it was announced, and let me just get it out there: Its great to see Mel Gibson in front of the camera again... I got around to seeing The Singing Detective, and man, NOT FOR ME. So I like to say that I had said my farewell to Mel in SIGNS, which felt like a completely wrong way to go out. I understand the break, The Passion of The Christ and Apocalypto were worth EVERY year without Mel on the big screen. Now, the magic is back. Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale) is shooting this indirect remake of his 80s British crime miniseries, where Mel plays Detective Lieutenant Thomas Craven. Thomas, adding spoiler tags to the below comment because in the original this is something that becomes "revealed", a red herring if you will. - TB More spoilers expanding on the last. Read at your own risk. Ray Winstone and Danny Huston play spooks sent out to follow up on Craven's personal investigation; originally Robert DeNiro was cast in Winstone's role but pulled out during pre-pro. Campbell is a great director, and I think its safe to say it'll really be Campbell AND Gibson directing. The last time that happened, Mel gave us the best crime noir film in decades with PAYBACK. This sounds very exciting and since we know Mel isn't game for another played out Lethal Weapon sequel, its evident the man wants to make REAL and ORIGINAL films like those he directs. -TL
  25. We got a thread about that, courtesy of yours truly, -TL
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