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  1. As you all well know, most of that 65 million was direct deposited into my account.
  2. Aww. That makes me moist. And Allcock, bring yer woman to Comicon so we can all meet her! You can trust us. We're harmless.
  3. Thanks for all the great comments! It has been a hectic few of weeks. I miss my girls. But currently I'm chained to a bar at the Brad Street Hotel pounding out a polish on the Commandos El Diablo. But again thank you. You are all very very sexy.
  4. Interesting that you say that. MBV3D has that immersive quality...but the technology is SO new that writers don't know what they don't know. I sure didn't. But I do now. Because EVERYTHING changes. Your focus as a viewer changes. Things you would never have thought would stand out...STAND OUT. I recall we had no choice but make changes in editing because scenes would play differently with such drastic 3D. Writing for 3D WILL change. I've caught myself doing it with Devil's. Doing it without really thinking about it. And the first few years will be a struggle. Because if I wrote like this for a non-3D director, he'd cut what I've done. Wouldn't get it. Lussier gets it. Tom gets it. It's not as drastic as talkies but it's drastic. It's WAY more than stuff flying at your face.
  5. My first day on the set, Tom had one of his big scenes. I saw a couple of the electricians watching him between takes. Could tell they were fans. Then Tom notices them too. Rather than wait for them to muster the courage. He approaches them. Asks what they do. I stood there and watched him make them feel like the most important members of the team. I tell ya. He's a class act. Of course, the moment he walked away I approached them and informed them that I was, in fact, the MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF THE TEAM! That is all.
  6. Yeah yeah, I know. I haven't forgotten. Just one more thing. I'll start on it after the new year. Promise.
  7. Well, it's going to be interesting. We're only in close to 1000 3D screens...cuz that's all there is. And close to 1600 2D screens but I gotta think, anyone heading out on a cold January night to see this movie is gonna wanna see it in 3D. Honestly though, I've seen it two dozen times in 2D and it's great but again, it's 3D! In any case. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  8. Ignore what I said. Bradstreet. Yer fired.
  9. That poster is brilliant. Whatever Street gets paid. It isn't enough.
  10. Oh. I didn't think to test them. But this is why your sexy goes to 11.
  11. Bloody Myspace Valentine Bloody Facebook Bloody Facebook Part II
  12. Wait. Just hold on. Are you saying I have a large myspace?
  13. I'm told BNAT 10 was jammed. It's basically 24 hours of non-stop movies. When one movie ends there's a quick Q&A then they start the next movie. I think the theatre held 250ish with another couple hundred waiting outside on standby. Don't think they do feedback cards. But I would expect Harry or someone to do a review at some point. Haven't noticed any banners but I did get a widget which I added to http://www.myspace.com/wendago.
  14. Hey Tiara, are you asking for the ages of the screening audience? It's ain't it cool news readers so I'd guess the ages ranged from 18 to old as dirt but I can ask.
  15. It played this morning at Buttnumbathon in Austin for the first time to an audience. Director Patrick Lussier and actors, Jaime King and Megan Boone where there. Apparently the crowd went nuts. Loved it. I spoke with Lussier around 2am and he was bouncing off the walls with excitement. This of course, made it impossible for me to sleep.
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