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  1. ohhh i love that pic, best one on here! two of the coolest dudes ever.
  2. aw thanks for replying tim. yeah, id like to order a hit on the money gods. being indie/cult/boutique in any artistic field is haaarrrdddd but its gotta be the most vindicating 'cause you get the best class of fans and supporters. you know, bronco billy would also strap em to a wheel and start shooting... hmm..... its only a matter of time before youll be reeling in the invitations. the tricky part is staying dedicated while you wait. but id say you have that down considering youre successful in your own right, the talent is all there, the popularity is growing, and we - the best class - ar
  3. i posted this elsewhere, but being the newb that i am to msg boards in general, i later realised that it should really be posted here if i want an answer. and i do. thats why i asked.
  4. SYVELL - i noticed on one of your posts that youre from germany, and then i saw that you visited my profile. its coz of my last name "kunst" right? lol for the rest of you, kunst is a hardcore german last name that translates, aptly enough, to "art". dads from germany, mums from croatia, they immigrated to australia when it was begging for euros to come over and populate (1960s), im from australia, live in new york, eh nomadic blood i guess. there was a german foreign exchange student in my high school in year 12, the first person ever who could pronounce my last name and said it was "nice"
  5. aw, thanks, thats sweet. and i figured as much - you guys rock.... no, no, wait.... you guys prog! ahh well of all places, cheese should fly in here right? this is the only forum im a member of. after skulking around for ages on my cell phone internet, when i got my computer (after 2 bloody years of not having one) i joined up, then bugged bradstreet to change my log in name, then bugged him again to change my display name; i was hasty, you see. yeah, you guys seriously prog. irish, considering the aforementioned computer-less-ness the website is still under construction, but you'll be th
  6. on a more pertinent note, ive been a big fan of bradstreet's for some time. hes the reason i saw punisher. now im a tom jane fan also, his breed is scarcely seen these days. and the two for one deal with raw now is just.... nice and consolidated, neat as far as fandom goes.
  7. well, for the sake of attracting like minded folks..... im one half of a prog metal band, the frequency of machines. i write (half) the songs and do the sound engineering plus co-production. im a classical violinist but in the band i sing, play guitar, and labor over effect patches and the drum machine. im also a ballerina. we incorporate ballet into the gigs - you'll have to come see us if you wanna know how. theres also a sort of alternate reality behind our band. it was born out of our constantg sense of being 'taken away' by the music we love to listen to. we wamted to take peo
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