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    1. Movies, Music {I'm a HUGE Movie & Music buff and I do mean *Huge*!},.<br />2. Poetry, Medicine, Psychiatry {Well, I'm a Psychiatrist}, Literature {Esp. English literature}, Fine arts, History & history of arts.<br />3. Travelling, Shopping, Walking.<br />4. Nature in general Esp. The Sea and the moon {Whenever, wherever I'm down or upset, the sight of these two, makes everything just vanishes away..}

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  1. Welcome back TJ, It's always great to have you back and it's really cool to see you refreshed, joyful and kicking ass, as always. We really have to thank wholeheartedly *the great doormen who saved you from being front page in Detroit tattler !* . Nice story ! It's been really wonderful seeing you. Keep up the good work and take care.
  2. I'm not ususally a comic book fan and the only films based on comic books I ever liked were the Batman movies {And Still, I don't like all of the Batman movies, Christian Bale's & Michael Keaton's Only}. But when I saw "The Punisher", I realized immediately this was something special & totally different from the regular mainstream movies based on comic books. The way Frank Castle is written is so unique and rarely represented in films {i.e. The antihero} and I was hooked. Of course, Tom's performance did the whole job. He gave the character just the right touch of both humanity
  3. Hi there everybody. Hi Tom! I'd like to say that you're one of my favourite actors and your career choices reflect how intelligent, witty, and well oriented you are with the industry {And we all know how commerical and corrupt it can be sometimes}. I respect & admire your ability of being true to yourself at all costs. I became a fan when I saw your portrayal of Frank Castle, and that was one fine performance. The way you showed his vulnerability. How he seemed tough and solid rock on the outside, but at the same time, your eyes reflected the deep pain, agony , his irredeemable los
  4. Keep up the good work, Tom.

    Love to see you in more movies.

    You were "The Punisher" and I don't think anyone could ever top that performance. For me, there's only one punisher and his name is Thomas Jane.

    I wish You'd joing the board soon. Take care.

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