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  1. Cheers J. For obvious reasons I'm more concerned as to who's got the UK/European distribution rights.
  2. Guys, Any news from Cannes yet? Any deals been done to get this on the big screen?
  3. Cheers Tim The thing it reminded me of most - and I guess this is showing my age - was the Mike Hammer tv show starring Stacy Keech - hard drinking, hard fighting, hard loving, not afraid to give a downer of an ending every now and then. IMHO anyone who jumps to the Sin City, or even The Spirit (a movie I haven't seen because of the dreadful trailer - reminded me too much of Dick Tracy) can't see past the hats and the big guns. Those movies were merely adaptations of graphic novels, where as this, while it riffs off classic hard boiled detective movies, is something original (as far as I can tell). Cheers...
  4. The youtube version is a lot more accessible, thanks for the link. I've also posted it on our site's blog page. http://www.flash-bang-movie-reviews.com/Mo...views-blog.html Cheers
  5. "That was....special..." So many things to love here. The cinematography is great, the dialogue sharp, the violence bloody and adult. When the promo reel hit the net, the shoot-out felt like a Heroic Bloodshed movie (lots and lots of squibs and walls painted in blood). The new trailer definitely hits the Mike Hammer vibe. Like Mutant Chronicles, it's great to see something which feels like nothing else out there.
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