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  1. Yea I missed it first time around, only just discovered Bad Planet. But I would definitely back it when ever it's started back up. A Bad Planet VG would be epic...
  2. Any news on when Volume 2 will be available? Just sat and read Volume 1 in one sitting and cant fucking wait until I can get my grubby little hands on Vol 2.
  3. Can't believe I had not found Bad Planet sooner, it's probably the best thing my eyes have seen for a long time, it fucking awesome. Don't get me wrong I love my super heroes or more preferable my super villains, but Bad Planet is something else. It's got a gripping story line you would expect from a best selling novel and the art is just amazing, a really dark and intense vibe. Cant wait for volume 2, I sat and read the first one with no pauses. Recently bought volume 1 at Comic Con London and got it signed by Tim and Thomas, thanks for that guys.
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