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  1. Where is he anyway? he introduces himself and then dissappears and the only time he came out was to say ,'dude. you wanna pay me to go to the gym? I like BEER and don't you forget it' and then he dissappears again! Hey T-Bone! Come out and play
  2. How do I know you really enjoy some running...O.K. I'll stop now. Yeah, at least Thomas didn't get typecasted into that 'Sweetest Thing' character. Have you seen it? Oh, he was just the sweetest thing.
  3. How do I know you really watched Pee-Wee Herman?
  4. Hi Thomas- Hope all is well and this is a really nice gesture to be in touch with your fans. I hope the feedback blossom into an enriching experience that will further advance your work and style. Anyways- I have a question for you. What is your favorite Patricia Arquette movie? Have you heard of her? She is really cool.
  5. How do I know you're really xNLx? And how do I know I am really sveinx?
  6. Hey Tim- I'm slightly, familiar with your work- word of mouth led me here well...actually type of keyboard but anyway I came looking for something cool and I found it with your post. I know Thomas is into 3-D and he's more into saying 'stereo-scopic' so i cruised over here and noticed your message. It's 'inciting' as in instigating NOT 'insighting' however, I'm stealing 'insighting' cause its the most tripped out synthetic grammer mistake I've seen. Ever read Finnegan's Wake? Insight is one thing but to be continuously insighting- damn- that's some shit. I apologize I have nothing cool to say and contribute comic-book-wize- I'm out of that loop but just needed to step into the loop to tell you this and now I'll see myself back out. Later- oh and post your 3-D work like some screen shots- 3D + 2D = 5D. Hi Thomas- I read your hospital saga- hot, rusty sawblades grinding up your guts? What kind of shrooms did you ingest? Sounds groovy. I want some!! Oh and I went over to that dude Hell666 or whatever's house and he was kickin' it with Cuatro and that other motherfucker what's his face and yo- I'm tellin' you man- they were flaccid! Like totally 'dude' I think you could take 'em half-erect. later I moderate a forum too you know- -sveinx
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