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  1. Hell yeah- HEAT most definitely has one of the illest showdowns ever!! Thanks for the heads up on the other flicks. sveinx
  2. Thug Life? Its more like a Old Man Pete the Butterfly Farmer's Life- or a Day in the Life of a Californian Zoot Suit. that's hilarious! sveinx
  3. That's hot. He should kill 86 people. One a minute. And die for 2 minutes. just a thought. sveinx
  4. No sir. Thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to be patient. sveinx
  5. no. we're here to kill our brain cells. where are they? Honestly, Bad Planet 3 burnt out whatever I had left. When are you bringing Ray Zone back? that motherfucker could single-handedly warp the entire world's dimensional perception. Thomas- Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my little question. I appreciate you even exerting the energy to type those letters n-o-p-e in response. Thank you very much. You may not know who cexcean is but he puts out a lot of love and wicked strong vibes out there in your's and Patricia's name. This universe is getting flooded and he's using his invaluable teachings through yours and super-especially Patricia Arquette's artistic merits as a device to fuck shit up. That is- if he's doing it right. Think of him as your rebel guardian angel. but seriously? aww man....you're telling me that niether you or Patricia have ever visited PA.com? http://www.patricia-arquette.com/board/index.php what the fuck man?> it's one of those precious places where an artist gets solid feedback from I couldn't do enough to repay Patricia Arquette- only thing I can think of is prayer as reciprocation. Also I'd like to think that as hot as the music I produce gets- some of it was fuel-injected with the Arquette flavor. And for her graceful acting elucidating impressions of humanity driving a transformation of my consciousness what's DC/101- is that a radio station? what kind of club did you start? and honestly, I don't know what the hell you are talking about> is this some Illuminati shit or Studio 54 shit? anyways- I have yet to see Dark Country and Mist and my final question. Obviously, you don't gotta answer this but when are you gonna do a 6-D Bad Planet? and how the fuck do you come up with these storylines? don't answer that. peace and love to all those who can receive it- wink wink Tim Bradroad. sveinx p.s. Why do you say that? What does it matter what other people think? Fuck #####numbers##### The primary objective of art is enlightenment and it is the artist's process of the moment that develops it- gives you the rush- the pleasure- refining your soul- expanding yourself- receiving the wisdom Yes. i can understand that the more peoples' eyes your film passes through- the more brains that processes the flick triggers thoughts and generates an energy that reverberates throughout the universe. Acting and being emotionally evocative, the writing and directing transporting people- sure- I think there is an effect. But ultimately, art is a self-exploration and shouldn't be 'gaged' by what other people think. Bet that was the longest fuckin' p.s. you all have ever seen. p.p.s Jason- Damn Straight Sista!! and... p.p.p.p.s- Hey Thomas~ What the fuck is an EXIAN? I love you. and pass that on to you know who. take care- cexcean no just kidding. sveinx. ah, fuck it. mickey mouse in a g-string.
  6. Hey- I'm with Jen- don't let criticism and comments irritate or effect you- and that goes for good ones as well! Most people who appreciate the film don't fucking log on to websites and those that do are usually motivated by sounding like a hard-ass bitch online. Its rare to get constructive criticsm and they are there but are usually smothered by loud fucks tryin to be big. Its a biased view and will distort what you think the genral audience impression is. Just scan for the intelligent ones (not just people who like it) but ones that have something substantial to say and you may learn that ones negative reaction may be an useful input. Its pretty easy to filter out bashers at imdb If you are gonna go surfing peoples ideas- you got to keep it in perspective. and answer me this one easy question please- does this word mean anything to you- 'cexcean' It would mean a great deal to me. take it easy~ sveinx
  7. Thomas really is a superhero isn't he? Congratulations- this is an awesome project!
  8. A mistake is a mistake. Understanding why it is a mistake is the only good that can come out of it.
  9. Hey Thomas- does this word mean anything to you- cexcean thx and god bless - especially P
  10. That is ultra-sleek. I really love how the graphics bleed into her body like on her tummy and neck and the skeletal structure (i'm assuming) looks so fluid. And the girl's pretty cute to boot. sveinx
  11. Hey Lucio- You are fuckin' brilliant!!! And like Gunplanet, I'm especially blown away by the Black and White stuff- those cars and images near the end are so vivid, I'm still having trouble believing they are not photographs. In addition to those blowing me away, the second picture blew me away some more. keep it up and please show us as make new ones~ sveinx
  12. Oh wow. Congratulations Mr. Gunplanet. I was wondering. You know how Tim said 'Depth of Field' has multiple meanings~ well I was wondering what you were thinking of specifically when you came up with it. Were you inspired by something in specific?
  13. Speaking of White Stripes and seeing that many of you including Thomas Jane are into them- just wanted to throw this out there- The man, Michel Gondry, who directed many of their videos like the lego one and the red/black motif repeating in mathematical pattern drumsets- you know what I'm sayin' that guy Michel Gondry also directed Thomas wife in a whole film called Human Nature. If you like his stuff, there's a whole special DVD released with a compilation of all the music videos he did including Bjork and Rolling Stones (with Thomas's wife again) The White Stripes also have a short converstion scene in Jim Jarmusch's film Coffee and Cigarrettes. Its really cool. Its basically all these crazy fuckers like Iggy Pop and Tom Waites and Steven Wright who sit around at a diner smoking, drinking cofee, and bullshitting. Its shot in black and white and the white stripes- Jack and Meg talk about Tesla coils. Its pretty cool. And as far as Thomas saying he likes 'old punk bands' I heard somewhere maybe even from him in an interview- not sure- but i heard he was a punk rocker himself. A millionaire punk who's into NASCAR? sveinx
  14. Hey kwiat_skye- you know I was kiddin' right? I didn't transfer shit- I was just really digging the idea of transferring. And I really love the idea of networking and helping one another out- that's what its about right? 'Transferring information' Speakin' of 'spreading the word' I did my best the other day without trying to sound preachy' There was some lady handing out Niles 30 Day movie screening flyers in Union Square in Manhattan. I was sitting down on the steps on this beautiful breezy afternoon when this lady made the mistake of coming up to me. That's when I got started and remember I've never heard of Steve Niles before last month and I get in her face spitting all this data on Steve Niles and Bradstreet and Jane and Raw and start flippin' out over Bad Planet's 3-D technology. And after I was done, she's like ' yeah...but I'm not really into this , I'm just helpin' out a friend, thanks anyway- i'll keep it in mind' and then walked away. At least I got it into her mind and somehow managed to convince her to keep it there. But earlier that afternoon I went back to Forbidden Planet hoping to scope out some more 3-D work and guess what? It doesn't exist! I was talkin' to a couple of the guys who work there and the only think they could come up with as far as the '3-D comic scene' was an issue of Gumby. It took me while before I wanted to admit I heard them right. I was really hoping he said, 'Gumpy or Gunky the psycho bio-mechanoid federal agent serial killer' but no...it was Gumby as in walking green rectangular piece of shit that talks and bends. Anyways so I unleashed my bit on how rad Bad Planet is and not cause I'm trying to boost your business or anything, I just get like that with anything I'm totally blown away by and just have to share and want people to experience it. One of the guys knew exactly what I was talking about when I said,'and then on page something this giant blue cadillac flies out of the parking lot and smashes into your face' The other guy never heard of it but I made sure that he knew that he would be missin out if he didn't pick this bad ass issue up. Well, I purchased Dave McKean's Dust Cover and left wishing that everything in the world was 3-D. sveinx p.s. again- Tim says- $3.99 is 'low-cost' as it is don't you think? i say hike up the price cause I don't know but 'price' and 'value' may be a factor in the public psychology. Like when somebody sees something is 4 bucks they think another regular issue but if you packaged that shit with a heavy price tag like $149.99 people might think 'whoah, I have to get that! But I can't afford but its so state of the art! I HAVE to have it. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. And its very cool in the indie-spirit sense to sell as a regular comic but it'll bother me if more people didn't know about it. Plus like I've said before- I think the production here should be noticed by the world and not just the comic realm.
  15. kwiat_skye- I'll be takin' that credit now thank you very much. Cause it was me who transfered that to someone who then transfered it to someone else and somehow got transfered all over the place and probably ended up in JWeber's hands. So, I appreciate it. Don't mention it. sveinx
  16. how do I delete the above post? mediumfan showed me this and i had to say cause you mentioned people like me who love your stuff but are totally outside the comic realm. This is what i said to her and how I feel about it- Yeah, it really is. Its fuckin mindblowin' But you know what the real tragic thing is with his art? It doesn't reach a wider audience and is pretty much only confined to comic readers. By wider I'm talking international art exhibitions and shit. Its sad. Tim Bradtreet writes- Yeah but you know what always perplexed me? Its how virtual reality just vanished into thin air! I remember how it sorta blew up in the mid 90s and there were places at arcades in the mall in Phoenix and stuff where they had this whole virtual reality/Laser tag type of joint. I even did it once and put on this insane headset with wires danglin' of it and these goggles and gun. I was virtual! I mean the images were crude like big monotone boxes you walk around in but the concept is killer- I mean have that kind of alternate dimension is unreal! Like literally. then it fizzled away. I don't know why. Then Japan was doing this thing where people were walking around with these sunglasses that holographically projected a computer monitor- but since its transparent-ish you can also see where you're going while typing on a little keyboard strapped to your arm. Holograms are fuckin dope and i'd love to see that take off- thats why I was so psyched to see Bad Planet- 3-D that REALLY worked. Now check this shit out- A while ago I heard about this project. It ultimately is like 'virtual reality' but the scenes are real video footage. This is how it worked. They would take a guy and have him drive down a windy road draped in trees and mountains and all that. But when he has driving he had a camera on his head recording the image in his perspective. So its recording everything the driver sees- the road ahead of him and the scenery etc. However, it was a panaoramic camera set up specially designed with multiple cameras on the headset facing different angles. So at every instant- shots from all around is recorded. They would then take these lets say 5 camera perspective videos into the studio and render them together i.e. stich the images together. NOW when one sitting in their living room puts one of these suckers on- they look through their visor and can see themselves driving down the road BUT here's the juice: they can turn their heads in any direction lets say look back and see the road passing behind him, turn to the right and see the lake and things independent of what the original guy was looking at staticly. It puts you right there in a 3-D type of way. Its actually a lot like that movie Strange Days. Anyways, I'm blabbing here... sveinx
  17. Thanks kwiat_skye! That's really helpful. And yeah- ordering direct is the best way to support. I even know of some musicians that have released records under numerous labels and now are opting to have their own website and emailing .mp3 format of the album for a donation via paypal. Any amount the listener feels they deserve! Which is really profitable and fair cause I heard a $16 CD only gives like $1 to the artist or soemthing ridiculous like that. sveinx
  18. oooh...can't wait to see the shitty situation. sveinx
  19. Hey genius- How does it feel to be a genius? You stupid genius. When you say 'PAINTS' what do you mean exactly? Like oil or acrylic? I'm curious as to what the medium is. i saw this totally sick jungle military scene piece you did and I literally had to rub my eyes till they nearly fell out of my sockets to be convinced it wasn't a photograph run through some filters in Photoshop. It was brilliant and then someone told me you drew it. I was completely floored. Even Thomas Jane's icon- I saw that in full effect as well. But anyways, what do these comics use? color pencils, pastels, oils what? And did you see the silk screen prints I posted that Patricia Aqruette did? She had to carve out the image in reverse into blocks and then load it with ink and piece it together! Do comics nowdays use lithographic methods like that- say carving out of metals, tweaking the colors with chemical reactions to design a print? Or any digital processing or are you all purists and stick with the good ol' fashioned pencil? I'm not tryin' to hassle you man- I'm just curious. And please if you can- lead me the way to more dope 3-D material!! I'm thirsty for anything 3-D. So you guys say it was Zone or something that did Bad Planet #3. Tell me about more well produced 3-D material out there please. And lastly, tell me where I can tell my friends to order it- those who don't live near a shop. Take care- sveinx
  20. My God! I just picked up Bad Planet #3 and I've never read a comic book in my life. I'm into Dave McKean and Johann Vasquez, and Roman Dirge but that's it. So I can't speak as to comic aesthetics but the shear vividness of the 3-D in this piece just blew me out of this whirl-d! Bradstreet and Niles- to call you a genius would be an insult. This production makes geniuses look retarded. A work of art would be an understatement. I felt guilty leaving Forbidden Planet on Broadway with this masterpiece of science and art for only $3.99 It took them awhile to find it cause they thought I said 'Bat Planet' which I'm assuming is not an unreasonable request at a comic shop. Anyways, this belongs in a museum guys. I have seen some heavy 3-D material before like Ryan Geiss and Andy 'o Meara's digital 3-D audio visualizer prgrams- i've even spaced on Alphonso Mucha's 19th century lithographs with 3-D glasses (though it wasn't engineered specifically for it- it takes into another dimension! A dimension beyond the number 3) If anyone haven't gotten this yet- shut off your computer right now and hop in your car and get it or order it. If you don't have cash- rip out your spleen or liver and plop it on the counter. It be worth at least $3.99 And no- I'm not some publicity nconditional comic freak ass-kisser- I actually am hypercritical- especially of Thomas Jane and I gots to say- this book is the motherfuckin' shit. But then what do I know? I'm just some asshole who hates Patricia Arquette. Look what Thomas's wife did! Think you could make a comic out of that? Or better yet- 3D-ize it? I'm probably preaching to the converted so RAW! make Bad Planet more accessible for people OUT there. and I would like to see a 'Good Planet' in the future sometime... -"you don't need a masterplan to ruin the world" sveinx
  21. Only the last 2? Awww... then that means you missed this- And truly classic- would give Cary Grant a run for his money- this- durr...duhr,duhrr,duhrr
  22. You heard his toaster was a death trap? I heard his Q-tips were a death trap.
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