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  1. let's remake a remake. it'll be totally original.
  2. Loved the nod to the most radical scientist ever. These two are of a tesla coil at Burning Man spitting out 1.21 Jigawatts and this one is at some motherfucker's house who's got nothing to do. Edison is the poor man's Tesla. Edison actually hired Nikola to come over and work on this one 'minor' problem he had with A/C D/C. He offered him $100,000 back in 1879 or something- which is equivalent to a million dollars. Tesla came and solved Edison's little problem and zap- Edison is named the inventor of electricity. And when Tesla came to him to collect, Edison says, 'Oh, you didn't know? That was just a customary figure of speech in America. You didn't really think I was gonna give you a hundred thousand dollars did you?' Tesla dug ditches on the grounds of Edisons laboratory to make ends meet in the nation founded on theft. anyways, cool production on Bad Planet. Fuckin' bitch. sveinx
  3. JO- HELL Motherfuckin' Yeah!! I love Videodrome, Scanners, Existenz and Crash oh and Dead Ringers. History of Violence was pretty cool too. But that's weird cause Spider was my least favorite. I don't know- it just didn't turn me on. M Butterfly and Naked Lunch was sorta flat to me too. Different strokes for different folks I guess- but oddly enough- the same director. and mediumfan- Rhys has got to go pee-pee, Tim has a pole stuck up his ass and Patricia is gonna get a wicked case of poison ivy. but that movie is cool- Michel Gondry has directed music videos for Bjork (Human Behavior), White Stripes (the lego vid) and one video for the Rolling Stones around the time they were getting arthiritis, back pain, popping Lipitor and desecrating a Bob Dylan song- 'Like a Rolling Stone'- some stupid ugly girl was in it too- forget her name. And how lame is it to cover a song called 'Like a Rolling Stone' when your band is named 'Rolling Stones' Fuckin' Dick Jagger. or Dick Gagger....or Dick Bagger. sveinx
  4. Panzer- yeah. for real. The man's got some heavy blood. He should just change his name to Thomas Lee Hooker or simply Thomas Hooker or Jane Cash or maybe even.... Thomas 'the Hooker' Cash. or just name his band Thomas's Hooker Cash maybe not. Does he just sing or is he playing guitar as well- you know? sveinx p.s. or Thomas Johnny. or Thomas Janey
  5. Oh my God! You must get insane sleep deprived hallucinations! I thought I was hardcore when I went 40 hours without sleep but that's nothing compared to you. sveinx p.s. I just spray painted my name on the roof of my car this morning. It looks pretty good. well to people, flying in an airplane above me.
  6. Hey- I wanted to reflect on this thought of yours for a hot second. To be honest with you, your statement turned into a haze mid-way- I have to sit down and figure it out. But for now the first that came to mind after reading this line about the ego and 'not owning parts of you' aka spirit is kinda deductive. Like removing sections from your spirit and sculpting a permanent figure to abide by like a slave- EGO. I fuck around with analog synthesizers. When get into synthesizing and shaping frequencies- spacing and soaking up the various vibrations you can witness the infinite refractions of life. Its morphology. Its evolution and derivations. Yet this whole spirit you speak of- the COMPLETE you is wrecked from not 'owning'/mastering/possesing/fully immersed in awareness of that state of your soul simply because we decide to subtract specific frequencies from a 'whole/complete' silky patch of white static. Like sculpting out of clay. So in deducting certain frequencies with filters and oscilators- you careful lose our 'parts' to gain a shape- a distinct sound- a ego. How beautiful each soul- with its own unique identity but each person's mind abstracting the pure soul we have all been born with is the colorful dance we get being surrounded by so many flavors of ego. i don't know. somethin' like that. sorry for wasting your time. I'm delerious and am not quite sure of what I'm saying. you know what white noise machines are, right? They sound like a babbling brook or an ocean' I'm sure you've heard. and babies crying>? I don't know about that. I'm tempted to believe sometimes that an artist is channel- a conduit that harnesses energy, decodes and process an alien form of consciousness ( for can you honestly say, you OWN your music? That you 'created' it. Premeditated calculations? 'I listen to my music sometimes and think to myself, 'Where did that come from?'there is no way in hell I could have generated that from my own consciousness. I just don't have the data. The whole process truly is mystifying. so yeah, you are the same person. and unique individual. different forms of art pass through you- you just materialize it in different ways. But everything the pours out of your fingers is laced with Thomas Jane's essence. Yu breathe life into it. It is your breath. one singular breath. your soul. sveinx p.s.seriously. I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time and insert junk into your brain today. p.p.s and let's remember Patricia Arquette who said- oh god. how do I know so much about the wisdom of a 'stupid celebrity' this is the type of shit thats goin on at patricia-arquette.com much respect and love to you all. sveinx
  7. its cause painters aren't over-exposed and whored by the media. The 'personality' you speak of is non-existent for painters. And yeah, it does interfere. I know musicians who perform in the pitch dark ot with minimal visual stimula and let the vibrations catalyze visual activity behind your eyelids. then there are some musicians that have hyper-media blasting tripped out digitalimages and strobing lights and LED panels- like complete sensory overload. But acting in its pure form ahs been fucked with by T.V. shows like E True Hollywood Story, Access, Extra, Enquirer all sorts of talk-shows. People think they know you. They forget the art projected by the artist and are fixated on the celebrity. I think its cause people want to sort of consume a talented persons power in a way. Like, oh- if i knew Tom Cruises personal life and where he vacations I can live vicariously through him- and forget the fact that Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise because of performances in things like Interview with the Vampire or Collateral. Now I got a problem: I feel the same way and to preserve the ethic of the music I produce and separate from any financial/ business ties or mental association- I release my tracks anonymously. But this is the problem- the name I made up for myself- my code name- was only used once anywhere in the world and it's here! By some fluke, when registering for this board I just typed in my music projects name- sveinx- so now youtube has played my song out as a score to friends' short flic to 14,000 people. So onn the credits, if anyone of those wants to look up sveinx- guess where they're gonna land! On this damn RAW forum Where people will think I'm all about celebrities and comic books! I can't even change it here cause I posted in the past and my music is copytrighted so I can't change that name either. Thanks a lot asshole! sveinx
  8. But seriously, seeing that you are so into the 3-D development and evolution and have worked with the 'cutting/bleeding edge' of this technology- what do you envision for the future? The next step? 4-D. The fourth dimension is time. And David Lynch's Lost Highway warped the notion of time via mobeius strip style filming and James Joyce also decimated time in literature. So whats up. Is the next thing holographic projections? I am curious cause Ray Zone really executed 3-D proper. real quick- a long time ago I was exposed to 2 forms of filmmaking and it has always retained. I read about em somewhere in some mag or something. This guy would shoot a driver cruising down a highway. From his perspective- like a singular camera shot of the road ahead of him. Trees and hills flyin' by. However, the camera used was full panoramic. Like 8 different lenses shooting 8 different angles silmutaneously. They take it into the studio and load into a computer- does some algorhitmic witchcraft and 'stitch' all the footage together. All the cameras into a smooth full 360 degree shot. Now- a viewer wears a pair of shades or helmet or visor or whatever and is watching the movie from the drivers perspective but if he wanted to, in real-time, can turn his head as the 'driver actor could' and would see exactly what was going on. He can look off to the side through the window and see trees whizzing by or turn his head 180 and see out the back window. Its a virtual environment except instead of digital- it was film. The second idea was making a film version of one of those choose-your-own-adventure books except its online and you can select your own path of scenarios based on decisions in the story. Fusing those 2 together would yield an intriguing result- I think. I'm not telling you to do it. I'm just sayin what I heard on the streets. Just thought you may like to know you ghetto-tech Chinese Pop Tart sveinx
  9. Holy Fuck! Can vision get any radder? More dimensions Thomas!! More dimensions!!! sveinx
  10. Oh My GOD! I have become a death spyder embryo. hey Amy~ You're right. Sid Viscious wasn't a pussy. he was more a dick. no just kidding- i agree with you 100% that punk is a political platform to shove it in the system's face. I was just never into it sonically but I love the energy and drive behind it and yeah- I heard about how Queen Elizabeth was on a boat or ferry or something on some river for some dinner get-together. And the Sex Pistols floated by on another boat playing like obnoxiously (their instruments not a tape) and as they floated by the Queen Johnny Rotten is screaming out lyrics to God Save the Queen. I do respect that. And I have seen Trainspotting- can recall dead baby crawling on the ceiling and diving into a toilet for heroin. I loved the Iggy Pop track who is another bad-ass motherfucker by the way- that dude used to roll around in broken glass on stage! and I LOVE how you misspelled hurting peoples ears as 'hearting'. Unless it was intentional cause uh, you know...love hurts and sometimes the painful truth is out of love. I want to heart somebody right now! Fuckin bust their skull open. with love of course. and yeah, Miguel was looking great back in the day- now he's sorta got an inverted mohawk goin on. sveinx
  11. I love the suspended bullets in Punisher Max 59.It really fucks with your notion of time. And the Scalped 18 cover is jaw-droppingly tripped out. I know jaw-dropping is an adjective itself but if I were to describe the characheteristics of the trip- it's jaw-dropping like. His hair and the shadow of his eyes are amazing. And finally, why would a guy who is crazy enough to strangle a corpse be wearing a tiny band-aid. What did he- cut himself shaving or something? And if he did- why was he shaving his eyebrows? okay-Here's my one gripe-Criminal Macabre- Initially I didn't like how the upper lip came out. But I went and looked at the upper-lip again and realized that there is a parallel in the dynamics of his mouth with the mouth of the corpse. The angles are like mirror reflections. Punisher MAX 58- looks like a fuckin photograph dude. How do you do that? Do you eat vegetables or something? and finally, the colored Blade II piece is phenomenal. and you don't do any digital post-processing do you? oh, and Scalped 19 is hot as fuck. If this was an Ah-Ha video, oh man you can say goodbye to your cover- I'm takin' her home with me! Alright enough ass-kissin' for one night. sveinx
  12. Personally, I hate punk music. I appreciate the concept of spitting in the authorities face but I also appreciate beautiful sound design and well constructed compositions. Speaking of- along with the composers who score films we gotta give it up to the guys who design the sound effects. Things like sounds of incisions of robotic arms in gadgets - in 12 Monkeys for instance- just environmental sounds like explosions and special effects like clicks and bleeps and bloops of machines- all that shit. There are these guys behind synthesizers making them- it always amazed me how these guys came up with the all the sounds we hear in film that is NOT music nor real world recordings. Though, Amy thanks for the tip and you're not gonna believe this but you remember me talking about mustaches? and then mentioning how some dude who plays a district attorney on Patricia Arquette's T.V. show Medium- has a mustache? Well guess who that was? His name is Miguel Sandoval. you see? I make sense sometimes. there is a method to the madness. sometimes Is she from Ireland? That's what I heard. and how the hell did she learn all those African tribal languages, Middle Eastern and Indian grooves all in one lifetime? sveinx p/s/ Sid Vicious was a pussy who's bass was unplugged in all the shows. My opinion - that's all.
  13. Hans Zimmer is heavy. And Lisa Gerrard has the most ethereal and beautiful voice. Like Tim mentioned- she is the singer for Dead Can Dance and put out one of the finest albums ever called 'Spirit Chaser' she also does some guest vocals on Frontline Assembly side project Delerium's record called 'Karma' for those on an ethno-electro- industrial tip. and to get back on track- mustaches. sveinx
  14. OH FUCK!! Did I sign my name 'cexcean' I'm possesed!!!! Did Charles Bernstein have a mustache? Cause the Berenstein Bears once met another bear at the carnival with a mustache. And Miguel Sandoval in Patricia Arquette's show Medium who plays the District Attorney also has a mustache. Which links Bernstein to Wes Craven cause he has always been Craven for a mustache and he directed Nightmare on Elm St. Which kinda sounds like 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and Christmas colors are red and green like Freddy's shirt and his blades are like Wolverine and thats Thomas Logan's territory- you take it from here pal. I'm sorry I dropped the narcos. I was passing it to you and then I dropped it on that dude's mustache. how many degrees was that? 180? sveinx
  15. Yeah, there is a cheapness to it- 'campy' as you say. And that's what gives it that grimy, gritty flavor- they really don't give a fuck. Its trashy and explicit and not well constructed like Cronenberg- NoE is miles away from that- but remember the show got that stamped as their style and the movie reflected it. But the show- like Medium- has fuck ups cause of the speed it was created at. It wasn't well sculpted or anything- and when I recall scenes like 'you wanna get high?' I figure the dialogiue and even the fucking storyline wasn't even important- its all about the visuals and the slick effects they were experimenting with. Horror is shock. At least this type- its purely visual. Its like a relationship with only sex. So yeah, the dialogue and acting and all that sucked and why excuse Patricia- it all sucked but crazy graphic shit was what it was about. Like punk I have mentioned, and hip-hop- cause those both forms of music are parrallel in many ways i think. Punk music was shitty- fuzzed, dirty sounding not with fancy digital bit-crusher' or phaser effects but simply cause their amp was busted. Sex Pistols sucked at guitar, musically they were elementary yet they never cared cause the music was a platform- a foundation through which they can carry their message. They grew up in London ghetto with garbage stacked 6 stories high along the street. Basically- they were pissed off motherfuckers. So the used music/ sound/ to express their political views. Its like that with Freddy and horror- fuck the acting and classical depth of the story- this isn't Shakespeare- its fucking shoving 20,000 syringes in some bitch in a sleazy alleyway and telling her he wants to get high. But NoE makes it up in dropping some of the illest effects I have ever seen including movies in this century. I bet many directors still cannot recreate that melting cycle- or those kids coming out of New York Film Academy would never be able to make people fly given the technology in 80s. These guys had a understanding of film- the actual piece of film. The fucked with splicing and flicker rates and warped chemicals to create all these psychedilc effects we are seeing. The tweaked their films/ produced their effects physically cause the computer was primitive back then. Anyways- my point is: don't talk shit about NoE. cexcean
  16. ummm...thanks. but I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. That's the problem with these forums. Like this shit really expresses what one feels- cause I do that sometimes in real life- like stick a picture on a popsicle stick and put it in fron of my face in conversation and nobody gets me. I'm so misunderstood- I'm telling you TB you need to get one of those crybaby icons! sveinx
  17. Me thinks thou dost be right. O.K. back to Film soundtracks- Is that 'Junet' as in City of Lost Children 'Junet' or am I messing up the spelling? Where do I get that CD. I have only found Badalementi's work on the soundtracks for Twin Peaks, Lost Highway and Mullholland Drive. He is so brilliant but so hard to find. WOW! I've always considered those Freddy Kruegers to be like punk horror films. They were pretty low budget but did some extremely far out experimental effects like Freddy jumping into a video game or in Dream Warriors- a melting tricycle. That shit had some intense effects yet laced in this nasty horror flick. I love that. And they didn't have CGI back in the 80s. and that script was wild. I'm so grateful I got into Thomas's work and this whole scene- I had no idea Darabont and Ray Zone were all part of this RAW vibe. sveinx. p.s. The Blob kicked ass.
  18. John Carpenter did this flick called In the Mouth of Madness and I don't know how that motherfucker tapped into that part of my psyche the scene where its night and the perspective is of you driving down a road and under your headlights you see this guy riding his bicycle on the side of the road- as you pass by the guy turns his freaky head with his freaky face and looks at you all lit from your headlights and something simple done so well psychologically traumatized me to this day. He hit my worst fear sending chills down back. And yes. My worst fear is an old man riding his bike down the street and looking at me. Its just how they do it. take a simple act and freak the fuck out of you. David Cronenber (who uses Howard Shore for his scores) is sneaky like that. Did Rob Zombie do Devil Rejects all by himself or was it a comp? Lost Highway soundtrack was scored by this guy named Angelo Badalementi. It was sequenced by Nine Inch Nails but the composition pieces in between the songs is Angelo. He did that really hot sexy dub track when Pete is fucking Sheila in his car. And he's like this 70 year old, ugly bastard! He scored Twin peaks as well and basically does every David Lynch movie. He's so dark and beautiful. and NIN's 'A Perfect Drug' not a bad tune either. I love Lost Highway- one of my favorite and most inspirational flicks. It's amazing except for that one actress who played Renee/Alice- that girl sucked. They should have gotten Jennifer Love Hewitt or Paris Hilton to play that role. But the girl who actually did act in it- also did this one movie when she was 19 called Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors- a fucked up Wes Craven film also scored by Angelo Badalamenti. She sucked back then too- i just can't remember her damn name. sveinx
  19. I'm glad I made you 'tee hee' I try.
  20. I haven't seen this yet. But if I had to rate Bad Planet 3- I'd give it- and Tim's new pieces gets- The Sweetest Thing gets But if it was in 3-D- remember- these are all out of 5. sveinx
  21. There's gonna be an unique genius to the children's writings. Their imaginations are still running wild. You guys know Shel Silverstien and Dr. Suess right? The latter was a brilliant mathematician gone schizophrenic! These children story authors are fuckin out there. There are books I read as a little kid that I will NEVER forget- like Where the WIld Things Are or my favorite 'Sideways Stories From Wayside School' written by Louis Sachar. I wore down 2 copies of that book in 4th grade. Louis Sachar is a genius. And also wrote this other book called Holes which was adapted into an amazing Disney movie which starred these amazing actors but you guys wouldn't know about that... sveinx p.s.
  22. He kicked ass in Pulp Fiction too. Though there were no shootouts per se, there was a lot of blood splatterred in a car. sveinx
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