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  1. Mike V- yeah, that's exactly how I felt about From Dusk Till Dawn. At first it made me cringe then...it made me cringe harder. I thought it sucked. But after accepting George Cloony and 'embracing' cheap ass vampires- I had fun watching it. Irish46- yes.
  2. Thanks. I give your review two thumbs up. i would give it three, but I can't. sveinx
  3. I like this one. It reminds me of L.A. sveinx
  4. Those are some classics you guys mentioned- Metal Gear, Mega-Man and you gotta give it up for Donkey Kong. My personal favorites: That's right motherfucker. oh, and that code was impressive FADoss. I just wish I could still use it- like take out cash at ATMs from other peoples' accounts. you hear that Thomas? 3-D action! totally fuckin stereoscopic man. makes bad-planet 3 look as flat as paper. the latest in 3-D technology for 1987 and this... some asshole hooked it up to a USB and turned it into a hard-drive. Like how much data could that gold piece of shit actually hold? Like 6 kb? anyways, I left off video games around Sega Genesis. fucked with Super NES for a bit- but that was it. I really junked out on Nintendo though. My very first video game system was Atari 600XL. Yeah, that's right. You heard me. 600. I know people who go way back into Coleco. I used to play some game on a PC called Mech Warriors for a bit and then just forgot about it till one of my roommates in college started cracking out on Grand Theft Auto- Vice City and Halo. And that's when I remembered the 'power' of video games. But that shit has gotten too complicated and lost some of its charm. Though, I feel development for things like video-games will prove to have greater and more versatile applications than we've ever dreamed. Like virtual reality so virtually real its pretty much real. i respect and appreciate the artform but honestly, I could care less. This is my video game these days. But i think I got a bunch of dust in it. and am ready to throw it out. I already beat it. it took me two years and there was nothing in the end- like no bonus level or nothing. sveinx
  5. WOW! super-dynamic. acidic. his left eye is fuckin' ill and I like the texture of the clothes and this sorta cinged/burned light reflections. and that gun pops out so far you really think you're gonna get blasted. nice. sveinx
  6. That's pretty cool. I like the stiffness look- like his posture. Its very straight and triggers a sense of determination or adamant or focused- sharp as the bullet firing out of his gun. All that is cool. Love the angles of the hat and sleeve- real threatening. However, his left hand is screwed up. unless he's wearing some funky mittens. you got an eraser? sveinx
  7. Mike V- Thomas Logan- Mike V again- O.K. I haven't seen the trailer yet but I guess this will do. The Punisher is meditating while shitting out apples and oranges in an abandoned warehouse. When is this flick coming out? oh, and earlier I was just making a couple references to people killing their brothers in literature and I don't know- just to point out that man can go that far- to murder their own blood. But you know- honestly, I have people I would much rather call my brother than a bunch of assholes in my family. Just cause they're blood-related doesn't mean they are good. My brother doesn't need to have my DNA. anyways, fuck brothers. brothers are over-rated anyway. and what the fuck are ham-fingers? sveinx
  8. Wait hang on. Let's talk about this for a second. TB- It took you 38 seconds to read that?
  9. what the hell do you want me to be talking about?
  10. Thomas Jane- Hey~ an eye for an eye baby! a tooth for freakin' tooth. Fuckin Hamlet's uncle did it. Uncle Claudius killed his brother for his wife and throne. the $$$price$$$ was just about right. no it wasn't. A true brother you can't kill. or can you? In Indian mythology 2 brothers led war against each other for the universe. I mean- that's pretty tempting - the whole fuckin' universe, dude? Oedipus fucked his mom and killed his dad. Albiet he was 'misled' he surely didn't mind it that much cause when he found out, all he did was gouge out his eyes with Jocasta's pin. He just blinded himself. You would think he would committ suicide or something if it meant that much to him. sveinx
  11. actually... my friends call me Bob. it's true. but it's stupid isn't it? you'd think after the reputation I earned, that 'Bob' sorta destroys my hardcore gangster image. But yeah, Bob is what they call me. But that's not nearly as weird as Thomas's brothers name- John Jane? That's like if my name was Bob Bab. sveinx
  12. Thanks for that noelandloveschocolatecake. FADoss- thanks for that link but I'm gonna hold off on watchin' that video till I smoke some crack. He had a scene in True Romance where he was a Elvis ghost and he the singing he does of I think Love Me Tender is actually him. And I don't know if he actually sang all the Doors songs when he played Jim Morrison. Which he did quite well. Cause I know Jim Morrison. Cause I am Robert Deniro. sveinx
  13. Why would you want to frighten horses? They are just horses. sveinx
  14. FADoss- I didn't know Val Kilmer played in a band- thanks for the heads up. Thomas Jane- thanks for answering my question- but you answered the one I was less interested in. You're not gonna answer the other one, are you? But anyways, cool. yeah, guitars are like a pair of worn out out jeans. the more tattered and torn up, the softer and more comfortable and I guess more sentimental they get. But I hate those new jeans that sell in like Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle that's already worn out and faded. That shit pisses me off. Yamaha is a cool company. Its the only company that makes guitars, developed FFT synthesis and makes motorcycles. oh what else, oh yeah. I wish I had a brother John on lead. My brother is an alien. and hates art. But I have heard a few music projects made up of brothers- this French electronice thing- Ultra Milkmaid, this group Monolake- there are a few- and these projects are always tight cause I think there is some weird instinct/telepathic connection and tightness going on with siblings when performing. That's pretty neat. anyways, Thomas- I kinda dig you dude. wish your family the best and I got a interview written up for Patricia which is completely out of control- if you ever want to- you know where to find me and its not here- its over there. This RAW shit is tight. very cool scene you guys are propagating and developing. very cool work you guys are producing. love you very much- for reasons you will NEVER know, sveinx
  15. which world? like Jupiter- the jupiterpeople's world or you talkin' about Earth? sveinx
  16. I don't see anybody else here. Then who the fuck Am I talkin to? Am I shizo cause I am basically talking to my computer right now and its giving me the silent treatment. and besides- you can't be Robert Deniro because I am Robert Deniro. sveinx
  17. Thomas Jane- who are you talking about? Lindsay Lohan? Paris? Dakota Fanning? Christina Ricci? what hot young actress? Brittany Murphy? Naomi Watts? The motherfuckin' Olsen twins? please clarify. A.S.A.P. and tell me whats going on with Patricia's laptop I posted earlier. Jesus man! I'm on your side. fuck. don't you realize mediumfan and I have a whole fucking fansite dedicated to your lady friend there- give us a little credit! anyways, Happy Everything. bye dude. sveinx
  18. noelandlovesmachetes- yeah, but it isn't nearly as cool when Tim does it anymore- cause he's always posting. sveinx
  19. Hey man- are you Robert Deniro? you are aren't you?
  20. That's true. and what teenage boy with artisitc ambitions hasn't read Samuel Langehorn Clemens? in his basement. sveinx
  21. Thank you for that. It really elucidates what I feel is going on. Every instant our mind is changing, morphing, evolving whatever- your perception though it seems like you are the same person today as yesterday- a rush of sensory input changes you- the mind you perceive through right now is different from the one that you had when clicking on this forum a few minutes ago. So like your quote- the art you produce NOW or rather excorcize now is being filtered through a mind that is unique for this instant. as far as Thomas Jane is concerned- I do appreciate his very stripped down raw flavor. His music isn't highly polished and there isn't any fancy icing- its just real gritty and fuck the audio engineering calculated post-production type of vibe. Its very freeform it seems and whatever comes out- comes out- 'lay it down' as Thomas says. This force spits through him and he is just recording what he sees and feels. More like a camera. Which is cool in a way for it is instantaneous expression. It isn't heavily sculpted in a studio. Its a channelling that happenned very purely. An expression- as soon as he picked up the guitar- it isn't even about the sonics and the quality of audio as it is about the passion behind the striking of each note. I dig that. I just wish he was just as instantaneous in answering my question but....he's too busy remembering Samuel Langehorn Clemens. sveinx
  22. what a little pretty boy. he doesn't even wear glasses. no. I'm being facetious and kinda nautious lookin at it but no- this is a beautiful picture. Too bad that's not his kid. Flipping through this thread- I realized Thomas seems like a kind spirit. mainly through his smiles. Oh wait is he reading this? In that case- Fuck you Tommy. sveinx
  23. noelandlovesguns- Mike V- yeah, I learned that from a friend way back. We put on this atrocious pop ballad from the 80s. It made me cringe but he was doing it on purpose to torture me. And then I was told to listen to the song as if it was originally the coolest song ever made but was just coming out all warped through the speakers. It made me laugh so hard that I don't mind listening to bad music once in a while- same goes for movies- the screen you are watching just happenned to be fucked up that day. Its a good philosophy and makes all the bad and wrong things in this world, as far as pop culture, bearable and funny. sveinx
  24. I'm telling him you said that.
  25. Hi Thomas- What website is this? I suspect it is the one mediumfan and I moderate but as you can see she was sneaky about it and flashed the camera her laptop for a split second and stuck her tongue out. The layout of vertical centered photographs look similar but I was told it could also be Facebook. please find out for me. and I'll return the favor somehow. There isn't really anything i can do for you but...if you think of something. If you answer this question- I promise you- you will shut me and mediumfan up on this thread for good. I'm just DYIN' TO KNOW! sveinx
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