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  1. I was hestinant to sound that harsh cause I don't want to come off as righteoues. And like MikeV has said- Thomas mentioned quitting. Which is wonderful. Obviously, i don't know what the situation is with him exactly- it could just be bad luck or an issue. Either way- it doesn't hurt to remind him that alcohol will only take you down and since artists have a slight propensity to self-destruction and subsequent downward spiral- its better to slap him on the wrist and remind him that you can get burned if you fuck with fire. Many artists took drugs- some of their creative output was enhanced and some's deterioated but ALL of the artists i have heard in history that turned to the bottle go down. So thomas- I apologize for being presumptious but its always good to talk to people around you and ask what they think. And I figure if you are struggling internally with this vicous beast then make the most of your classes and probation and you may even discover a substitute for that kick you get off liquor that will prove more rewarding and productive for your life. I'm done now. sveinx
  2. So Super Stories is out- you can flip through the first 15 pages of the book here in this cool little digi-thing they made. The book has some cool graphics for children and weird adults and is like 20 bucks or something that goesdirectly to charity but you know all that. http://www.blurb.com/books/245633
  3. noelandlovesflowers- what's an assdonkey? cause a donkey is an ass. Its another word for it so you're basically saying ass-ass. Which is a little excessive but if you were to flip it around you might have somethin' there. donkeyass. now, you got an ass of an ass. which is pretty low and thus, a powerful insult. also- I'm pretty certain the production of a comic book or graphic novel isn't as expensive as a film and your guys idea of justice for the Punisher may be even better felt and controlled through that form. just an idea. and I don't think anyone would say 'dry-hump' I haven't heard that one since 6th grade. However, just a side note- Richmond Arquette as some of you may know- Thomas Jane's brother-in-law had a small line in the FX show 'Dirt' which was probably the most obnoxious slur I have heard to date. He was playing a papparazzi who called someone a donkeybreath pantyhead. I don't think anyone can top that. sveinx
  4. Tim Bradstreet- for real! There's 133 pages of anticipation here and though I think its great to breakdown a film concept cause this thread did reveal a lot of insight into peoples take on the Punisher and the stories' dynamics- that's all cool and everything- but WAY too much analysis and speculation will totally trash your experience of the movie. Cause some of you will be watching it and will be trying to figure out how to justify your predictions during the whole thing. chill out- for those that expect to hate it- it might surprise you. for those that expect to love it- it might surprise you. I'm just sayin don't ruin it for yourselves. All this can make it stale. They should make a movie about a bunch of guys talking about a movie before it comes out and one of em loses his shit and kills everyone. sveinx
  5. RAW is WAR spelled backwards. coincidence? wonder what RAW means, actually. Mayeb its too early in the morning but when I read your post- use sounded like a cyborg alien to me. Which is crazy cause if you think about how our language developed- specifically technological lingo like codecs and RAM and oh shit- Random Access Memory- RAM has the same letters as RAW except the W is flipped around- coincindence? anyways- yeah- if like back in the 50s you try to explain someone some of the stuff we have now- they'll think it came out of a science fiction comic. Like going back in time and telling someone you left your cell in your microwave- they would recruit physicists to interpret your statement. But as they say- yesterdays science fiction is today's fact. or something like that. sveinx
  6. cool. thanks for that. Your reply right there made me a little more comfortable to do some independent study on it. Its good to know that people are doin it without formal education as well and thus a medium open to everyone. But its nice to know that you have found personal information out there. Download this free visualizer for winamp. Its called MilkDrop programmed by Ryan Geiss. http://www.nullsoft.com/free/milkdrop/screenshots.html This is a taste of these computer generated constantly flowing and as you say mind-messing 'spinning vortex' and among these hundreds of presets available there is a nice handful of 3-D patterns. Remember- these are in constant motion. Its pretty out-there. Download Winamp- http://www.winamp.com/ search 'Milkdrop' under the PLUG-IN tab. That way you can see how the process of scanning and installing various stylish programs works. Its so easy. You see a shot that looks cool and click the button next to it and within 5 seconds it installs itself into your winamp list. This type of image generator that responds to audio are called visualizers for those that don't know. download milkdrop from there (and go to the official site provided above to get new preset banks) now when you play music in winamp- you can go to winamps menu and select visualization and in the box you will see a set of these plug-ins- some default ones- some really well done. if all goes well, you'll see milkdrop on the list- select that and you're off to twisted 3-D computer graphic lala land. I'll walk anyone through it if there are any questions. I'm personally into G-Force by Andy O Meara. It isn't 3-D but the liquified bleeding colors and designs are just breathtaking sveinx MOD EDIT
  7. sveinx


    irish46- wung. did I win the microwave? sveinx
  8. Fuckin' rad. so chroma depth is about quantity of certain colors, huh? I haven't delved into this whole 3-D thing as much YET. I heard 3-D is basically done by taking 2 copies of an image- photo taken 7 degrees apart and then superimposing them. Its a mystery to me but when I see Impalas flyin out of the page of BP 3 and into my face and spaceships skidding out the book and grazing my pillow and flying back in the page or a slanted view of some guy getting sliced in half and his torso popping out onto my coffee table- I mean Bad Planet 3 rocked my head hard. And the artwork is so beautiful. What I find completely stunning in that issue was this one page- its was a left page and this woman is squatting on the street against a car- you can see the white house in the back and all these crazy explosions- the depth of that car parked on the street and the woman's body coming out towards you but the car is facing another angle and you get the sense of the depth in that direction and the street winds the other way- its like how do you fucking engineer drawing to come out like that. so I wanted to know if you could 3-D ize any drawing. Like lets some from the 'show your wares' thread. Just any drawing. Can you make it 3-D? If so how do you control the dynamics of depth in such a varied way- like the woman facing one way, the car another, the buildings at another angle. By facing in a direction- I mean XYZ vectors- directional in space- I have no idea how you control and I don't think I want to know cause sometimes mysteries are best not revealed. So how do people get into 3-D development. what's the scene- like burnout optometrist's- what kind of degrees do you need and what kind of companies hire you. Its so rare. It shouldn't be though. 3-D glasses at the popstand should be as common as pickin up some gum. The whole world should be 3-D and people could have SO much fun with it. A new generation of 3-D artists come about as kids start fuckin with it when they are 8- the whole artform can develop if it was taught. They don't teach 3-D in art class in school. So the conception isn't developing among young kids enough to understand the nature of the medium to put out creative work. Thomas and Tim and Daly are an exception- they are explorers- Magellan. I know they did kickass work and I'm dyin for Dark Country- but like any artist- this is just ONE style. Their style. Its sucks that its so expensive or else we woulda seen a lot of interesting 3-D expression- oh well. Like check this out- billions of people are walkin around with a pack of cigarettes right this instant. or bubblegum or a lighter or chapstick. These items are common fixtures in our pockets. so why not 3-D glasses? your car should have a mode that like auto-tints your windshield in 3-D. so now people got to assimilate 3-D into daily life. Like makin posters or even things like large Clavin Klien ads at the Mall- I don't know what I'm talkin about. But I don't get why 3-D is so alien to pop culture- its so fuckin cool yet nobody works creatively with 3-D. fuckin' weird. so naughty huh? why do you say that? They look nice to me. we just want to help you finally, if you don't mind can you center your 3-D images for me please? all you do is highlight everything first and then hit the centerlines button. cause I'm looking forward to whippin out my 3-D glasses for this one and being off-center is fuckin' with my dimensions man! sveinx
  9. TL- dude, what's it with you and shitting? you addicted to laxatives of something? The Punisher Warzone thread almost made me throw up there was so much shitting involved. Talkin' about shitting trucks and stuff. what the fuck, yo? sveinx
  10. This is a psuedo- apology that I felt I had to make to Thomas Jane. I tried p.m'ing him so I didn't have to waste forum space but it's deactivated so I'm putting it here. Hey- I'm sorry. not really but you know, a little bit. cause I wasn't insulting your wife. There was a communication gap. maybe you should steer clear of my site afterall. you peek in there- you'll have an aneurism. be rest assured- I am not defaming your wife but rather enlighten people to her. Teaching through her. Albiet with a filthy mouth- but personally I have always found classical teachers boring and ineffective- I am experimenting with something different. It really isn't even about Patricia over there- at least to me personally. She's just a device. A piece of chalk for my chalkboard. There's nothing personal about my expletives. so it's not your wife I'm talking about but rather a piece of chalk. i was presumptious and shouldn't have expected you to get it. so before you get people to shut down that site- I want you to know- I actually respect her- more than you'll ever know. unfortunately. sorry it had to go down like this. I had no choice. The only thing I regret is disrupting the vibe of your board and I am truly sorry for that. I shouldn't have expected you to get an inside joke before knowing you were on the inside or not. But then again, how else would I have figured it out? sveinx p.s. you ever think of turning films into comics.
  11. Jen- Au contraire dear, the highest he has ever sung was on 'The Perfect Drug' on the Lost Highway soundtrack. sveinx
  12. continued. and some classic 3-D in the mix so bust out the red/cyan glasses for these. Aztecs- sveinx
  13. Stereo-imaging has really lit my interest in visual processing and illusions and dimensions and anything optics thanks to the inspirational Bad Planet 3 stereoscopic madness. Here are some mind-blowing images. "Through the stereo window!" This photograph was taken with a Realist 3.5 stereo camera (newer model with "Germany" lenses) using 35mm Fuji Pan-F Black & White film. I believe the exposure time was about 1/50 of a second; f5.6. This is a 3-D stereo photograph that can be viewed in the third dimension by crossing your eyes. Cross your eyes slowly until you see three images; focus on the middle image and you will begin see it in the third dimension. Stereo viewing requires practice; if you cannot see it within five to ten minutes, come back to this image at a later time and do try again. Did you see that shit! check these out. sveinx
  14. Thanks for link. I'm still fascinated by this issue- just can't get over how well its done and have convinced so many people to put on my pair of 3-D glasses and look at it for a second and then I got to convince them after half an hour that its best for both them and me that they take it off cause 3-D rays can give you cancer. But I was at Union Square Park in Manhattan the other day and was traveling to Connecticut so I had my suitcase with me carrying all 5 issues. So I'm sitting park and had my friend wearing the glasses- I had 2 pairs and telling her how super-radical it is all enthusiastic and really loud and she's just spacing out wearing these glasses and I felt bad for these skater punks sitting next to us cause they obviously overheard me so I had to pass it around and the park watching my red and blue paper shades get passed around to skaters, drug dealers, hobos, circus freaks, street musicians, NYU liberal art majors plus the park is right across the street from a shop that sells it, Forbidden Planet and I bought a issue for a friend's going away party- just wish it was more expensive. Nobody likes to believe something of that high quality can be sold for so cheap. anyways- nice work- Ray Zone, Tim Bradstreet, Steve Niles and James Daly sincerely, sveinx
  15. yeah, this is an extremely cool find. thank you. what would be really funny is if the sound of the movie is in mono. what's truly fascinating is Thomas's 3-D superpowers. He actually has black space that he can cut into if he so desires. But as far as articulate matte- its funny listening to Thomas talk about it how he doesn't think it has been done before and wants to be the first. He sounds like some dude up in scotland who just built his own airplane like in 1953 and thinks he's gonna be the first guy to ever fly. sorry pal. but mad respect nevertheless to Thomas Jane. Ron Perlman did this movie called 'The City of Lost Children'- one of the coolest movies ever. and I like how Thomas breaks down his shit- he is very articulate. for a mumbling bastard. sveinx
  16. so this is the C chord? O.K. The C chord frightens the horses? O.K. you ready. a 1. a 2. a 1-2-3 Frighten the horse. Frighten the horse. scare the shit out of the poor little horsey. No? How about this? Frighten the horse. Frighten the horse. Cause we got nothin' else to do. ahh, fuck it. let's take a cigar break. THOOOOMMMAAASSSS- what's that crap you were playing in the living room? come watch Medium with me. shut up. I was making cool art. and get back online this furniture ain't old enough! and Meghan Doyle bought me a $2400 cashmere robe. you like it? Thomas- you want to kill me now? sveinx
  17. oooo French Tom. I want some French Tom.
  18. Amy- Ice T!! now there's a nick name for Thomas. I was also thinkin' T-Bone or T-Rex or... Mr. T But I don't think he'll be into those- maybe peeping Tom- or Raw Tom. sveinx I'm just kidding Mr. Jane.
  19. Oh my God- this thread has turned into a Warzone!
  20. WOW! I know its not the best criticism but its all I got right now. and everyone on this page is brilliant. I mean, some are more brilliant than others but keep practicing and everyone will eventually be just as brilliant as the next guy. or something like that. sveinx
  21. Have you heard Leash? It is sooooooo good!!
  22. Jen- dude- that beard came in fast!
  23. kiawt skye Its a psychological thing. The mass won't take it seriously whatsoever. Though even Thomas Jane has said in an interview that one could b just as intense in a PG- 13 as in R- which is totally true cause the effect or 'intensity' truly comes from the storyline and set-ups of scenes and things. I have freaked out harder from a blade slitting a wrist than watching bloody as hell massacres in movies. But the fact is, if you rate it PG-13- you may get more young adolescents but they aren't gonna understand shit anyway plus you'll lose mature fanbase cause uh...it's FUCKING PG-13! sveinx
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