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  1. oh i'm pretty sure it well be a brainless one.wow i didn't think tom wound do a movie like that
  2. wow what a true classic horro film a real movie finally one of the deepist storys ever great cast great diretor and toms proformens was wonderfull i was spechless after watching this masterpice such a deep story wow unbeliveble best movie of the year ill never forget it amezing ture horro film makeing just like the old days wow
  3. give me a brake enchanted come on even tho james marsden is a good actor its just to silly
  4. i kown if they made this film it wound be a another to big typical hollywood action stupid film i wound not want to see tom in that kind of film to big to hollywood not deep a nuff like the mist
  5. can anyone tell me when this is comeing out? i was wondering how thomas gets a mohak to aww guess ill have to wait
  6. hello tom wow its great your doing Q&A thanks alot you probaly don't remember but i meet you at the wizard comic show me and my mom stoped you for a photo with me well any way so tom what do you think about films thes days like horro or sifi they seem to be getting very bad to me what do you think? like the new hollween did you see it?to me it was trash very bad all thes new 2OO7 horror films are just unwatchable what happen to the old days whith films like the thing with great old actors?
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