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    Currently long drives, camp fires, organic foods and juicing, playing tennis, bike riding, floating on a air mattress down the river, current affairs, reading everything I can, sleeping in and making people smile.

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  1. CinPin

    I JUST...

    Wow, glad you weathered the storms. Summer and fall went really fast. Ready or not, time to hunker down again. Have you ever used ROKU? Got it to watch netflix on TV, it has lots of free movie and music and things like TED talks and enrichment topics. Great to snuggle up and relax.
  2. CinPin

    I JUST...

    Sounds like a great time for a nature walk - please find a stone - small enough for your pocket. Sun Correla has kept my jazzed, juicing and meditating in the Sauna. I am amazed at the energy from saying the sound huuuu, short for all of the religions name for god. Human is God Man....and so on. You do not need to think about other peoples opinions or stupid slurs, find your own happy. The small pebble is to have your ROCK - for gratitude. And then the fun starts. I am doing laundry and it is midnight. The most unpredictable moments are when you are the passenger and you are with a 15 year old. I am getting so elaborate. it may be time to - either fold or ?
  3. CinPin

    I JUST...

    The cow phone cracked me up alot.
  4. CinPin

    I JUST...

    I am jealous you have horses, how cool on your picture!
  5. CinPin

    I JUST...

    That must be an unwritten rule because of a money trail. The driving part really creeps me out. I like your reporting.
  6. CinPin

    I JUST...

    There should be some kind of consent when a child if photographed. You are the spunky one, but if you dropped your drawers, your butt would be photographed by jerky people who were trying to get a rise out of you. Kind of a catch 22. Oh ya, my bad - that did happen. Hope there will be some new laws for Respect for the Individual, like look what happened to Princess Dianna. Guess some really good disguises would give some privacy sometimes and be kind of fun, also.
  7. CinPin

    I JUST...

    Very cool, you get to watch great movies and write about it ...and....live in Ireland!
  8. CinPin

    I JUST...

    Oh, I will pray for your families passing. Please remind your mom of all the people who have passed that he is being welcomed by. We will all be together again. It is so hard when we are here and miss them though. So sorry for your sadness. There is so many troubles that have come your way recently. Please take try to relax, eat well and think positive so you can stay strong. Wish there was a hug smiley because I am sending one your way (((( ))))).
  9. Hello, what are the reviews saying and where do you find so much info all the time? You are very good at finding it. Did you see the scene in the trailer? That was all I saw of him in it. Still my favorite part ! We watched it at least 4 times because there was so much going on!
  10. Ahhh, that was funny! It is hard to keep up with all of them.
  11. CinPin

    I JUST...

    Interesting, my husband is a nurse and wound specialist. Sees a lot of that stuff being in assisted living for Alzheimers and elderly patients. Wonder is he has any advise. Glad you guys are close by.
  12. Just in, On Demand. That was easy to find. There sure was a lot of crazy scenes, like WTF (excuse my french, but really)! Watched it twice now to catch it all. THE MAN sure is captivating.
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