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  1. Hey guys, gals & stud muffins...I apologize for jumping back in so late...had some health issues but I'm still here to scream from my corner of the globe...so happy to hear that we are getting somewhere...so excited to see that Tom A is not only a great actor with possibilities, but damn if he isn't the nicest & most humble dude too...Appreciate the shout & I smell all the love! AWESOMENESS! Well I just took my meds & they make me loopy & a lil sleepy....I may have to fly to LA or Utah and sleep under some damn stars myself...no biking for me...lol! If yall need me...hit me
  2. Hey TJ...I would like to believe that YOU read this...I would LOVE to believe that YOU will contact this dude who put himself out there & basically begged to work with & alongside you! You owe me nothing but as a fan & supporter of your work & art I'd love proof that YOU will bring this guy in and make sure that he gets his chance! I've been promised plenty in my life. ..horses, puppies & bikes from my folks as a kid...all kinds of sex from girls & no racism or favoritism when applying for job after job after gig after gig....yet here I am watching despicable me with f
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