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  1. Awww man ! Now I've GOTTA get a faceyspace. Almost everyone who has invited me to join now complains incessantly about what a bother it's become. There was a clean and untouched feeling that I loved about never jumping into the FB mosh-pit. Brian's post has just made it super hard to stay away from the temptation here. Having a difficult time admitting it, but... it looks like I'm about to get dirty. Now I'm really gonna get it... they're going to POKE my brains out ! Ahhh, you got me ! I'm going to do it. See you soon Tim. -M
  2. Tim, you earned that Inkpot ! ...applause and cheers ! About to check out of hotel & go have a big breakfast (then home). More photos soon.....
  3. The show's been pretty good. I've always loved dining out here & have been eating like royalty. Regular breaks away from it all are often needed to keep away the people phobia feeling... the crowds are huge ! It's fine at first, but Fridays and Saturdays are ginormous. Here's how it starts in a front view from the hotel room (yes, I'm hanging out over the balcony to get this shot & making others inside feel wobbly in the knees). The line that snakes around, through & up the convention center always backs up behind this hotel. While looking out the window of my room early
  4. Sorry to say that if you weren't here this year, you are automatically excluded from purchasing tickets for next year as soon as they come up for sale in August (to current holders only) and it's highly unlikely there'll be anything left after this ravenous lot has it's way with this place. With each passing year (since 'the change') it's become more difficult to get in for the average bear. Truth be told, if you blink, you're out. I've been here since the 90's began when it was another animal all together. I have a renewed appreciation for the smaller shows. Those shows are all about comic bo
  5. Thank you Thomas !!!!! That's the funniest (and truest) thing that I've read in some time (It gave me the Snoopy laughs). To all of you who've never been, it's brutal in every way. I'm sure you've seen photos online that make you wish that you too were running with the bulls, but this year I will try to capture some moments why preparation is so very pertinent. Honestly, this is what you'll see while trying to DO the Con..... The calm before the storm: There are moments like this that keep me coming: All I need to do now is pack (crumbcake!) To everyone sensitive t
  6. Mermaid Man... nooooo! 'The Flight of the Phoenix' and 'The Dirty Dozen'... classiclly unforgettable. Want to see these films again RIGHT NOW. And so, I think I will tonight. RIP EB
  7. Marcia

    I JUST...

    Congrats to your boy..... Good job !
  8. Happy Birthday you dirty girl !
  9. Is there, somehow, a maybe-baby chance that you'll play &/or sing something too? I've seen and heard you before. Your musical (out the window) inhibitions roused, energized & amazed... what you did really surprise me ! Plus, I know you've got that 12-string (& a couple of other gui-taars)... pretty please (with um-hmm sprinkles on top) someday ;^}
  10. I like it too... that small town feel, but see where you're looking to freshen everything up a tink. The question is, what do YOU want to see? Surely there's a seed of an idea rattling around in your coconut already. A muse can nourish it to fruition and inspire even more growth, but you already know what you want. Trust your gut instinct... the best is destined to come. Think about it and we'll touch base on the flip. Yes, there was some training in graphic design, DOS, blah blah blah & all that jazz, but I left the college early due to a legal snafu. One of their teachers had stolen
  11. It's the same one Noland mentioned long ago (originally posted by Joe)... love it ! The not so little tech-thingy this place had earlier this week seemed to have bounced it & now is only able to show up much smaller, oh well (getting a clearer picture of Thomas' SOS)... reposted it- fixed. :^]
  12. A hard working man always has and always will be... so respectable.
  13. Always thought this piece was awesome. It would look great framed and hung up on a wall... & big, really big
  14. O boy- O boy- O boy- O boy- O boy ! I'm ALL excited about this ! And this artwork is really rubbing me the right way too. Bitchin' !
  15. Thanks kitty-cat. I just really wanted it to work & gave it a whirl. It took more then a few times for me as well. Oh, Eden... it was a really long movie (and what you originally wrote on what Thomas said about it was right). It had to be watched in bits and some of it was viewed sideways because it was making me sleepy.
  16. Good news... If your issue with regional dvds ever comes up again, there are 'secret' codes that can reprogram most dvd players into all-region versions (without the need to purchase any more equipment). Look up all region dvd player codes, type in your dvd player's particular make and model number. Then enter the code (or codes) using your remote control & ~voilĂ  ! I've altered every machine in my home and it works like a dream. Also cool because it made watching the Russian copy of "Eden" possible in every room. As far as downloading the 3D version goes... If you have a PS3 it c
  17. Surprisingly, I do not have a faceyspace. Even though I'm in the nucleus of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc..... This is the only place I come. So, seeing much of what's noted here takes an alternate route, but there always is one. This film, I loved and the creativity involved was is veritably exciting. MADEFIRE - Liam Sharp
  18. Marcia

    I JUST...

    ... can't sleep. Nothing's wrong, things are good, great in fact. Not thinking about particle beams & splitters, solar winds or chemtrails (ulch!). Just seem to have a case of the big eye tonight (er... last night). Stared at the patterns in the wood ceiling and changed positions more times than a skydiver. There's nothing holding my interest on the internet and don't want news. So now I'm sitting here sqishing my toes into a soft velvet pillow at the foot of the bed and daydreaming about surfing. So relaxed right now. This song reminds me of that moment, after, laying down to dry off
  19. Hypnotic...............................................................! What a lovely compliment, Thank You.
  20. Hmmmm...................................................................
  21. Hey, speaking of magnetic wavelengths... here's an interesting thing-a-ma-jig. In a conscience effort to temporarily side-step consciousness, this morning became a shopping trip for Guinness pint glasses. Some were found, but not the quality sought & suddenly, something compelled me to enter this shop deeper after deciding to quickly touch & go as usual. Upon arrival to the furthest corner of the building something I wasn't looking for... found me. Rods! (Crumbcake!). Seriously, I have no idea which room to put these in or why they're even here now. There're now in an unus
  22. 'Rods', or 'Skyfish' were once posed as beings living on a separate frequency than the 4Hz - 8Hz of the human brain and life on Earth. They are simply optical illusions caused by video cameras that operate on multiple image rotation. Most often birds or insects (as mentioned above) are to blame with speed and distance causing some image information to get lost. It's not that the camera is lying... it just doesn't know how to tell the truth & is unable to give the full story desired. The magnetic field is a subject of great interest. It's fascinating how it's directly related to earthq
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