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  1. Aurora (and Unk) ..... Dave Stevens and Wally Wood .....
  2. Like the Dark Shadows poster. The second one is cool too ... Is that a Dusenberg (or a Daimler-Duesie mix) ?
  3. Thanks ..... It's funny you mentioned deer ... As a kid, my father and I would gather apples, head up to the top of Mt. Madonna and feed the white Fallow deer (imported from Germany). My father said they could talk with their eyes and could be heard if I looked into them. I'd become convinced and forever entranced by them (even though we hunted other deer for food). Everywhere we lived had walls full of antler racks with a story. Another weird thing ... there are three snowy white owls living in a palm tree (here in California) across from my house. They fly up the driveway in the same
  4. Happy Birthday with a 'Blue Moon' to boot ..... the night is yours !
  5. Former NASA astronaut and Apollo 11 captain Neil Armstrong died today of complications following heart surgery. He was 82.
  6. Thanks for slipping this in here. It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy... on the outside. Great pic.
  7. Curiosity thrilled the cat..... Have you ever heard a crash, seen a fire or someone else's pro-grade fireworks nearby ? Did you come closer to give it a longer look, yet kept your distance ? Fireworks are a strange thing that Earthlings thrive on them emotionally. Like these cute, crow-faced raccoons that gather around my home at night that are a source of entertainment through the large windows in the back of this house. They play, climb, eat, wash, wrestle... mate. However, they also do things like this..... Watching them through the glass is like watching an aquari
  8. Yeah ?! Well, check this out..... It's not a plane, blimp, helicopter nor is it a 'Star Wars Millennium Falcon' flying toy. What on Earth moves like this ????? http://youtu.be/m0_X-WYI5jE "Välkommen till denna värld- Welcome to this world". http://youtu.be/GxuiUbg3SiQ
  9. I smiled through this when it showed up. Mark Stock's beautiful paintings caught my attention years ago while collecting Jack Vettriano's stuff (also with a butler). San Francisco's 'Bix' restaurant is wonderful and 'the lady of the house' was Jennifer Siebel-Newsom. She married San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Funny thing... An old acquaintance (a musician) was a dinner guest sitting in front of Thomas at the table. He changed his name to Cole Panther when he became an actor, but I knew him as Robert Seidler (Ah, the '80's). http://youtu.be/bKXw--xBU9g The Butler's backstory is
  10. As a kid, I have to admit that I had both of these and played with them hard. Poor Lindsay Wagner's hair had no good days, And my $6-man could not be rebuilt after sky jumping from a tree. Most of him rests forever in a Tonka graveyard at the bottom of a cliff. Continued carrying the rest of him around for quite some time 'cause looking through his eye was cool !
  11. Thanks Thomas for that Disney thing. Such a strange thing to say..... (I mean... Disney's great ! ... please don't sue me ). Having contact doesn't seem to be a choice situation so, being fined $5,000.00 + imprisonment is beyond bizarre. Why is this a (punishable) law if it weren't possible to do?
  12. Gale Crater tonight- August 5th, 2012 ! Tonight at 10:31 pm (PST) Mars Rover Curiosity will be landing... veeewy caefowie. http://youtu.be/h2I8AoB1xgU https://vimeo.com/46817079
  13. How cool is this ? I love Drew's work (heavily infuenced by him as an illustrator) and he's an awesome human being. Thanks Jen.
  14. The "Super Sport" Camero had an 'SS' with a number under it (350, 396, 427) on the middle of the grill in front. The ones with "Rally Sport" options had a 'RS' on the temple (or front fender). Sounds like a wicked ride no matter what he had. Were you talking about Mustangs? When life got better it was the 1965 Shelby Fastback... all the way (navy blue w/ GT options). Drove someone else's Cobra. Thought it was ugly, but loved the noise it made when you fired it up (it was a real head turner. I was underage, yet felt like such a badass in it). I'm such a dork !
  15. Appearances aside (& being 100% lovely little lady), was raised with cars, hunting and surfing... total tomboy, must be why I hang out with these weirdos.
  16. '67, '68 & '69 were the best Cameros !!!!! I had a '67 Mustang that I actually slept in while living in Santa Cruz. It was 'cherry'... then the steering went out & was too poor to fix it then. Miss that 'ol bucket of bolts (sort of).
  17. Sweeeeet. What's it going to be painted ? Or was it just parked in the sun too long ? It's been around 105 everyday in Las Vegas lately.
  18. Magnificent ! The beginning shows footage seen before (quite likely in something you've shown me before), but love how it's tied in with this stunning, well-formed presentation. There's a fixation with space, Mars and the Moon that even got me nicknamed "Mars" for a little while in one (thick accented) scientist's effort to make Marçia (Mar-see-ah) monosyllabic. I'm liking the crater's name "Marius" (sounds like 'marry us') & got a chill upon seeing the number '2' structure in the Doppelmayer crater. Any thoughts on the towers, pyramids, faces & whatever this* is near the mask on M
  19. Sheesh-ka-bobs ! What's going on ? It's a short flick based on a violent comic book character. Comic books were originally intended for soldiers of war... not children. Ritchie-Rich is for kids (even Archie is sharing more these days than I care to know about his private life). Why'd Frank take so long to act ? The "Punisher" that I've come to know and love hit the 'Quit that shit' button years ago. Maybe he's been trying to change his ways. I mean, quite clearly, he's given up drinking &/or exercises temperance. Or, maybe those recipes in Better Homes and Garden magazine were
  20. You guys are killing me... laughing so hard, my eyes are watering.
  21. * Hybrids ..... fringe theory or science ? -Grays or Biblical Nachash ?
  22. So sorry to have missed so much this year with you guys that there's literally an ache (can't explain it any other way). Always enjoy hanging out & giving the RAW booth some love. Did many things separately from the con & spent more time out than ever. After leaving the Hard Rock, I wondered around on my own and did a little shopping downtown on Saturday afternoon. Comic-Con... filling the streets and spinning like a top. It's my favorite kind of crazy (really do love this show). ... and he's a banana.
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