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  1. muchas gracias raw amigos! twas a good year with many adventures (and a few misadventures). Thanks for the kind words Tim, it was a hell of a year work-wise, never been busier. since becoming a father, my daughter Rosanna has made sure i keep my feet on the ground and don't get too 'cock of the walk'...or should i say allcock of the walk! I can't wait to get stateside again, hopefully 2012 will allow it.
  2. oops, signed in with old login details. that last message was from me. 'screwball' is an old nickname from school days by the way.
  3. http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/he...-what-should-be
  4. Welcome back captain! The new site is great. Looking forward to all the new cool stuff. Sorry to hear 2010 was a rough one. Here's to 2011
  5. i too would love to work together again. it was a very rewarding experience. Thanks for the mention Geoff. I just got myself a R1 dvd (god bless you cinema store covent garden, i couldn't wait for the amazon order). finally got to see the bastard....and what a magnificent bastard it is! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It is everything I hoped it would be and exactly the movie it should be. Undiluted, pure pulpy creepy oddball noir goodness. Fantastic performances, masterful direction and it looked stunning. A brilliant interpretation of tab's script all round. I bloody storyboarded the whole thing with tom (damn he was faithful to those fuckin boards!) and even I was sucked in waiting for what would happen next. I love the 'out of time' design and all the little nuggets you boys dropped in there - creating this whole neo-noir slightly retro feel. Its almost as if the whole thing was made exactly like it would have been back in the day. Sure its a little rough around the edges in parts but having said that - it just adds to its pulp charm. The score is also very cool. The wrap up at the end works a treat and lauren german is spot on. What a dame! I like the fact it raises so many questions and doesn't spoon feed you exposition and answers. you can make your own conclusions. Its the dark country - its limbo, its purgatory, its the twilight zone. Its an old EC shock suspenstory come to life. Tom, I know you have worked incredibly hard on this project, wearing many hats and taking on many roles and responsibilities but it was all totally worth it. Your passion and dedication shines through and you have proven yourself as a talented first time director. Its exactly the movie you set out to make. Through all the bullshit, technical battles, glitches and constraints, it shines through. The film is unique. I hope to god I get to see it in 3D one day. Well done. I am proud to be associated with this and you fine creative people. I mean it. Best, Davey.
  6. great news. sounds fantastic.....wish i could be there
  7. nice review..... http://www.joblo.com/dvdclinic/dvd_review.php?id=2511
  8. yeah that is the fine work of mr bradstreet. cracking poster
  9. I too have a big fat grin. heather is a genius!
  10. premiere at long beach film fest? nice. I hope everyone likes the dark country site, i think its looking great (well i would wouldn't i!) - lots more goodies to come. and big love to all the fans for input and support.
  11. oh dear, i'm not doing very well here am I. thanks for the assist TB. marriage - does funny things to your brain
  12. thanks Tim. yeah please can you post the criterion one aswell.
  13. can you post mine tim? i cannot for the life of me get the image uploading thingy to work. My computer hates me.
  14. which poster are you referring to here J? i aint seen this one
  15. ahhhh, film industry politics. its been quite a ride aint it. I am looking forward to seeing DC whatever incarnation it takes - 2D/3D/DVD/THEATRES.........as i've said all along, tom had incredible vision, passion and determination for this project and i'm sure it will shine through no matter what. As a debut for a first time director it was carefully considered and also highly ambitious, this will not go un-noticed. I hope to god i get to see the 3D directors cut one day. best of luck boys with the ongoing saga. keep fighting the good fight. D.
  16. bollocks! now I'm REALLY gutted i can't make it.
  17. david allcock


    here, here! I couldn't agree more.
  18. yeah its nice. but the shots need that boyle magic to make them really come to life!
  19. just spoke to simon - the dvd has EVERYTHING a proud movie geek could possibly want - storyboards, concept art, making of, commentaries, interviews and a really cool green screen version of the movie. you can see the progression from pencil sketches all the way through to finished shots. neat stuff. in the spirit of hung - its another 'bumper package'
  20. i don't care who releases the bloody thing. I just really want to see it on the big screen in 3D as it was always intended.
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