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  1. sinn

    keep it raw!

    i see things are moving along as usual here... so don't let me wake you! heres keeping it real...doing my way...and flat broke for it!!!
  2. hate to bring down the party...it was the worst movie i have seen in years! it was like they were making it up as they went
  3. TJ as Miller makes the show
  4. hey buddy....busy....aren't we all! just sayin'...
  5. sinn

    New Punisher?

    jon bernthal is the new punisher! great choice!!! maybe now i'll check out dare devil
  6. sinn

    keep it raw!

    hey out there...all work not much play! be good have fun take care
  7. going again tomorrow for the 3rd time! bring on mad max wasteland...the working title of the next film
  8. I would send anything...I don't think you would get it back
  9. my local walmart has it. but they want $25 ...think i'll keep looking
  10. I found an address online...there you have it
  11. oh my god! the trailer yesterday....bring on may 15!
  12. last time I listened to someone, I tried to watch Killshot...and that's just what it did! killshot my hard drive in 5 seconds! no thanks!!!
  13. has anybody been checking out the teasers that have been released all week? the last one was the best! new full length trailer Tuesday! I think we are in for something really special with fury road
  14. good stuff! plan on collecting more? all I have is an autographed photo
  15. i'll give the walking dead spin off a go. it starts this summer...not like much else will be on? other than that I am watching Spartacus again...1st season still my fav! Andy Whitfield was a huge talent...and missed
  16. sinn


    wow...no wonder TJ is never on here. he must be the hardest working actor out there
  17. the mad max fury road rumors grow! it's is said the George miller shot over 500hours of film for fury road! leading some to believe that he did shoot 2 films at once...also explaining why it has taken so long for fury road to come out...so the next film can be released hot on the heels of fury road about a year to yr1/2 later. now the biggest rumor of all...are you ready...to get Mel Gibson back for the final installment! could you imagine if this is true...I would be blown away!!! back to reality...I'm not holding my breath!
  18. holy shit JW...I just watched an interview with Vernon Wells (Wez from mad max 2...for everyone else) turns out the blonde boy was not his lover! he was a boy Wez had saved and raised as his son! a scene was filmed and edited out...that is the biggest film news I have heard in years!
  19. fury road will be over 2 hours long rumor the dvd/bluray will be double that!
  20. they have only released one official photo from this film...and said to hit theatres sometime this summer? where is the trailer?
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