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  1. I for one well buy it as soon as I can! I freaking loved it. Like I posted. I had to put it down , it was making me depressed I couldnt get it there! This is a buy for anyone who loves Art.
  2. COOL. Loved the cartoon as a kid. Hope they make it fun for adults and not a just for kids.
  3. lol , Im a child of the night:) My mom tried to break me out of it my whole child hood. Only go to sleep early when i have to get up in the AM and that is still so hard to do. Thank goodness for Shinner!
  4. Thanks for the news. Hope it well be good, big fan of the orginal Black and white and the remake. Considering Hollywood’s imagination has been somewhat lack luster lately. Wish they would be more risk taking. The Raw Gang actually talked about how hard it is to get the suits to put money in anything new and creative. Due to the fact they believe them to be risks and want to make sure they see a profit. Well here is to hoping its a good one.
  5. Lol i was wandering to. They were in the great State of Texas. So i wasent for sure Most of us Love God and our Guns here.
  6. I just Drank a shiner in hopes of Brighter days
  7. Great photo! I have seveal in another post on here and some others on my space: my space pics
  8. awesome pics my friend!!!! Again had a blast!
  9. Mr. Jane Thanks so much again for the kind words on the car. I wish I could of showed you the detail in the painting more. I know they had us rushing threw. The time you did take meant the world. I gave Tim my card , So if you ever need two big Tx boys to help you guys out we are here to help buddy. My thoughts are with you buddy and hope for happier days. Your Biggest Fan and Friend John
  10. Thank you so much! I think i have over 40 hours on the car and it was so very much worth it! I cant wait to get frames for my prints. I swear i wanted at least one of every print Mr. Bradstreet had and the book! I so cant waot for that to come out. Oh and that was my best friend Bmac on the camera. Cant wait to see them again!
  11. Had a blast !!! Well post up picks soon! Thanks again Mr. Bradstreet! Comic Con Pic's on MySpace
  12. Just got back and had a blast. Got to speak with MR. Bradstreet and got three awesome prints!!!! As last time he was just to cool! My dumb ass forgot all my punisher comics!!!!! I so would go back but I got to get some rest before I go to work. Oh and the Book!!! Holy shit I so want it now more than ever!!!! It is way fucking cool!!!!! Im telling u no Bull shit Best Artist book ever! I had to put it down , or I would of been sobbing like a big baby for one. Then got to meet with Mr. Jane. As Always he was looking like a bad ass and was so damn cool about the car I made for
  13. thanks so much! Well report as soon as i get back . I got to get my but to bet its 2:12am and just got the model as far as i can. Just hope Mr. Jane likes it (hope , hope)
  14. i hope like hell they get in more theaters. cant belive not one damn theater in DFW.
  15. DAMMIT FUCK SHIT! I did a search I cant find it anywhere! I know Dallas Tx isnt a hot spot like LA , but hell I want to see this movie. Man im pissed. I did a search for 60 miles out and it still said not avalabel. Dose any one know a better movie theater locater?
  16. so when the hell do we get to see this movie???? Im going crazy. Oh wait I already am! Still Im dyin to see this already!
  17. Thats ok my friend. Well love just seeing you guys and getting the prints. I plan to buy the book as soon as it is avalabel. So hopefully you and Mr. Jane well make another Tx Run and I can get it sighned in person.
  18. I would love to see some of the Calf. Shows. Just no money! to make it out there.
  19. yah buddys im very lucky bros. I live like 15 minutes away.
  20. too damn Cool! Cant wait to get it!!!!! Oh and the Wire Rules!
  21. Yahooooooo!!!!!!!! Thanks so very Much Sir!!!! Cant wait to see you guys!!!!!!
  22. Mr. Bradstreet , not sure if you well get this in time. Is there any way I could get a PROOF #71 Sacrilege at the con???? Would love to have to have this one. well pm you to. Thanks so much John
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