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  1. Went to my folks to visit them for Halloween. They never saw the Mist and wanted to see something other than Halloween , American Werewolf in London etc. I been telling them about the Mist since I saw it and they knew about the painting Mr. Jane sighed for me. So they said sure. My mom who is a awesome old school horror movie watcher. Pop is so damn picky and an ass I was a little hesitant to show him . Because I didn't want to argue about want a awesome movie it was. Well they both loved it. The ending of course caught them both off guard. They both are in there 60s and was like watching teenage kids at the movies. They had a great time and loved it! Thanks Mr. Jane for one of the greatest Halloweens in my 35 years sir!




  2. hmm , I dont know. I have great memories seeing this at a drive in long since gone. With my brother , cuz , mom and aunt.



    Very happy days :)


    If they do it well and can capture the same spirit and fun.



    I cant wait !!!!


    If they screw it up , I well have to hurt them!

  3. Road Warrior is my all time Favoraite.


    Resident Evil 3


    Dawn of the Dead Orginal



    Then so many others I have ennjoyed.


    I know its not a movie. But for game players Fall Out is a blast and very cool storys. Latest one is Fall out 3 and just a blast to play.

  4. Very sad indeed and so young. He did so many great ones. If I had to choose one it be Planes, Trains and Automobiles


    I watch that film every Thanksgiving with my family. Make you laugh, damn near cry and see a wonderful ending with two great characters. Truly one of my all time Favorites!


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