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  1. Hi Noeland, Thanks for the compliments! Yeah, the Vegas stuff was great, and a challenge! I had to design for a screen that spans 1500 feet (a ratio of 1:14) - where you can't even see the end of it! So, you can imagine how hard it was to fit TV footage into that. There were so many other things I had to account for too. We had to formulate a 'speed chart' so we could tell how fast a car, or rocket would travel down the screen, and because it was curved, things like airplanes wings would wrap around the screen, also some colors looked crap, like 'piss yellow' :-) and it had to be contrasty or just wouldn't display well. I had to build it in 3D in the computer so we could 'walk through' it and look up as if we were there. I've been to Vegas so many times, it's like whatever, but it can get bloody hot as hell there. Anyhow, it was fun meeting the bands. The Kiss guys in all their outfits were larger than life (literally), and Gene was a card! George Thorogood was great at telling stories but couldn't remember how to play "Bad to the Bone"! Didn't get to meet Don McLean because he's so reclusive. Could only talk on the phone or mail him via his post office! He said he wouldn't tell us what "American Pie" was about, but would tell us if we were wrong. Turns out when he saw it, he said it was the closest anyone had gotten to deciphering his song!
  2. Hi folks, Here's some pictures of monsters (and a dude). I like monsters... aaarrrrgh! I do concept art and 3D work. Check out my portfolio: www.clisby.com/loressa
  3. Hi everyone! My new portfolio website is up! http://www.clisby.com/loressa

  4. I was fortunate to meet both Dan O'Bannon and Ron Cobb!!! The former talked about writing horror films and I couldn't get over his voice, because I remember him in "Dark Star" and I just get this picture of him stuck in the elevator! I have a friend who is friends with Ron and he introduced me to him once, but he lives in Sydney now, so perhaps one day when I get back over there...
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