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  1. Got the hardcover, at last! It is top-quality work all-around. Ott is in top form on this book and the short story and film production section are excellent as well. On top of all that, the publication design is solid.
  2. The score I have been listening to the most recently is Clint Mansell's score for "The Fountain." Its great. I toss it on in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. One of my favorite driving scores lately is Harold Faltermeyer's score for "Tango & Cash." Faltermeyer is the real star of that movie.
  3. I haven't gone digital with any comics yet, but eventually I'll probably have to as good work stops being available in print. From the images shown here, it looks like Ott's illustration style holds up pretty well on screen. Anyone done a side-by-side comparison?
  4. Hope this gets re-launched at some point. I just got turned on to RAW, so by the time I found out about the Kickstarter thing, it was over. The idea of having Ron Perlman voice the convict is excellent. He's so loved by gamers for narrating the Fallout series that I think people would throw down some loot for a game with his voice in this great story. It might help to also have the game developers on camera talking about the game in terms gamers are familiar with, revealing if Bad Planet would be a first-person shooter or a third-person sandbox-style game or a beat-em-up, etc. I love the material, so I hope this moves forward somehow.
  5. What's the release schedule for the new Bad Planet series? Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly?
  6. Sasquatch would be great to reserve for the second sequel. That is where The Six Billion Dollar Man could really jump the shark. Seriously though, with the moving closer and closer with each passing year, the concept of a cyborg story becomes even more relevant and the #DirtyLaundry team would knock this one out of the park for sure.
  7. Doesn't look like Tom's Nerdist episode has been posted here. This went up in August & is great (over an hour long): http://www.nerdist.com/2012/08/nerdist-podcast-thomas-jane/
  8. One of my favorite things about the Alien Pig Farm 3000 trade paperback (aside from the great story & art) is that the cover and interior pages have a matte finish instead of glossy. It feels like something from another time, which is perfect.
  9. If Alien Pig Farm 3000 gets made into a film, hopefully there's a place to squeeze the excellent Michael Rooker into the cast. He's southern, he's fun and a little crazy too. David Gordon Green films are excellent, so the story is definitely in good hands.
  10. In The Nerdist podcast http://www.nerdist.c...st-thomas-jane/ Tom says he's hoping to shoot his western "A Magnificent Death From A Shattered Hand" this fall, so hopefully that's happening.
  11. I heard Thomas Jane on The Nerdist podcast saying September, but I didn't hear that episode until October, so once I started looking it was already out. That podcast is what turned me on to RAW, actually.
  12. I've got the hardcover on order; can't wait to get it and dive in. Thomas Ott's images are stunning! Hope he gets to collabo on some more RAW books.
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