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  1. While I can't speak for Tim or Tom, I don't quite get why this is such a horrible idea. It would be diffrent if large companies like Wal-Mart, Target, (or Marvel, DC in this case) were doing this, but that's not the case here.


    Most designers don't work on accounts like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They do work for small to mid-size businesses, so when small to mid-size businesses host a "contest" instead of hiring a designer, they're directly hurting that industry.


    As for huring the economy, I'm sure it's not putting companies out of business.


    Sadly, companies do go out of business and individuals are impacted. Most design firms are small businesses or sole proprietors and every project makes a difference for them.


    Here are some more resources where the case is made against design contests / speculative work:












    Just sharing the info I have so anybody reading this can make informed decisions.

  2. and we'll be announcing a LOGO CONTEST in the new year, through 99 Designs...


    99 Designs is a RAW DEAL for graphic designers. Lots of people end up doing work and not getting paid. I guess people choose the cheapest option when looking for a logo, but "design contests" put designers and firms out of business. If your budget is limited, just put some time in and find a good designer / firm and make an offer. You still get to "choose" by looking at the quality of their previous work. That way, if people are doing work for you they will be compensated.


    Here's an article about how design contests depress wages and hurt the economy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/12/obama-poster-contest-angers-designers_n_1007868.html

  3. I was impressed with the how everything looked as if Ron designed it in Prometheus,I was suprised that he was'nt involved in the designs at all,Ridley really put together a crack design dept on this film..Speaks to how billiant of a film maker the man is.


    I agree; I watched Prometheus in HD recently and it really is impeccably crafted. Production Designer Arthur Max is at the top of his game. Ridley Scott definitely knows how to put a solid team together. I wasn't effected by Prometheus the way I'd hoped, but I really want to see a sequel made. Prometheus 2 seems like it could really break new ground in the story driving the franchise.

  4. The book is getting RAVE reviews. For good reason. Ott has done some, in my humble opinion, genre redefining work on this thing. I just love what he's done. It's nothing short of inspiring. Makes me want to try my hand at some scratch board.


    Indeed, Ott is in top form on Dark Country. The format of the hardcover book really shows off his work well. I have been reading his collection of short stories, R.I.P., which has pages that are 8.5" X 11" and I keep wishing they were the larger format like Dark Country.

  5. Um…am I missing something here? Why aren’t they counting Dark Country?


    They may not be counting Dark Country because it was released direct to video. There is a tendency to ignore short films and anything not given a theatrical release. Frank Darabont was kind of the same way in that he directed short films, a TV movie and a direct-to-video movie all before The Shawshank Redemption, but Shawshank was and still is regarded as his "Directorial Debut" because it was his first "theatrical feature."

  6. Whatever happens with the site / forum, I'm always in favor of clean, organized presentation of information that is easily accessible on all devices. A really functional layout with the majority of graphics being content rather than decorative design would make for faster load times for people accessing the site via wireless / mobile.


    As always, content is king, so the regular flow of news, artwork and audio/video is what will keep me coming back to any site. Something that Fantagraphics does that I really like is PDF preview downloads and video flip-throughs of their books. Those would be helpful to see in the store.

  7. I'd actually like to see him in a continuity marvel film. Ruckas Punisher comics keep him grounded in reality, yet they occaisionally bring in other heroes, and it works well. Punisher: Warzone by Rucka already has me hooked, and it's Frank vs the Avengers.


    I may have to seek out Rucka's Punisher and see what's up. Punisher vs. The Avengers sounds like a very delicate game of chess.

  8. Gotta agree!! Loved his Ghost Rider work!!


    A Texeira Ghost Rider cover was my introduction to his wonderful work. He also did a great story in the oversized "Punisher War Journal #50" that was really tight. Tex's work was the first that I saw in comics that was really brave enough to be a little dirty. It really stood out because at the time everyone else was inking with crow quill pens and markers, he was still going at it with a sable brush and getting loose and nasty. Really great artist.

  9. I read Steve Dillon's first run on The Punisher and thought his work was a real breath of fresh air in mainstream comics of the time. I thought the color work on that book was terrific also, though I would have preferred something a bit more muted.

  10. I really loved Jae Lee's run on The Inhumans during the first wave of Marvel Knights in 1998-1999. It was definitely the most restrained work I'd seen of his at that point and it worked wonderfully. I remember reading that he sometimes would do up to 6 pages a day, pencils and inks, which is insane.


    I thought he was a great choice to illustrate Stephen King's The Dark Tower comic adaptation and the follow-up novel The Wind Through the Keyhole. Even though Michael Whelan is the master of The Dark Tower illustrators, Lee held his own.

  11. Liam Sharp is incredible. I first heard about him during his run on The Incredible Hulk. His art seems best on a large scale where all of the details can be given some room to breathe. In particular, I remember an issue of his Hulk run that featured Man Thing that had a terrific cover. I don't usually go for superhero books, but I picked this one up:



  12. I'm a bit surprised that the Escape From New York remake hasn't happened yet. I guess it just lost steam. I heard it was going to be Gerard Butler then Timothy Olyphant then Tom Hardy in the lead, but as far as I can tell this is dead now. It will be interesting to see what Tom Hardy does with the new Mad Max film. Its the strangest remake ever since the original director is going back and starting over.


    I usually find myself talking trash about remakes, but then I remember that John Carpenter's The Thing is a remake as is David Cronenberg's The Fly. Two great films that surpassed the originals.

  13. I picked up Crime SuspensStories #22 (the Russ Cochran/Gemstone Reprint from the 90s, not the 1954 original) today after recognizing the cover TJ had posted in his Twitter feed.


    Its my first EC Comic book and its absolutely crazy good. Can anybody suggest some other issues of Crime SuspensStories that need checking out? I'm also going to try getting into "Two Fisted Tales" and some other EC titles if anyone has some recommended reading.

  14. I'm in Long Island NY, and Hurricaine Sandy has finally gone leaving us without power, phone, heat and cell phone service. I'm at a friends using her computer. It was a wild ride with lots 73mph winds and sideways rain. My neighbors big tree fell and took out the lamp post and the wires. It will be a long time before we get power back.


    Stay warm & stay safe + hope you voted early.

  15. Now listening to "The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford" score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. The track "Song for Jesse" is great on a loop.


    Speaking of loops, the song "K.I.L.L." by Xtortion Audio that is used in the "Looper" trailer is really excellent on a loop. I was disappointed that it wasn't in the film itself.

  16. The ice cream torture scene in The Punisher (2004) is the best. I remember reading the scene from Punisher War Zone #1 that inspired it. That was my first exposure to Frank Castle in comic book form, so it was great to see that scene on screen.


    Someone on IMDB suggested a Punisher VS. Spider-Man film to echo the character's first appearance, but I honestly can't see it working. I'd rather not see the character on screen at all than to see him interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

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